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Adobe Acrobat XI Standard for Windows (65196809)

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Retail Box/License [?]Retail Box/License  – This type of license is advisable for home and small office use (except where noted). The software package includes installation disc(s), may also include printed manuals and all other documentation and are often (but not always) eligible for free tech support from the manufacturer. The software may be packed either in a large box, mini box, cardboard, plastic box, DVD case, CD jewel case or sleeve.
Adobe Acrobat XI Standard for Windows

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Simplify everyday tasks with Adobe Acrobat XI Standard software - the trusted solution for creating, editing, and signing PDF documents. Easily create and share PDF files that can be viewed reliably on computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • MacMall Part #: 9392492 
  • Manufacturer Part #: 65196809 
  • UPC: 883919246574 
  • Platform: PC 

Shipping on October 15th.

Acrobat XI Standard

Whether you need to create, edit, or sign PDF documents, you can do it easier with Adobe Acrobat XI Standard - the solution that makes PDFs work harder so you don't have to.

Simplify everyday tasks with Adobe Acrobat XI Standard software. Easily create and share PDF files that can be viewed reliably on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Edit PDF files intuitively within Acrobat or convert them to Microsoft Word or Excel formats. Electronically sign documents yourself or get them signed by others.

Edit PDF files more intuitively with Adobe's PDF editor.

Adobe Acrobat XI has a new point-and-click interface. So you can make minor edits to PDF pages as easily as you do in other applications.

NEW Find editing tools faster
No more searching to find the right tool for the job. With the new Edit Text & Images tool, all you have to do is click the text you want to edit, and the right tool appears in the editing panel.

NEW Use the PDF editor to edit text
With Acrobat XI, you can edit text as easily as you do in other popular applications. Now, just point and click to correct a typo, change a date or a font, or add new text.

NEW Automatically reflow paragraphs
Need to update text in an existing PDF paragraph? It's easy. Simply add or delete your text, or drag to resize the paragraph box. Then watch the paragraph automatically reflow to reflect your changes.

NEW Find and replace text in a single step
If you realize a word or name is misspelled throughout your document - or you need to update a phrase or date - you can search your entire PDF file and correct every instance in one simple step.

E-signatures are as easy as click, sign, and send.

Whether you need to sign a form or approve a contract, Adobe Acrobat XI makes it easy to add your e-signature to any PDF file. So you never need to print, fax, or send documents overnight again.

IMPROVED Add your electronic signature to a PDF
Sign a PDF in seconds. You can type or draw your name, insert an image of your signature, or use a certificate signature.

Work with certificate signatures
If your company has given you a certificate-based digital ID, you can add a certificate signature to a PDF. This lets recipients verify that the file is authentic and really from you using tools in Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

NEW Manage your signed documents online
Manage and store signed files more efficiently by accessing the Adobe EchoSign online service right from Acrobat. Upload your signed document or get others to sign documents. Free and paid subscriptions are available.

Share everything in a single PDF.

Adobe Acrobat XI lets you merge and organize everything in a compact PDF file. So you can make sure everyone gets all the materials you send them.

Send fewer email attachments
Merge project information - including spreadsheets, web pages, and photos - into a single PDF you can easily email, archive, or send out for review.

NEW Get a thumbnail view before you merge
Now you can arrange and preview files and individual pages before you merge them into a PDF. To rearrange, drag and drop pages until they're organized just the way you want them.

NEW Get fast access to files stored online
If you want to include a document that's stored on an online storage site, like Microsoft Office 365 or SharePoint, find it fast with shortcuts.

Present the big picture in a PDF Portfolio
When simple merging isn't enough, you can use Acrobat XI Pro to combine and share your project material in a PDF Portfolio that reflects your company's brand and is easy to navigate.

Enhance version control with SharePoint integration.

Adobe Acrobat XI is integrated with Microsoft SharePoint. So it's simple and convenient for you to retrieve, open, and save PDF documents stored on your company's SharePoint server.

Check PDFs in and out of SharePoint
Just choose Open or Save in Acrobat XI to connect with a SharePoint library. Check PDF files out of SharePoint for editing. When you're done, check them back in right from your Microsoft Office application.

