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Quark XPress ( v. 8 ) - license (124541)

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Software/Volume Licensing [?]Software/Volume Licensing  – Simple, convenient and cost-effective software purchasing solution for small, medium or large organizations that grants the legal right to run or access a software program. Volume licensing does not include any installation discs and it can only be used in conjunction with a Media Kit. Typically, one copy of Media Kit may be required and must be purchased along with the licenses. Also note that each software company has different licensing programs with different rules and minimum quantity requirements.
Quark XPress ( v. 8 ) - license

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QuarkXPress - ( v. 8 ) - license - 1 user - volume - level B ( 25-49 ) - Win, Mac
  • MacMall Part #: 7759356 
  • Manufacturer Part #: 124541 
  • UPC: 0040821245419 
  • Platform: Universal 

QuarkXPress 8
 QuarkXPress 8

QuarkXPress 8 complements the way creative professionals work. Strive to do better and constantly improve — employ page-layout and design software developed to help get you there.

Modern, Intuitive Interface
Feel the excitement of design!

New Picture and Pen Tools

Integrate images into your layout quickly and seamlessly with QuarkXPress 8.

Intuitively place, scale, rotate, and offset images easily using the new Picture Content tool - no need to switch tools or enter numbers in a palette or dialog box. You can even see a visual preview as you crop an image!

Draw brand new illustrations directly in QuarkXPress 8 with the redefined Bézier Pen tool - just like you do in Illustrator and other major graphics applications. Most importantly, you can focus on the task at hand because weve separated illustration tools from the tools you use for basic page-layout tasks.

At a glance

  • Rotate and scale pictures directly with the new Picture Content tool, and preview cropping results as you work
  • Grab box corners and rotate without switching to a different tool
  • Draw with ease using new Bézier pen tools that follow graphics standards used by other professional creative applications
  • Explore new text-to-box support for multiple lines, entire stories, and even multiple boxes, up to an entire spread
  • When converting text to boxes, maintain the appearance of the text, including color, opacity, and most other text transformations
  • Make the most of dedicated tools for layout and illustration tasks


Easy Page Layout with Drag and Drop

Page Layout Made Easy with Drag and DropLittle things make a big difference  we think youll love the way we handle drag and drop.

Design as quickly and fluidly as your ideas. When you move your text or picture content to the page, the box is automatically created  no need to pre-define boxes!

You can drag text and pictures from your desktop, Adobe Bridge, iP, or any other application that supports drag and drop, and your box is created for you. You can even drag picture boxes from QuarkXPress to your graphics application to customize your images.

At a glance

  • Drag and drop from your desktop or other applications that support drag and drop, such as Adobe Bridge
  • Drop a text file in the midst of existing text flow
  • Drag and drop images from your layout to the editing application of your choice
    Work with or without pre-defined boxes
  • Import any kind of content into any kind of box - no need to switch box content type

Streamlined Tools with Familiar Keyboard Controls

Picking the right tool for the job is easy in QuarkXPress 8.

Weve streamlined and simplified our Tools palette, so the tools do more and its easier to choose the right one. Even familiar tools like the Item and Content tools get major boosts. For example, you can rotate any box simply by grabbing its corner.Streamlined Tools palette

Youll also enjoy single-key commands - consistent with familiar applications such as Photoshop - to select tools, as well as keyboard modifiers for duplicating, scaling from center, and performing other common tasks.

By aligning with your other mission-critical tools, while keeping everything you love, QuarkXPress gives you the best of both worlds!

At a glance

  • Use any box tool to draw a box without worrying about its content (an easy keyboard shortcut enables this for template creation)
  • Select or switch tools using a single-letter command, or use traditional QuarkXPress keyboard shortcuts
  • Double-click a box with the Item tool, and QuarkXPress automatically switches to the proper tool for the box type
  • Grab a box corner to rotate without switching to another tool
  • Scale from the center or duplicate with Option/Alt+drag
  • Constrain an items proportions while resizing by pressing the Shift key
  • Transform multiple boxes in one action without grouping

Design Across Media
Share high-fidelity print content across the Web and in Flash format -
no additional purchase, no coding required!

Design and Output Flash (SWF) Directly from QuarkXPress

QuarkXPress Outputs Directly to SWF (Flash)Page-layout professionals can create rich Flash projects - without compromising design - using the built-in Flash authoring capabilities included in every edition of QuarkXPress 8.

