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Share files, capture feedback, and keep track of versions—all in one place. Only in Creative Cloud. Simplify your organization’s license management with a centralized admin console where you and your designated administrators can quickly add, assign, or transfer seats, while maximizing your IT and procurement budget

Once you get your team on Creative Cloud, you’ll never look back. The tools are constantly updated. Collaboration is faster than ever. Budgeting is predictable. And managing licenses basically takes care of itself.
———————  IT Administration Made Easy  ———————
Adobe® Creative Cloud™ for teams is about more than just delivering the best creative software in the world. It's also about simplifying your organization's license management and maximizing your software investment. With Creative Cloud for teams, you can leverage centralized administrative tools that make it easy to purchase, deploy, and manage Creative Cloud along with the changing needs of your team.
Easy Management with the Admin Console
Simplified license management  
Get the best of both worlds with flexible and simple software deployment and management.
  • Easily add, assign, and re-assign seats, monitor storage, and more.
  • Allow users to self-deploy or deploy centrally with the help of the Creative Cloud Packager
  • Get immediate access to software, even while your order is still processing.
Hassle-free Compliance
Avoid the headache of tracking and managing who’s using what software in your organization.
  • Manage risk by ensuring across-the-organization compliance.
  • Keep track of the seats you added, who’s using them, and when they were purchased.
  • Assigned seats ensure usage rights.
Deployment and The Creative Cloud Packager
  Centralized deployment
Deploy Creative Cloud for teams centrally, or allow users to install Creative Cloud applications on their own — the choice is yours.
  • Package all Creative Cloud applications (or a customized subset), plus all feature-bearing updates using the Creative Cloud Packager.
  • Prevent network congestion by downloading Creative Cloud applications directly from the cloud.
  • Ensure version parity across desktops.
The Creative Cloud Packager
Creative Cloud Packager is a tool that enables administrators to centrally deploy all Creative Cloud applications, or a customized subset. Creative Cloud Packager ensures version parity across desktops, saving support costs and network congestion.
Reliable data security  
Creative Cloud for teams is built on a trusted platform and delivers industry-standard security and encryption technology to help protect your organization’s data and systems.
  • Adobe uses industry-leading security engineering processes and the latest technology to help ensure online security.
  • Creative Cloud leverages firewall protection, intrusion detection systems, SSL encryption, and proprietary protocols to help secure your important information.
  • Hosting facilities for Creative Cloud services are protected by multiple layers of physical security.
  • Users can set-up private folders, maintain file versions, choose people to work with and capture all activity related to a project in a single place.
Available through the Value Incentive Plan

The Value Incentive Plan (VIP) is Adobe’s new membership-based volume licensing program that makes it easy to purchase, manage, and assign permission to use Adobe software and services based on declared user ID numbers.

VIP uses a simple enrollment process to initiate your Creative Cloud membership, and your team can deploy the software as the purchase is being processed. You’ll be provided an administrator console that allows you to see what’s been purchased and deployed and to whom—all from one easy-to-use interface. Membership also consolidates your seats and products into a single agreement and automatically prorates any additional seats that you add after the initial purchase, simplifying license management.

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