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iPod Charger: Your iPod will become your constant travelling companion, so you’ll need an adapter in order to keep the music going. The I Rocks Technology AC/USB power adapter allows you to charge most USB compatible devices from a standard AC wall power using a USB cable, making this portable and lightweight adapter a great option.
iPod Adapter: You’ll want to enjoy your iPod music on other mediums of entertainment as well, that means you’ll need an adapter to plug your iPod to external speakers. You can try using the Cables Unlimited Ziplinq retractable audio cable that allows you to connect your iPod to a CD player, DVD player, or the Aux input jack of a TV or a stereo. Easily retractable and extends up to 4 feet long, it’s easy to bring around, and is inconspicuous.

Portable Speakers: There are several great choices for portable speakers that will play your music with high fidelity, but also save you space without cramping your style. The iHome rechargeable Portable Multimedia Speakers is just the thing for those who want a stylish but portable speaker for their iPod. You can extend the dual speakers for a louder experience, or collapse them to make them more compact, the choice is yours. Alternatively, you can go for a more static route and buy your iPod a docking station. The iHome clock Radio and Audio system doubles as a clock and radio that can wake you up with your own choice of song from your iPod, with all the conveniences of a modern alarm clock and radio. It has a remote control that controls its extensive sound quality options, and it charges your iPod while it’s docked to boot.

FM Transmitter: Listening to your iPod in your car seems as natural as breathing air. If your car does not have an iPod dock, you can purchase the MacAlly FM Transmitter. Simply plug your FM transmitter in the cigarette lighter outlet, connect your iPod, select the preset radio station, and enjoy your favorite tunes in your car.