Working in the same, familiar print environment of QuarkXPress 8, you can take existing print jobs to Flash, or create new Flash projects, in minutes - no additional purchase or coding required! Interactive design in QuarkXPress 8 includes support for all of the new typographic features, the improved illustration (pen) tool set, full integration with Item Styles and other features, and support for more than 30 languages, including East Asian scripts. No other page-layout application gives you such advanced design capabilities that you can apply directly and easily to Flash design!

At a glance

  • Use built-in Flash (SWF) creation, conversion, and export - no additional purchase required
  • Leverage your existing print design skills through a common, redefined interface and tool set
  • Output Flash files that support high-end typography features
  • Create SWF files in more than 30 languages, including East Asian languages
  • Make the most of rich design features including transparency, image manipulation effects, and robust illustration tools

Synchronize Content across Print, Web, and Flash

One Set of Content in QuarkXPress Outputs to Print, Web, and FlashTake the headache out of creating complex campaigns across media - rich design across media is made possible - and available - only in QuarkXPress!

Not only does QuarkXPress let you create designer-friendly HTML and Flash content, it helps you maintain design consistency across media through Item Styles and the unique Shared Content feature. They keep your headlines, body copy, images, and even vector art the same across multiple layouts and media types with no need for manual updates. You can also place a live, Interactive layout into a Web layout, designing the Flash elements and the rest of the page at the same time, in the same application. Then, with a single click, you can export the layouts into HTML or SWF format!

At a glance

  • Place Interactive layouts into Web layouts with live updates, and share them among multiple designers using Composition Zones
  • Design once and use the content in multiple places with Shared Content
  • Use Shared Content in a single layout and across multiple layouts, even in different media types

Flash for Everyone

Thanks to QuarkXPress 8, the dynamic medium of Flash is no longer restricted to highly trained programmers. Even better, because every edition of QuarkXPress 8 includes built-in Flash authoring, its the only page-layout application that gives you the ability to create rich Flash projects easily, and without having to buy or use a separate application. No more juggling or learning multiple applications - just another example of innovation you expect from superior page-layout and design software.

Whether you're a freelancer aiming to provide a complete service to your clients for print, Web, and interactive design, or a business that wants to get the most design power out of your creative professionals, Web and Interactive layouts in QuarkXPress 8 let anyone design across media. Its fast, easy, and cost-effective.

QuarkXPress 8 follows a familiar, page-based model rather than a complex timeline, so you can build rich, fully interactive communications that include animation, video, and more - using the same application you already know. If youve ever struggled to master Flash creation - or avoided it altogether - youll be amazed by how quickly you can create rich, attractive, and compelling interactive content with QuarkXPress 8!

At a glance

  • Take an easy path to producing powerful, interactive communications with our page-based - not time-based - model
  • Apply more than one hundred predefined actions, easily customizing anything you can place on a page
  • Integrate video and audio into your designs
  • Create animation and buttons with ease
  • Build interactivity through simple pop-up menus and fields
  • Start producing interactive content quickly and easily, then develop more advanced projects with scripting and expressions

Designer-driven Typography
Youre the expert - design your way.

Create Stunning Text and Achieve the Effects you Want with Hanging Characters

QuarkXPress 8 offers easy-to-use, precise, and fully customizable control for hanging characters. You can control the look of your text margin alignment by quickly applying preloaded settings for Hanging Punctuation and Punctuation Margin Alignment. And only QuarkXPress 8 offers the ability to apply your settings at the paragraph level, so settings dont have to apply to an entire story. You can even include the hanging characters setting as part of a style sheet.

But our settings are just the beginning. You can build your own settings to precisely define the hang of any character you choose, including drop caps, to create the design effects that work for you.

At a glance

  • Use Hanging Punctuation and punctuation margin alignment presets to achieve smooth-looking margins with little effort
  • Customize settings to fit the exact needs of a specific design, font, or even character
  • Define hanging character settings down to the paragraph level
  • Integrate hanging character effects in style sheets
  • Create custom hanging character classes, including settings for left side, right side, and when used as drop caps

Design Grids/Advanced Baseline Grids

Design Grids give you the power to organize the design of your text, offering unprecedented control over your baseline grid settings, the ability to apply unique grid settings to individual boxes, and a Grid Styles feature that can keep even complex documents consistent.

