Digital Publishing with QuarkXPress 9
What's New

Boost your productivity, drive automated design, and go digital with QuarkXPress® 9 — the most reliable print design and publishing tool that is now the easiest, most powerful tool for digital design and publishing.

App Studio

Create the Ultimate Mobile Experience. Create your own iPad apps with App Studio for QuarkXPress, then publish and control your own interactive publications.

Export to ePub and Kindle

Tap Into the Exploding eBook Market. Convert your QuarkXPress layouts into standardized eBooks for Amazon Kindle, iBooks®, Sony® Reader, NOOK®, and more.

Design for Blio eReader

Bring Rich, Interactive Design to the eBook Marketplace. Create interactive content for the Blio® eReader — the most accessible and versatile e-reader on the market. Then sell it through the Blio online bookstore.

QuarkXPress 9 is certified for Mac OS X Lion and features the most accessible options for digital publishing to the iPad and ePub in addition to professional output for print. Upgrade today to start designing for print and digital media, all with a single easy-to-use tool.

How it Works

Using App Studio, you can:

  • Design content (issues) with dedicated vertical and horizontal orientations and immersive interactive experiences in
    QuarkXPress 9
  • Create your own branded app using App Studio Factory
  • Test your issue files using App Studio Issue Previewer on your iPad
  • Easily manage and publish issues to your app with the App Studio Publishing Portal
  • Optionally sell your content using in-app purchases and in-app subscriptions
  • Add automation and collaboration with enterprise capabilities
All without writing a single line of code!

App Studio Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q. What is App Studio?
A. App Studio is an integrated set of digital design and publishing tools from Quark that anyone can use to create customized iPad® (and soon Android) apps, distribute those apps through the Apple® App Store, and then design, test, and publish content (issues) that your customers can optionally purchase and download from within your apps.

Q. What is the difference between QuarkXPress and App Studio?
A. QuarkXPress is design and publishing software for creating high-end, rich design for multiple media, including print, the Web (SWF/Flash®), e-books, and tablets. QuarkXPress provides design, enrichment, and file export functions for creating interactive content (issues) for digital devices such as the iPad. App Studio is a complimentary set of publishing tools — including App Studio Factory, the App Studio Publishing Portal, and Quark Issue Previewer — that lets any user create customized apps, distribute them through the Apple App Store, and then design, test, and publish issues for their apps.

Q. What types of interactive content does App Studio support?
A. App Studio supports interactive pictures, slideshows, movies and audio, scrollable layouts with markers, Web views, buttons, hyperlinks, and interactive actions.

Q. What is the App Studio Publishing Portal?
A. The App Studio Publishing Portal is a free Web site where App Studio customers can manage their App Studio apps and issue files and redeem App Studio Factory app template licenses and App Studio issue license packs.

Q. What is App Studio Factory?
A. App Studio Factory is standalone Mac OS X software included with QuarkXPress 9.1 and later that enables designers to create customized App Studio apps using predefined app templates.

Q: What is the App Studio Reader Framework?
A: The App Studio Reader Framework is a framework with a set of sample Xcode projects that larger organizations can use to create highly customized apps.

Q. Is App Studio available for Windows?
A. The interactive enrichment features for App Studio issues are part of QuarkXPress and are available in both the Mac and Windows versions of QuarkXPress 9.1 and later. Both Mac and Windows users can do issue design and creation for App Studio apps. App Studio Factory, which is used to create iPad apps, is included with the Mac and Windows versions of QuarkXPress, but is a Mac OS X-only application. The Apple iOS Developer Program, which you must join in order to access the iOS Simulator and submit your apps to Apple, is also Mac OS X-only.

Q. Why is App Studio Factory Mac-only?
A. In order to submit apps to the iTunes Store, users must be enrolled in the iOS Developer Program. The tools that are required as part of this program — including Xcode and the iOS Simulator — are Mac OS X-only. Consequently, App Studio Factory is also Mac OS X-only. This may change in the future when support for other devices is added.

Q. How long will an app stay on the Apple App Store once it’s created and published using App Studio?
A. Apps created with App Studio will remain available on the App Store for as long as you require. Quark’s issue and app configuration fees do not limit the lifetime of an app. The app template license that you purchase includes 12 months of free updates. This means as Quark updates app templates with new features and compatibility with new iOS versions, those updates are available to you. After the first 12 months, though, you may want to re-purchase the template to continue to have access to app template updates.

Q. With Apple App Store guidelines and their 30 percent fee in mind, is it possible to embed your own storefront within apps created with App Studio?
A. It is possible to create storefronts within apps created with App Studio, but any sales generated through the App Store will be subject to the 30 percent fee from Apple. This is Apple’s policy, andthey enforce it rigidly.

QuarkXPress 9 System Requirements for Mac OS:

  • Mac OS® 10.5.8 (Leopard®), Mac OS 10.6.4 (Snow Leopard®) or later
  • Tested on Citrix

  • Hardware
  • Mac® Intel® processor
  • 2GB RAM (1GB minimum)
  • 2GB hard disk space

  • Optional
  • An Internet connection for activation
  • DVD-ROM drive for installation from DVD (not required for installation from download)