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Create expressive interfaces and interactive content without writing code

Rapidly prototype user interfaces for Flex® based websites and applications with Adobe® Flash® Catalyst® CS5.5 software. Collaborate intelligently, and roundtrip projects with developers who use Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 software. Create resizable applications and components, craft more precise and expressive transitions and effects, and efficiently design developer-built custom components. Build wireframes faster with a new Common Library panel, a new Align panel, and numerous user-requested enhancements. Publish projects as SWF or Adobe AIR® files, and leverage the reach and consistency of the Adobe Flash Platform.

Top reasons to upgrade to Adobe® Flash® Catalyst™ CS5.5

Full designer-developer workflow—Work with confidence on shared Flex based projects with a new bidirectional workflow that allows designers to collaborate with developers who use Adobe Flash® Builder 4.5 software.

Resizable applications and components—Visually design and preview the position and scaling of objects when designing interfaces and applications that must adjust to fit various screen sizes or resolutions.

Enhanced timelines and animations—Craft precise, expressive transitions and effects with greater control and less effort. Animate filter effects and font sizes, and easily apply customizations across effects or objects.

Common Library panel—Quickly design wireframes and evolve developer-ready interface concepts using native Spark components and placeholder graphics.

Custom skinnable components—Craft the visual appearance, or skin, of developer-built custom components without the need to understand the underlying code or logic.

Improved interactions—Define user interactions more efficiently with the ability to globally target any component within your project, and specify double-click actions as interactions.

User-requested enhancements—Align and distribute objects with a new Align panel, lock aspect ratio when manipulating objects, easily name components for better collaboration with developers, and more.