Move beyond the restrictions of a document-wide baseline grid and enjoy the ability to easily create grids based on existing style sheets, snap one grid to another, and even resize your grid based on how many lines of text you need to fit in a box.

At a glance

  • Apply a unique grid to each master page or even to each box
  • Build a grid based on existing text styling automatically
  • Apply Grid Styles to achieve quick and easy consistency
  • Link to page or box grid on a paragraph-by-paragraph basis
  • Create a master page grid automatically based on your intended line count
  • Link a Grid Style to a style sheet for automatic grid updates
  • Define baselines, centerlines, toplines, and bottomlines either manually or by reading settings from fonts
  • Specify different view settings for page and box grids
  • Drag boxes by their grids to snap two baselines into alignment
  • Lock Margins

Unicode and OpenType Support

Developed for global publishing, QuarkXPress 8 supports the OpenType font standard and Unicode encodings that let you work with a massive range of special characters. Every edition of QuarkXPress 8 can handle East Asian, Roman, Cyrillic, and other character types with new font menus that preview your chosen font as well as an enhanced Glyph's palette to help you find just the character you need. QuarkXPress 8 also supports more than 20 new OpenType features for East Asian scripts, leveraging the power of this font standard to create pro-quality typography.

At a glance

  • Find glyphs by character or by Unicode number in the Glyphs palette
  • Pick the perfect font from WYSIWYG Font menus
  • Choose from more than 20 new OpenType features for East Asian scripts

Work Faster and Smarter


Working together with other design applications has never been easier!

QuarkXPress 8 adds native Illustrator file import, standardized tools, and Adobe Bridge integration to existing designer-friendly Photoshop integration.

You can import or drag and drop an Illustrator file directly to your page. Better still, use our redefined illustration tool set to draw like you do in Illustrator and other major graphics applications, making illustration changes where it matters most - in the context of your layout.

Importing Photoshop files is just the beginning - QuarkXPress is also the only page-layout application that gives designers control of creative features such as layer transparency, blend modes, and spot color channels right on the page.

At a glance

  • Place Illustrator (.ai) files directly in your layout with native Illustrator file import
  • Gain control with support for layer visibility and unique support for layer transparency and blend modes
  • Apply or edit the color assigned to a channel, so spot colors become easy to use in a PSD file
  • Choose your platform, choose your system - QuarkXPress 8 supports Mac OS 10.4 and Mac OS 10.5 as a Universal application, Windows Vista, and Windows XP

Rock Solid Output

QuarkXPress 8 ships with Output Styles and Quark Job Jackets that support major international output and advertising standards such as GWG PDF/X Plus. Now any designer can create PDF files that meet the highest standards, without needing advanced pre-press skills. QuarkXPress 8 also follows industry standards for crop and bleed mark placement, and supports import of PDF files that adhere to version 1.7 and earlier of the PDF specification.

To top it off, QuarkXPress 8 supports the latest OpenType font features so printers can now receive QuarkXPress 8 files from any corner of the world, including East Asia, and print them with confidence.

At a glance

  • Use Quark Job Jackets to supply production rules and guidelines to designers in advance, not when it is time to go to print
  • Output PDF files that meet the highest standards with Ghent Workgroup (GWG)-based Output Styles and GWG-based Job Jackets support in QuarkXPress 8
  • Conform to international conventions for registration mark placement
  • Import PDF files that adhere to version 1.7 and earlier of the PDF specification
  • Print files easily from any other QuarkXPress 8 language edition, including East Asian files

Precision and Efficiency

Attention to detail distinguishes great design - its the same for great design software. When youre deep in your layout, youll appreciate the little things in QuarkXPress 8 that let you perfect details, such as graphical thumbnails in the page navigation menu (Mac OS version only), an enhanced Measurements palette that shows you real image resolution, the ability to update style sheets with a single click, and many more enhancements that can help you design with more precision and efficiency.