IMPROVED Get access from more places
Now Acrobat XI lets you access files stored online with Microsoft Office 365 and extends access to SharePoint files to Mac OS in addition to Windows devices. Support for advanced metadata types also lets you better categorize documents.

Host reviews and forms
Streamline the process of collecting feedback or forms. Host shared document reviews or post PDF forms for data collection on a SharePoint server.

Resize, replace, and adjust images within your PDF file.

Take advantage of intuitive editing tools in Adobe Acrobat XI to make minor changes to graphics in your PDF file - with no need to track down the original file or image.

IMPROVED Edit images right inside your PDF file
If you need to move, crop, resize, or replace a graphic object in your PDF file, it's as simple as pointing and clicking.

NEW Find editing tools faster
No more time-consuming tool searches. With the new Edit Text & Images tool, just click the image or object you want to edit. Acrobat XI automatically presents the best tools for the task.

Work with your favorite image editor
When you need to make more sophisticated edits, click an image to open it in an external editor like Adobe Photoshop. Once revised, the image is automatically updated in your PDF.

IMPROVED Click and choose to add images to your PDF file
Whether you want to pop in a photo, insert an illustration, or include a bar chart for visual interest, it's quick and easy to add graphics to existing PDF files.

Document security just got easier.

Protect your work the same way every time with Adobe Acrobat XI. Help prevent copying and editing in a few quick clicks. Or control access with PDF passwords or certificate IDs.

NEW Help protect PDFs within Office applications
If you're a Windows user, just check the Protect PDF box in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, or PowerPoint to help prevent others from editing your PDF files.

NEW Restrict editing with passwords in Acrobat
The new Restrict Editing tool is a fast, easy way to keep others from copying and editing content in your PDF files.

Fine-tune file permissions
Help prevent people from opening, printing, commenting on, or adding pages to your PDFs with the Encrypt tool.

IMPROVED Make file protection easy for your team
Create custom security policies to help everyone apply PDF passwords and permissions more consistently. You can even set up guided Actions to walk people through needed steps.

Turn web pages into PDF files.

Adobe Acrobat XI lets you turn HTML pages into PDF files that look and act like they do when you view and interact with them online.

Use the Adobe PDF toolbar to convert HTML to PDF
Within your Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox browser in Windows, use the Adobe PDF toolbar to turn an entire web page into a PDF file. Or right-click to capture just part of the page.

IMPROVED Capture original formatting and more
Your converted web page will look and act like the original, with links, layouts, and formatting intact. You can even add linked web content to your PDF just by right-clicking each link.

Merge multiple web pages
It's easy to share, print, and store a set of converted HTML pages in a single PDF. And you can send the file out for shared review to collect feedback faster.

Convert Office documents to PDF files.

From the Adobe Acrobat XI task ribbon in Microsoft Office applications, Windows users can convert Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files to PDFs that are easy to share and reliably viewed.

IMPROVED Do more from the ribbon
Now you can complete more common tasks without leaving Office - like converting a doc to PDF or creating and sending a PDF for review. Acrobat Pro users can even create a PDF and run an Acrobat Action.

Preserve more than your look and layout
Smarter than your average PDF, the PDFs you create with Acrobat remember all the formatting information contained in your Office files. So it's easy to convert them back to Office files in the future.

Convert Word to PDF for reliable viewing
When you use Acrobat XI to convert a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file to PDF, people will see it just like you sent it - whether they're viewing it on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Speed approvals with electronic signatures.

When you need to get a document e-signed by others, Adobe Acrobat XI gives you options. Email PDFs directly from Acrobat. Or use the Adobe EchoSign online service to collect and track signatures.

Get PDFs e-signed by email
Need a document signed? Just email it, and your recipient will be able to sign, save, and send it back to you using free Adobe Reader on his or her computer or mobile device.

NEW Collect e-signatures through EchoSign
Make paper signatures a thing of the past with Adobe EchoSign. You can get files e-signed in under an hour on average with a free or paid subscription to the web's #1 electronic signature service.

NEW Track and store signed documents
Instead of tracking signatures yourself, let EchoSign do it for you. You can send reminders, forward documents or contracts to another approver, and store everything online.

