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Canon VIXIA HF S11 Dual Flash Memory Camcorder (4063B001)

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Canon VIXIA HF S11 Dual Flash Memory Camcorder

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The Canon VIXIA HF S11 Dual Flash Memory camcorder takes our solid reputation for optical excellence, advanced image processing and technological innovation in high definition camcorders and brings it to the next level.
  • MacMall Part #: 7910863 
  • Manufacturer Part #: 4063B001 
  • UPC: 013803116403 
  • Platform: Universal 

Shoot. Capture. See. Be HD.

The Next Step Forward in HD Video

The Canon VIXIA HF S11 Dual Flash Memory camcorder takes our solid reputation for optical excellence, advanced image processing and technological innovation in high definition camcorders and brings it to the next level. The VIXIA HF S11 offers a large 64GB of internal memory, recording up to 24 hours, 30 minutes (LP mode), approximately 6 hours recording at the highest quality (MXP mode), and compatibility with removable SDHC cards. And the video and photos you record will be as brilliant as they can be - with the Canon Exclusive 8.59 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor and our advanced image processor, DIGIC DV III.

What's more, the VIXIA HF S11 allows you to record at up to 24Mbps, the highest bit rate in AVCHD format, for the highest quality image. The VIXIA HF S11 is packed with Canon Exclusive features - such as the Genuine Canon 10x HD Video Lens, sophisticated Genuine Canon Face Detection, Dynamic SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization as well as Advanced Video Snapshot Mode and a host of new control and creative options. All of which make it possible for you to Shoot, Capture, See and Be HD.


Dual Flash Memory: 64GB internal flash drive & SDHC card slot

What makes the VIXIA HF S11 stand out in the category of flash memory camcorders is its Dual Memory capability. You can capture video on the camcorder's internal 64GB flash memory as well as directly to an SDHC Memory Card.

Video recorded to the internal flash drive can also be copied onto a memory card which can then be inserted into your computer or HDTV's card reader slot for immediate viewing.

The advantages of flash memory go beyond the added recording time. You'll also appreciate the quick response time, because it doesn't have to wait for moving parts. Press the record button and your VIXIA HF S11 starts recording video faster than you've ever seen before. In addition, when you review your footage, it will come up more quickly.

Another plus is the VIXIA HF S11's low power consumption rate, allowing your battery to last longer. It's just what you need so you don't miss that pivotal play on the field or the moment when they say "I do."

While we certainly hope you keep your VIXIA HF S11 securely in your hand while shooting, if it happens to slip, or you accidentally knock it against something, you'll be happy to know that flash memory makes your camcorder more shock-resistant than other recording storage systems. It also minimizes the chance of data loss due to damage to your recording media or to the moving parts found in other camcorders.

1920 x 1080 movie recording requires a Class 4 or higher memory card. For other recording formats, a Class 2 or higher card is recommended. Also, movie recording requires cards with 128MB of memory or more. Cards made by Toshiba, SanDisk or Matsushita are recommended. No particular restrictions apply for still images.

Genuine Canon 10x HD Video Lens

For over 70 years Canon has been producing exceptional photographic lenses that are synonymous with unsurpassed optical performance. Because of Genuine Canon Optics, every Canon broadcast lens, digital camera and camcorder assures brilliant optical quality – and the VIXIA HF S11 is no exception.

The VIXIA HF S11 comes with an outstanding high definition video lens – a Genuine Canon 10x HD Video Lens. It's the lens you need to record long shots of your child on the soccer field, wide shots of beautiful landscapes, and everything in between. And because it comes with four zoom speeds -- three pre-set and one variable -- you always get smooth, steady, professional-looking zoom shots.

Super Spectra Coating technology results in images with minimal flare and ghosting. Plus, the lens' aspheric design reduces aberration and increases resolution, ensuring crisp, sharp video and enhancing the HD image quality. As well, a gradation neutral density (ND) system gives you better exposures in bright shooting situations.

A built-in 1.7x Digital Teleconverter provides an extended telephoto range, while still retaining the renowned Canon image quality. In addition, for those times when you need to get a particular shot from a very long distance, this flexible lens also has a 200x digital zoom.

