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Intego VirusBarrier subscription - from 350 to 499 seats licenses - 1 year protection renewal (VBX6SUB-H)

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Intego VirusBarrier subscription - from 350 to 499 seats licenses - 1 year protection renewal

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VirusBarrier X6 is the only antivirus program for Mac that includes full anti-malware protection together with firewall, network protection, anti-phishing, anti-spyware features and more.
  • MacMall Part #: 8024033 
  • Manufacturer Part #: VBX6SUB-H 
  • Platform: Macintosh 

VirusBarrier X6
The best antivirus for Mac: protects your Mac from all known Mac viruses and malware

Only VirusBarrier X6 provides comprehensive protection from malware and network threats. VirusBarrier X6 is the only antivirus program for Mac that includes full anti-malware protection together with firewall, network protection, anti-phishing, anti-spyware features and more.

As malware changes, protection needs to be reinforced
While viruses, Trojan horses, worms and other forms of malware are a constant threat to computers of all kinds, cyber-criminals are turning to new techniques to infect and control your Mac. These new threats come silently, with little warning, over the Internet: in many cases, simply visiting a booby-trapped web page can compromise your Mac. Focusing on malware or network attacks alone is no longer sufficient to protect Macs from the dangers of the Internet.

Comprehensive protection with VirusBarrier X6
VirusBarrier X6, the latest version of Intego's network and malware security program, includes more than 100 new features. With multiple threat-detection techniques, improved methods of detection, combined detection protocols, proactive behavioral analysis, and a full range of defensive functions, VirusBarrier X6 protects Macs from all known network-based threats, as well as all known malware.

What's new in VirusBarrier X6

An innovative interface
VirusBarrier X6s overview screen displays information about how the program is running and provides real-time feedback on its activities. It includes buttons and indicators that provide access to all of the program's main functions. Users can launch scans, monitor network throughput, and change settings for VirusBarrier X6s many features.

The best program to stop Mac and Windows malware
VirusBarrier X6 is the best antivirus for Mac. With Integos Virus Monitoring Center keeping watch for Mac malware, users are protected from all known threats. When VirusBarrier X6 spots malware, the program blocks the infected files, and can repair or quarantine them so Mac users are safe.

A powerful personal firewall
VirusBarrier X6 is not limited to merely protecting Mac users from malware. Its powerful personal firewall, together with its Antivandal, provide thorough protection from all types of intrusions and web threats. VirusBarrier X6 stops hackers before they can infiltrate Macs.

Anti-spyware protection
Prevent software from connecting surreptitiously to remote servers, and stop applications from “phoning home”. Users can choose which applications they want to allow to connect to the Internet, and block all others to ensure their privacy.

A full suite of monitoring tools
VirusBarrier X6 has network traffic gauges, full logs of malware and network activity, tools to show which networks and services are active, and quick access to network query tools. VirusBarrier X6 provides administrators with the tools they need to monitor all network activity.

New features of VirusBarrier X6

VirusBarrier X6 adds a number of new features that provide hardened security and help protect against the latest threats:
  • Dynamic Code Monitoring: Integos new technology that detects suspicious actions carried out by applications that may be malicious, and detects malware by examining its code as it acts in real-time.
  • Phishing protection: you and your Mac are protected from phishing web sites that try to trick you into entering personal information, such as a credit card number or a password, on a site that looks exactly like a valid web site.
  • New types of malware detected: VirusBarrier X6 detects a wide range of new types of malware, such as scareware (software that tries to trick you into thinking youre Mac is infected, in order to get you to pay for software), spyware (including commercial software used as keyloggers or monitoring tools), hacking tools, dialers (software that initiates phone calls to premium-rate phone numbers), proof-of-concept malware (software designed to show how to exploit a vulnerability, which is not circulating “in the wild”), and more.
  • Fine-tuned scanning and security policies: choose from a number of detailed options to determine exactly what is scanned and when, and the type of threats that VirusBarrier X6 scans for. There are also basic settings for users who dont need such detailed options.
  • Performance control: users can choose how much CPU time VirusBarrier X6 uses to scan different disks, and choose a level of CPU time to be allocated to background scans, in order to reduce CPU and disk usage.
  • AppleScript integration: users can launch scans and obtain scan results using AppleScript.
  • 64-bit software: all of Integos software is now provided with 64-bit code, fully compatible with Snow Leopard, and ready for the future.

