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Rapidly prototype and design for the web

Produce graphics for multiple screen resolutions faster. Performance-enhanced Adobe® Fireworks® CS5 software renders with pixel-precise sharpness. Share color swatches with Adobe Photoshop® or Illustrator® software to compose designs with exacting color fidelity. Prototype rich media applications for Adobe Flash® Catalyst™ and Flash Builder™ software and export FXG files for objects, pages, or whole documents. Leverage improvements to the extensibility API to achieve greater customization in exporting or batch operations. Fireworks CS5 is more robust, reliable, and polished than ever.

Top reasons to upgrade to Adobe® Fireworks® CS5

Extensive performance enhancements—Improve efficiency with faster performance, an updated graphic toolset, and greater control over pixel placement. An enhanced workflow for design and prototyping provides smooth and consistent operation.

Pixel-precise rendering—Keep designs crisp on a wide variety of screen resolutions with pixel-precise rendering. Improved definition means objects in vector and bitmap modes appear sharper, even when converted from one mode to the other.

Supported workflows with rich media applications—Export objects, pages, or entire documents to the Adobe Flash® family of software to develop interactivity. The XML-based FXG export format helps ensure that your rich media application creations are precisely converted and ready for interactive implementation.

Extensibility improvements—Customize scripts for exporting, batch operations, and FXG formats with the expanded extensibility API. Increase productivity and control by specifying client-specific output formats in automated batch processing.

Design templates—Save frequently used designs as templates that can help jump-start future projects. Share templates with other members of your design team to improve consistency and increase productivity.

Adobe Swatch Exchange support—Match colors precisely with designs from other Adobe graphics applications via Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE). Import an ASE file from Adobe Photoshop® or Illustrator® software or Adobe Kuler,® the Adobe color community, to develop compatible designs and jump-start your creativity.