Canon Exclusive: 1/2.6" 8.59 Megapixel HD CMOS Image Sensor

The VIXIA HF S11 captures 1920 x 1080 high definition video through its Canon designed and manufactured 1/2.6" 8.59 Megapixel HD CMOS Image Sensor, similar to the CMOS image sensors in Canon's EOS Series Digital SLR cameras.

The VIXIA HF S11's powerful CMOS image sensor provides high color resolution and advanced color reproduction for brilliant results. It is also unique in featuring Canon's proprietary noise reduction technologies for crisp, sharp images. Low noise technology also means that even in dimly lit scenes, the signal from each pixel is as pure as possible, with minimal noise or other aberrations. It's the ideal sensor for HD.

Simulated Image

The VIXIA HF S11 uses an RGB Primary Color Filter with Bayer Placement Pattern that separates light into red, green and blue color components. This results in vibrant images with deep, rich, accurate color and natural-looking tones similar to what you'd obtain from 3CCD camcorders. As an added benefit, the CMOS sensor provides outstanding image capture in low light conditions.

Canon Exclusive: DIGIC DV III Image Processor

DIGIC DV III is Canon's most advanced HD image processor ever, helping to deliver enhanced image quality, true color production for both video and photos, and a sophisticated noise reduction system for exceptional low light performance. It is also the high-speed engine which powers a variety of Canon technologies including 8.0 Megapixel photo capture, Genuine Canon Face Detection, Advanced Auto Exposure and Simultaneous Photo Recording.

Plus, the Canon DIGIC DV III Image Processor allows continuous shooting of digital photos with the VIXIA HF S11. You can also enjoy faster processing of your images to your memory card (1.4x normal card; 2.5x Hi-Speed card). In addition, it helps lower power consumption for longer battery life.

1920x1080 Recording

The Canon VIXIA HF S11 not only captures images in Full HD, but records and outputs at 1920 x 1080* as well, so you get Full HD from lens to screen. Your memories are preserved in stunning clarity, and ready for playback on your HDTV. With the advanced codec in the VIXIA HF S11, you can also record at the highest AVCHD bit rate of 24Mbps.**

* A Class 4 or higher SDHC memory card is required. For other recording formats, a Class 2 or higher card is recommended. Also, movie recording requires cards with 128MB of memory or more. Cards made by Toshiba, SanDisk or Matsushita are recommended. No particular restrictions apply for still images.

** DVD media containing AVCHD footage should only be used in AVCHD compatible players, otherwise the DVD player may fail to eject the media and may erase its contents without warning.
Digic DV III

24Mbps Recording

24 MbpsThe 24Mbps recording capability of the VIXIA HF S11 gives you the highest quality AVCHD video possible. You'll see enhanced detail, finer gradations of tones and improved reproduction of moving subjects. Video shot by the VIXIA HF S11 of fast-moving sporting events, multicolored butterflies on a variegated leaf or the shading of a brilliant sunset will be remarkable.

Canon Exclusive: Dynamic SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization

Dynamic SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization provides continuous adjustment throughout the entire zoom range to correct a broader range of motion. In comparison to SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization, extra compensation is applied at wide-angle focal lengths to eliminate unwanted shaking common when walking.

While some image stabilization systems correct one type of camera motion or vibration better than another, Canon's Dynamic SuperRange OIS corrects a variety of camcorder motions: the fast vibration you'd experience while recording from a moving car; the medium-speed motion of hand-held recording; and the slower motion of body sway. No matter what you're recording and how you're recording it, the VIXIA HF S11's stabilization design corrects camcorder shake instantly.

*Dynamic SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization is not functional while capturing digital photos. Standard SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization will be in effect.
More Features:

Canon Exclusive: Instant AF (Auto Focus)

Another critical objective when shooting in high definition is achieving a very sharp focus. The VIXIA HF S11 camcorder features Canon's revolutionary Instant AF focusing system which offers a dramatic improvement in auto focus speed and accuracy (compared to traditional auto focus systems). The Instant AF feature uses an external sensor, in combination with Canon's auto focus system, to help significantly decrease the time it takes to find focus, even in low light conditions. This system achieves focus instantaneously, reducing focus "hunting." The benefits of Instant AF are especially seen in high brightness and night shooting situations. With Instant AF, it's possible to capture fast, accurate focusing, even when following a moving subject.