Other features of VirusBarrier X6

Antivirus features:

  • Detects and eliminates all known Mac viruses and malware
  • Scans files for Windows and Unix viruses
  • Protects against spyware and Trojan horses
  • Protects against adware, hacker tools, dialers, keyloggers and more
  • Repairs infected files
  • Real-time and on-demand virus scanning
  • Quarantine Zone to isolate infected files
  • Trusted Zone to disable Real-Time scanning on selected files or folders
  • Heuristic and behavioral analysis
  • Blocks virus execution
  • Detailed logging for scan analysis
  • Full logs can be saved and exported
  • Scans can be scheduled at multiple times
  • Scans can be run automatically when external volumes are mounted
  • Scans can run automatically after virus definition updates
  • Command-line control for remote scans
  • Scans compressed files and archives
  • Archive scanning can be activated by archive type
  • Scanning for Windows viruses can be deactivated
  • Scans for malware on the iPhone and the iPod touch
  • Suspicious file analysis by the Intego Virus Monitoring Center
  • Contextual menu for quick scans of files, folders or volumes
  • Turbo Mode technology for faster scans
  • Choice of alerts (voice, dialog or e-mail)
  • File analysis from the Dock
  • Runs in the background
Personal Firewall features:
  • Controls incoming and outgoing TCP/IP traffic and data
  • Protects against all kinds of intrusions
  • Protects against network attacks
  • Protects against ping floods, port scans, and more
  • Offers preset or customizable firewall rules
  • Simple and advanced firewall modes
  • Multiple customized firewall modes can be defined
  • Stop list and Trusted group store friendly and malicious IP addresses
  • Offers a choice of defense policies, with advanced options for intrusion protection
  • Individualized security policies for network attack prevention
  • Alerts inform users of attacks, and offer several options to react to them
  • Configurations can be set for specific network settings or locations
  • Networks can be defined by MAC address
  • Thorough list of TCP/UDP Ports
  • Full logs allow users to audit all network activity
  • Stores logs in the Apple system log facility
  • Offers individual cookie control
  • Blocks ad banners
  • Safeguards personal information
  • Hides browser and platform information
Network Monitoring features:
  • Shows network traffic activity with 12 control monitors
  • Includes standalone traffic monitor application and widget
  • Displays all network services active and their ports
  • Logs display real-time network activity with domain name resolution
  • Shows network addresses and MAC addresses
  • Detects available AirPort and WiFi networks
  • Includes Whois and Traceroute tools

Automatic updates via the Internet

Hackers and virus writers work fast. Really fast.
Make sure you're always up-to-date.

Intego NetUpdate is included with Intego software. NetUpdate can be used to check if updates to any of Intego's programs are available. NetUpdate can carry out automatic checks, at the frequency you choose, or it can be used to make manual checks whenever you wish.

It can display scheduled update checks in Apple's iCal, and can work completely in the background if you choose. With just one click, you can check to see if there are new versions of any of the programs, or updated virus definitions or filters. If updates are available, you can download them quickly and easily, and make sure you always have the latest versions to keep your computer safe.

Technical Specs

Installation Requirements
Macintosh Universal Yes
Software Compatibility Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6
License Product? Yes
License Type License + Maintenance
Number Of Users 350-499
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Intego VirusBarrier subscription - from 350 to 499 seats licenses - 1 year protection renewal (VBX6SUB-H)

VirusBarrier X6 is the only antivirus program for Mac that includes full anti-malware protection together with firewall, network protection, anti-phishing, anti-spyware features and more.

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