At a glance

  • Use Guide Manager Pro for double-click access to advanced control of traditional page guides, including setting position and color
  • Control and format multiple items simultaneously with Item Styles
  • Modify the appearance of multiple items at the same time using Item Find/Change
  • View the effective resolution of imported pictures in a live field in the Measurements palette
  • Visually experiment with live adjustments to text inset and other settings with Measurements palette controls
  • Preview each page in the Navigation pop-up menu (Mac OS only)
  • Save time by using a unified text and image import dialog box
  • Export for PDF, HTML, XHTML, SWF, or EPS with a single button
  • Use page navigation arrows for previous and next pages
  • Easily determine which page youre working on
  • Switch to a pages master page - without changing the page position and magnification - using the Master Page toggle button
  • Edit colors and styles through their respective palettes - even when nothing is selected
  • See how many lines of text fit in a box with a glance at the Grid Styles palette
  • Watch a live preview when you adjust tabs manually
  • Try the Pan tool available now in the Tools palette
  • Experiment with the new Split View buttons
  • Choose the pasteboard color and highlight color for the active page

Publish Globally

Design Using Dictionaries and Hyphenation in More Than 30 Languages

Whether youre designing multi-lingual documents or repurposing a document from another part of the world, QuarkXPress 8 offers global publishing capabilities and support for more than 30 languages in every edition.

Virtually anywhere in the world your workflow extends, the new global file format, hyphenation, and spelling capabilities of QuarkXPress 8 mean that you can be sure your team works together seamlessly. Whats more, you can even open, edit, style, and output East Asian documents without worries. QuarkXPress also includes multiple-language user interfaces* that can be switched at will, letting your team members work in the language they choose.

* A hot-swappable user interface is provided for all available QuarkXPress 8 UI languages, in all Plus editions, and selectively in other editions.

At a glance

  • Set type and check spelling in more than 30 languages
  • Avoid file compatibility issues with the new global file format, supported by all language editions of QuarkXPress 8

Define High-Fidelity East Asian Layouts and Typography

QuarkXPress 8 is our biggest upgrade ever for East Asian publishing! All QuarkXPress 8 users around the world can communicate in the dynamic markets of East Asia with support for Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Users of any - yes any - edition of QuarkXPress 8 can open, edit, style, and output East Asian documents and maintain attributes without worries.

And it gets better. Owners of the QuarkXPress 8 Plus Edition can set up dozens of enhanced East Asian settings, including more than 20 additional OpenType® font features and a user-friendly advanced character spacing (or “Mojigumi”) feature. Moreover, QuarkXPress 8 Design Grids support true ideographic grids with character count and advanced alignment options.

Bottom line - QuarkXPress moves to the head of the pack for easy-to-use, professional-grade Asian typography.

At a glance

  • Correctly handles Japans JIS 78, 83, 90, 2002 encodings
  • Correctly handles Chinas GB 18030-2000 certification
  • Use advanced East Asian type features in any language edition through style sheets and grid styles
  • Set up and apply these features and create styles for other users in the QuarkXPress 8 Plus Edition
  • Use both horizontal and vertical grids
  • Control character count with grids
  • Take advantage of the powerful, easy-to-use character spacing (Mojigumi) feature
  • Design unique typographic layouts using East Asian Hanging Character enhancements
  • Choose from nine kinds of emphasis marks
  • Turn off sending for western characters
  • Reverse the ruler direction and draw boxes from right to left
  • Balance text visually with ideographic character face alignment support
  • Apply dynamic ligatures and more than 20 other OpenType features

Creative Suite Integration

Today, QuarkXPress 8 has tighter integration with Photoshop and Illustrator than ever before, and through standards like HTML and CSS, QuarkXPress users can publish across media both independently and alongside Adobe Creative Suite applications like Adobe Flash (SWF) and Adobe Dreamweaver.

QuarkXPress 8 and Adobe Photoshop

QuarkXPress 8 is considered by many to have the best integration with Photoshops PSD file format of any layout tool available today. In this section well explain when you should use the PSD format for your images and how to get the most out of them.

For example, you may have multiple layers in your PSD with different product shots, which will vary from publication to publication. If you use PSD, you can switch those layers on or off in QuarkXPress without having to save a separate TIFF for each publication.

Another question that might tip you in favor of PSD is, "Do I need to use a spot color with this image?" Using spot colors in most image formats is often complicated. However, because of the way QuarkXPress supports PSD channels, its simpler and more flexible.

Using PSD Files

Bringing the PSD files into QuarkXPress is the same as any other image. Create a Box and then use File > Import... or simply drag and drop the image from your desktop, Finder or an application like Adobe Bridge with or without creating a box first.