And because a properly focused subject is more critical than ever with HD, the VIXIA HF S11 also features Focus Assist. This helps in capturing your subject in razor-sharp focus. It works by providing a 2x magnification of your subject (when you start recording, this assistance is automatically cancelled). This is a feature normally found in professional broadcast-quality cameras. Another sophisticated control available on the VIXIA HF S11 is color peaking, which enhances the edges of your subject to aid in focusing.

Canon Exclusive:
Genuine Canon Face Detection

The same high quality Face Detection technology used in Canon digital cameras is now available in Canon high definition camcorders. Up to 35 faces can be tracked automatically, ensuring razor-sharp focus and natural, accurate exposure. Of the faces tracked, 9 detection frames can be displayed at one time.

Advanced Auto Exposure System

The VIXIA HF S11 has an Advanced AE System inspired by Canon's EOS DSLR cameras. It's designed to provide the most accurate exposure settings in a wide variety of lighting conditions. This enhanced Auto Exposure system, together with Face Detection and DIGIC DV III, captures an expanded dynamic range, optimizing brightness to avoid overexposure, while still preserving important shadow detail.

24p Cinema Mode

24p Cinema Mode24p Cinema Mode enables all aspiring moviemakers to achieve a professional "film-look." You can change the camcorder's frame capture rate to 24p (recorded at 60i), which provides the appearance of the same frame rate as movie film. In addition, you can use the VIXIA HF S11's CINEMA setting, which changes the color and tonal characteristics, evoking the look and feel of a movie shown in a theater. For added flexibility, these settings can be used together or independently.

30p Progressive Mode

30p ProgressiveYou would normally have to look to professional video cameras in order to have this sophisticated tool at your command. In addition to the standard interlaced video frame rate of 60i, you may choose to set the VIXIA HF S11 to capture video in 30p, (30 progressive frames, recorded to 60i) which is particularly useful for footage to be used on the Internet. In addition, this setting gives enhanced quality to still images captured after recording. It's also excellent for action shots and sports.

Built-in 8.0 Megapixel Digital Camera

The VIXIA HF S11 is not only a superb camcorder but also a brilliant 8.0 Megapixel Digital Camera delivering stunning quality still photos. With many advanced photo features rivaling other state-of-the-art digital cameras, you get the best in both video and photos. An example? The VIXIA HF S11 boasts Simultaneous Photo Shooting, allowing you to capture crisp 6.0 Megapixel photos and video at the same time.

Includes Pixela ImageMixer 3SE Video Editing Software

The Canon VIXIA HF S11 High Definition Camcorder is bundled with a powerful software suite, Pixela ImageMixer 3SE*. You can easily perform a variety of functions, including AVCHD Editing in which you can trim, reorder, and combine scenes, as well as add music, titles, and transitions. This software also allows you to play your AVCHD movies on your computer and will also let you share copies of your movie with friends and family through flash memory to hard drive copying. Transfer and store your movie onto your computer's hard drive with the software and easily convert your high definition video to standard definition video as well.

Optional Canon RA-V1 Remote Control Adapter

Should you have the need to operate your VIXIA HF S11 on a tripod, the optional Canon RA-V1 Remote Control Adapter can be a useful addition to your equipment set.

Simply slip the RA-V1 into the Mini Advanced Accessory Shoe on top of the VIXIA HF S11 and youll have a LANC terminal to which you can connect an optional wired remote controller, such as the Canon ZR-1000, ZR-2000 or third-party device.

Intelligent Lithium-ion Battery

The Intelligent Lithium-ion battery which powers the VIXIA HF S11 is a major advance. It not only more accurately tracks remaining battery life, it also gives a display in minutes remaining. It will allow you to better plan your shooting, so you won't be caught out with a battery that suddenly goes from "half" to "empty." You'll find this especially useful since it lets you take full advantage of the long recording time capability of the VIXIA HF S11. You'll capture all the action.

HDMI Terminal

With the VIXIA HF S11, sharing your high definition video on your HD television is easier than ever. Only a single cable connects your camcorder to your TV for the highest quality playback (video and audio).

