Available through the Value Incentive Plan

The Value Incentive Plan (VIP) is Adobe’s new membership-based volume licensing program that makes it easy to purchase, manage, and assign permission to use Adobe software and services based on declared user ID numbers.

VIP uses a simple enrollment process to initiate your Creative Cloud membership, and your team can deploy the software as the purchase is being processed. You’ll be provided an administrator console that allows you to see what’s been purchased and deployed and to whom—all from one easy-to-use interface. Membership also consolidates your seats and products into a single agreement and automatically prorates any additional seats that you add after the initial purchase, simplifying license management.


Transitioning from Creative Cloud Team Ready to Creative Cloud

If you’re a Creative Cloud Team Ready customer, you’ll receive an email notice about migrating to Creative Cloud.

After reviewing the details and accepting the terms and conditions, you’ll enroll in Creative Cloud by exchanging your Creative Cloud Team Ready license for a Creative Cloud for teams membership. Your current desktop apps will be reserialized, and you’ll receive an administrator console with which you can invite and manage users.

If you choose not to transition to Creative Cloud, you will retain a license to use your desktop apps but will no longer receive access to new features, services, or updates.

If you currently have an individual Creative Cloud membership and wish to upgrade to a membership for teams, you are free to do so with no penalty for changing your existing contract. 


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