To access the special features of PSD, open the PSD Import palette. (Window > PSD Import) Youll instantly see thumbnails of the layers along with their names.

For example, youve created a layer in Photoshop to give your image an antiqued look, but when you put it in your layout it seems swamped by the surrounding colors. One option might be to reduce the opacity of that layer by clicking on it and entering a new opacity level. Another approach might be to try out a more subtle blending mode like "Soft Light." The beauty is that you see all of these changes right in the context of your page, and youre not changing the original file. After all, who knows how the effect would look in a totally different layout.

Spot Channels

If you want to add an extra ink or plate to your images, you can set up a channel to do that in Photoshop. For example, maybe you intend to varnish part of an image, or you want to use a spot color within your image.

QuarkXPress can re­map any channel right in the PSD Import palette - non­destructively. So click on the channels divider of the PSD Import Palette; double click on the channel in question, and you can pick any color from your projects color palette, ensuring consistency.

Effects Layers

As powerful as the PSD support of QuarkXPress 8 is, it cant manipulate certain kinds of layers, such as layer effects [e.g. Glow, Pattern Overlay, etc.].

If you use one of these layers, the image will import and print just fine, but you wont get access to the layer controls of the PSD Import palette. If you need that functionality, you can eliminate those kinds of layers from your PSD by converting the layer effects to stand-alone layers or ‘smart objects [right click on the Layer in the Photoshop layers palette].

QuarkXPress supports text layers, most adjustment layers, and even 3D layers including opacity and blending mode controls.

QuarkXPress and Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is a great tool for creating logos and vector illustrations. Traditionally, the route into QuarkXPress has been to export an EPS from Illustrator. Now, things are made much easier with the arrival of direct Illustrator .ai file import into QuarkXPress 8. Simply drag and drop or import your Illustrator native file into your layout just as you would any graphics file format.


QuarkXPress has a powerful transparency engine, but it doesnt support partially transparent objects in PDF or .ai files yet. So if you are using something like a drop shadow in Illustrator and plan to place that over a non-white background or object, you might see undesirable results.

The good news is that the drop shadow and transparency features of QuarkXPress works on imported Illustrator files, so you can apply a drop shadow or change the opacity of your .ai file right in your layout instead.

QuarkXPress Vector Tools

QuarkXPress is well equipped for drawing tasks and in our newest release we have standardized many of our graphics tools to work more like Illustrator, Freehand® and similar tools.

QuarkXPress 8 and Flash

Page-layout professionals can create rich Flash projects - without compromising design - using the built–in Flash authoring capabilities included in every edition of QuarkXPress 8. Working in the same familiar print environment of QuarkXPress 8, you can take existing print jobs to Flash, or create new Flash projects, in minutes - no additional purchase or coding required!

Other Points of Integration

  • QuarkXPress includes Web layouts that can create menus and hyperlinks, convert print graphics or fancy text treatments to Web graphics, and then write a standards-based HTML file with CSS that can be opened directly in Adobe Dreamweaver.
  • QuarkXPress 8 can import PDF files up to version 1.7 (the default PDF version from the Creative Suite applications when using the Press Quality PDF setting is PDF 1.4.)

Technical Specs

Category Creativity application - desktop publishing
Product Type License
Version 8
Platform Windows, MacOS
License Type 1 user
License Pricing Volume / level B ( 25-49 )
System Requirements
Supported OS Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Apple MacOS X 10.4, Microsoft Windows Vista, Apple MacOS X 10.5, Microsoft Windows XP SP3
Hardware Requirements Apple MacOS X 10.4 - PowerPC G4 - RAM 256 MB - HD 1 GB ¦ Apple MacOS X 10.5 - PowerPC G4 - RAM 256 MB - HD 1 GB ¦ Microsoft Windows XP SP2 - RAM 256 MB - HD 500 MB ¦ Microsoft Windows XP SP3 - RAM 256 MB - HD 500 MB ¦ Microsoft Windows Vista - RAM 512 MB - HD 500 MB
Additional Requirements DVD-ROM
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Quark XPress ( v. 8 ) - license (124541)

QuarkXPress - ( v. 8 ) - license - 1 user - volume - level B ( 25-49 ) - Win, Mac

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