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TuneRanger: TuneRanger is the perfect complement for iTunes and your iPod. With TuneRanger, you can organize and synchronize your iTunes music and video collection with other computers running over any network. It helps streamline your iTunes experience providing you with tools that will optimize how it runs. You can even filter the synchronization to make sure the proper music and videos are correctly networked and processed on your network.
Roxio Toast 10 Titanium: Roxio Toast 10 Titanium is the definitive software for CD and DVD burning. You can convert audio books CDs for playback on your iPod, remove unwanted sections of audio before editing, and convert audio from vinyl LPs and tapes to CD, DVD, and iPod formats.

MobileMe: Have a desktop, laptop, iPhone, and iPod touch? Now you can sync up all these devices at the same time with all the same information. Your devices can share the same email, calendars, contacts, and a host of other things, so that you are equipped for whatever job on any of your devices. You’ll know if you get messages on your iPhone, or email for your desk top, using any of the other devices you might be using. Sync up your life with Mobile me.