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Asus Republic of Gamers

Finding the right Gaming PC that could keep up with the most popular and advanced graphic- intensive games can be very difficult. First off, you've got to have the right specs and features that can guarantee a hyper- efficient gaming performance. Secondly, a must- have Gaming PC should have all the essentials and optional gaming peripherals to complete a gaming package.
The ASUS ROG Gaming PC's bold and durable design is to die for. Truth be told, a desktop PC that comes with customizable lighting effects that showcases up to 8 million colors is pretty amazing. It actually has its very own effective heat management system that's specifically made for marathon gaming sessions. And although it's got no visible exterior side exhaust vents, the ASUS ROG Gaming PC's thermal design has got you covered.

The ASUS ROG Gaming PCs can provide you with that and so much more. From small form factor gaming desktops to console- inspired concepts, the ASUS ROG Gaming PCs has got it all. These Gaming PCs are well equipped with the latest high- performance processors such as the AMD A10-Series, 4th-gen Intel Core i7, 6th-generation Intel Core i7, etc.

With state of the art processors such as these, you are guaranteed to have unprecedented levels of gaming and multitasking performance beyond compare.

You can also thank the ASUS ROG Gaming PCs' amazing graphics for taking your PC gaming to the next level. The AUS ROG Gaming PCs also comes with the smoothest and fastest gaming graphics imaginable. With the AMD Radeon R9 series, NVIDIA GeForce, NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X (2-Way SLI), etc., you can get unstoppable Full HD gaming that not only delivers astonishing performance but also provide breathtaking image quality.

On top of all of that awesome specs and features, not only will you get to immerse yourself in stunning visuals but also in crisp audio as well. The ASUS ROG Gaming PCs also come with premium audio components and several sound processing soft wared such as ROG AudioWizard and SonicMater.

The ASUS ROG Gaming PCs also comes with its very own user- friendly application which monitors your system performance religiously. With this handy app you can track CPU and memory usage, internet download and upload status. You can also set temperature and voltage thresholds and leave the system to maintain them automatically.

These Gaming PCs come with all the USB ports you'll ever need. You can freely attach all sorts of gaming accessories and peripherals without a hitch.

As for the ASUS ROG Gaming PCs connectivity, you will not be disappointed. You get ultra- fast and stable connection guaranteed to provide strong signals which allow you to play online games or even stream videos smoothly.

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