Microphone Terminal with Manual Audio Level Control

The VIXIA HF S11 allows you to enhance the quality of your audio by using the optional accessory Canon DM-100 Directional Stereo Microphone (which attaches to the Mini Advanced Accessory Shoe) to capture better sound, and headphones to monitor the audio as you hear it. You can also attach an external microphone through the 3.5mm microphone terminal. Manual control of audio levels also lets you set the exact balance you need for the situation. Your videos will sound as good as they look.

Advanced Video Snapshot Mode

Advanced Video Snapshot Mode will let you shoot short movie clips with the VIXIA HF S11 in the same way you've shot snapshots with your still camera. In this mode, you can create 4 second video clips which can be played back in the VIXIA HF S11 with background music. You'll also be able to use the mode to capture clips in Playback Mode as well, making it more convenient than ever to use this feature. It's the perfect way to document your vacation in a quick, easy, entertaining series of clips, perfect for Internet sharing.

Night Scene Mode

The Night Scene Mode setting in the Program AE of the VIXIA HF S11 reduces video "noise" and helps to prevent overexposure of artificial lighting from buildings and streetlamps while shooting video outdoors in the dark.

The result will be night scenes with the visual accuracy, depth and clarity you expect from a Canon camcorder.

Mini Advanced Accessory Shoe Terminal

Another pro-level feature of the VIXIA HF S11 is the Mini Advanced Accessory Shoe on the camcorder. At about half the size of Canon's Advanced Accessory shoe, this feature allows you to attach Canon optional accessories, such as the VL-5 Video Light, DM-100 Directional Stereo Microphone, or RA-V1 Remote Control Adapter. Using the proper accessories can greatly enhance the production values of the video you shoot.

Canon Exclusive: 2.7" Multiangle Vivid Widescreen LCD

The 2.7" Multiangle Vivid Widescreen LCD on the VIXIA HF S11 lets you see more of what your camcorder is recording. Using a hard coat Anti-Reflection surface and improved color reproduction, the scene in the viewfinder is a more accurate indication of what you're capturing in the camcorder. An added benefit of this Canon Exclusive is the wider range of viewing angles possible with this new LCD screen. With less glare and deeper contrasts, groups of people can gather around it and see the image displayed more clearly than ever before.

Superb Shooting Control

Dual Shot

Dual ShotCapture video and photos without switching modes, which saves you time and helps you to avoid the chance of a missed shot.

Technical Specs

Camcorder Type Compact
Camcorder Form Factor Standard
Recording System NTSC
High Definition Yes
Effective Sensor Resolution 8 Megapixel
Digital Stills Pictures Yes
Minimum Illumination, lux 0.3
Image Stabilizer Yes
Image Stabilizer Type Optical
Shutter Time (Min.) 1/500s
Shutter Time (Max.) 1/2000s
Lens System
Optical Zoom 10X
Optical Sensor Type CMOS
Native Aspect Ratio 16:9
Focal Length (Min.) 6.4 mm
Focal Length (Max.) 64 mm
Lens Type Fixed
Recording System
Video Recording System Details - MPEG4-AVC / H.264
Low Light Capability Yes
White Balance Presets Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Fluorescent H, Manual
Memory / Storage
Recording Media Type Memory Card
Recording Media Details Internal Flash Drive (64GB) or SDHC Memory Card **
Built-in Memory Yes
Built-in Memory Capacity 64 GB
Includes Memory Card Slot? Yes
Viewfinder / Display
LCD Size 2.7 in
LCD Form Factor Flip-out and Twist
Audio Input
Audio Input Details Microphone Terminal: 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack
Additional Features Image Sensor Size: 1/2.6-inch ; Digital Zoom: 200x
Physical Details
Case Color Black
Width, inches 2.8
Height, inches 2.7
Depth, inches 5.4
Weight, lbs 1.1
Additional Information
Package Contents VIXIA HF S11 Body, Battery Pack BP-807, Compact Power Adapter CA-570, Wireless Controller WL-D88, Stereo Video Cable STV-250, Component Cable CTC-100/S, USB Interface Cable IFC-400PCU, Digital Video Solution Disk, Pixela ImageMixer 3SE Video Editing Software, Music CD
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Canon VIXIA HF S11 Dual Flash Memory Camcorder (4063B001)

The Canon VIXIA HF S11 Dual Flash Memory camcorder takes our solid reputation for optical excellence, advanced image processing and technological innovation in high definition camcorders and brings it to the next level.

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