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MSi PC Gaming

In checking out the different gaming rigs, MSI crafted four series of desktops in order to satisfy the variety of needs that gamers have.
The Aegis series styles itself as a weapon shield and is built to be the ultimate defense and attack platform, with a performance as sharp as a sword with components like the i7-6700 and the GTX 970 keeping the system up to speed and able to render top-quality graphics, including VR technology.

The presence of a PCI-e Gen 3.0 SSD makes extreme read speeds of 2.2GB/s available on a storage solution, while DDR4-2133 memory is an improvement over its previous iteration. Its military-grade motherboard components ensure a stable and efficient operation, with the Silent Storm Cooling 2 keeps everything under control, temperature-wise.

Mystic Light allows for some style on the desktop, making it look even fiercer, especially since it works in tandem with the RGB LEDs that dot around the Aegis.

The Vortex series comes in a MacPro-looking metallic silvery gray package, a compact 6.5L and 27.8cm tall cylindrical chassis. Within that setup lies a 6th generation Intel Core i7 that can overclock up to 4.6GHz while also maximizing CPU and GPU power consumption and maintaining a constant system temperature.

Helping matters is its unique cooling mechanism, where a single large fan draws in cool air from the bottom and dissipates the heat through the vents on top, resulting in a cyclone of airflow that ensures desktop stability.

The system can also support three monitors surround-style or six monitor matrix-style. It also can support 4K displays. The presence of Killer Shield and Killer Pro ensures unprecedented network speed and online protection, granting users a guaranteed best networking experience.

The Gaming Series is an All-In-One PC offering that fits the gaming genre. Within the display, MSI has installed a 6th generation Intel Core processor, DDR4-2133 RAM memory and Super RAID 4 Gen 3.0 SSD technology onto an Anti-Glare display.

The display also helps in reducing eyestrain and fatigue with the anti-flickering and reduction of Blue Light emission. It can also serve as a stand-alone monitor for whom one can connect a console or video player onto.

Lastly, the NightBlade Series styles itself as not only the "Lean, Mean, Gaming Machine," but also as the "Holster of Gaming Supremacy." The Presence of the OC Genie makes it quite easy to overclock the set-up that has Intel Core technology and DDR4-2133 memory.

All that is needed to press the button. Game loading is a breeze in using NVMe technology with the Gen 3.0 SSD configuration. Keeping the system cool are a Dragon Fan and three air vents, as well as Liquid Cooling. It even has a handle that is perfect for carrying the desktop around for LAN parties. The design also uses Mystic Light to give it a fiercer look.

Each system noted above has enough ports to connect the gaming peripherals needed to make things right and ready for combat, including the latest-edition USB 3.1 Type C. Some even have a super charger for which they can plug their smartphones or controllers to charge with on a faster pace than a regular USB charger would.

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