Let anyone sign with certificates
With Acrobat XI Pro, you can enable Reader users to sign your PDF files with certificate IDs provided by their companies.

Edits are easy with Adobe's PDF to Word converter.

Spend less time retyping, more time making progress. Adobe Acrobat XI lets you save your PDF as an easy-to-edit Microsoft Word document - and keep all the formatting, too.

Quickly convert PDFs to fully formatted Word files
When you need to update information in a PDF but don't have the original file, don't retype the entire piece. Simply save your PDF file as a Word document. And finish your edits faster.

NEW Export just the content you need
If you need to update only some of the information in your PDF document, select just the content you want, and then save it to a new Word file.

IMPROVED Save time with copy and paste
You can copy and paste parts of a PDF right into a Word doc. And in Acrobat XI, copying formatted information goes much quicker.

Turn scanned paper documents into Word files
Need to rework a document, but all you have is a paper printout? No problem. Just scan the pages to PDF. Then automatically convert the information to text that you can edit in Word.

Quickly convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets.

Take your data analysis further, faster with Adobe Acrobat XI. Save PDF tables as Microsoft Excel files, and get right to work.

Turn your PDF document into an editable Excel file
Take the tedium out of data analysis tasks. Save your entire PDF as an Excel file you can use right away. No need to reformat fonts or table layouts.

NEW Export just the PDF data you need to XLSX
If you need to edit or analyze only some of the information in your PDF, its easy to select and export just the pieces you want using the Acrobat XI PDF to Excel converter.

IMPROVED Save time with copy and paste
You can copy and paste parts of a PDF right into an Excel workbook. And in Acrobat XI, copying formatted information goes quicker.

Turn scanned tables into editable data
When you need to work with data but you only have a paper printout, simply scan to PDF. Then convert the data to text that can be edited and analyzed in Excel.

Create PDF files that meet standards now - and in the future.

Adobe Acrobat XI makes it easy to create PDF files that comply with a wide range of ISO and PDF standards.

IMPROVED Save a file, conform to standards
Easily save PDF files that conform with ISO 32000 standards, including PDF/A for archiving, PDF/E for engineering, PDF/X for print production, and now PDF/VT for variable data and transactional printing.

Fix nonconforming documents
Acrobat XI Pro can check to see if your file conforms with ISO 32000 standards and help you fix it if it doesn't.

Make existing files compliant
You can use tools to convert existing PDF files to specific ISO standard formats, such as PDF/A for archiving.

Get help creating accessible PDF files
Simplify the creation and verification of PDFs that need to conform to accessibility standards for people with disabilities. The Make Accessible guided Action will help you every step of the way.

Access PDFs wherever you are, even on mobile devices.

With Adobe Acrobat XI, it's easy to store important documents on And it's just as simple to view your files - in the office or on the go.

NEW Get to your files from virtually anywhere
Activate your free account. (requires an active account with the online service. Free and paid subscriptions are available.) Get 5GB of free online storage. And relax, knowing you can access PDFs and other documents you need from your computer or mobile device.

NEW Find the right file, fast makes it simple to search, filter, and sort your files so you can find what you're looking for faster.

NEW Save time by previewing files
Quickly page through any file you've stored online to make sure it's the one you want before downloading.

Technical Specs

Category Creativity application - desktop publishing
Product Type Box pack
Platform Windows
Distribution Media DVD-ROM
Language Universal English
Package Type Retail
License Type 1 user
System Requirements
Supported OS Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Microsoft Windows XP 64-bit Edition SP2, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 (32/64-bits), Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64 bits), Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (32/64-bits), Windows 8 (32/64 bits), Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (32/64-bits)
Hardware Requirements Microsoft Windows - 1.3 GHz - RAM 512 MB - HD 1.55 GB
Additional Requirements DVD-ROM, 1024 x 768 monitor resolution , Internet Explorer 7 or later, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox ERS
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Adobe Acrobat XI Standard for Windows (65196809)

Simplify everyday tasks with Adobe Acrobat XI Standard software - the trusted solution for creating, editing, and signing PDF documents. Easily create and share PDF files that can be viewed reliably on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

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