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How to Avoid the Top 6 IT Mistakes Small Business Make

Business and organizations use tablets for work and on the go, but tablets can also be used for many things in the business environment today. Here are some creative ways businesses are using or plan to use their tablets:
  • A large car dealership gives their customers tablets to use while waiting for their vehicle to be repaired.
  • A company that builds high speed radio based internet systems uses tablets as a tool to help coordinate testing efforts and use detailed documentation.
  • A religious center lends tablets to members of their congregation to read e-books and watch videos to learn more about their faith.
  • A leading provider of infrastructure software, is using tablets to help their employees learn how people and technology work as one. Their mission is to help customers reduce the cost, complexity and risk of computing on any platform.
  • A real estate investment trust that owns both laboratory and office space is giving tablets to the doctors in the health centers that they operate so that the doctors can be more efficient in their daily work and in record keeping.

Tablets could be an untapped solution for your business, combining light weight, small size and a large number of applications. Give it a try and see how it transforms your business.

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