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iPad mini 3

The iPad Mini 3 comes with all the features you’ve come to love in Apple’s smallest tablet, plus a few new capabilities. Complementing the iPad Mini 3’s powerful performance is Touch ID technology and iOS 8, along with a new Apple SIM that lets you switch among short-term data plans without hassle.

iPad mini 3
Lowest Price: $399.00 Highest Price: $719.00

Touch ID technology makes it easier for you to unlock your iPad Mini 3. Just press your finger against the Home button, and you can securely unlock your iPad Mini without worrying about unauthorized access. You can also sign into secure apps on your iPad Mini through its fingerprint sensor. And, with one-touch purchasing possible from iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store, shopping on your iPad Mini 3 is now faster and safer.

Love going online on your iPad Mini? You’ll love the new Apple SIM on iPad Mini 3 WiFi + Cellular models. Through the Apple SIM, you can choose between short-term data plans offered by select carriers from the US and the UK. So you can enjoy the always-online convenience of a data plan without being limited by the terms of traditional data plans. You may even be able to choose a data plan from a local carrier when you travel with your iPad Mini 3 tablet.

The 2014 iPad Mini 3 is still incredibly handy, with a 7.9-inch Retina display and a thin, lightweight body. This iPad Mini’s Retina display is as vibrant as ever, with 3.1 million pixels and a 2048-by-1536 resolution. With such a high pixel density on the iPad Mini 3’s screen, you can’t discern individual pixels, so your photos have sharper details and more vivid colors.

Even at its small size, the iPad Mini 3 is chock-full of high-performance features. The A7 chip, built on 64-bit desktop-class architecture, ensures ample processing power and stunning graphics, so the newest iPad Mini can handle the most processing-intensive tasks and games. Not only that, but the A7 chip also makes the iPad Mini 3’s 10-hour battery life possible.

Customer Reviews for iPad mini 3
Apple iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi+Cellular 16GB - Silver
Reviewed by Joyce Evans (2015-08-18)
finally got the right size for me
Being petite has its perks and down lows. Using a big ass iPad is one of the down lows, I mean – IT’S NOT PROPORTIONATE TO ME. I have tiny hands, thin fingers and look like a twelve year old girl. You can say I wasn’t too blessed with balanced genes.
Thank you, Apple, for creating an iPad that allows me to work without me tapping awkwardly into a large screen. Do you know how many times people say I look like an operator from The Matrix while managing my social media accounts? Too damn much.
Other than that, the iPad Air is easier to store for me when I’m not using it. All well is well here in The Shire.
Apple iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi+Cellular 16GB - Gray
Reviewed by Johnson Forest (2015-08-18)
The mini smartest tablet (for me) so far
I got myself this incredible, almost weightless and very productive iPad Mini from MacMall days ago just because I really would want to have this one plus I browse into MacMall’s website and it has a huge great deal of discount. Plus, the shipping process rocks!

iPad Mini feels like I’m just carrying a slim notebook with me, wherever I go. I could browse the net while I am travelling, take some picturesque shots on the road, watch my favorite movie, check my e-mail, and listen to my freshly installed music and more! Definitely, this one by far, is one of my most favorite gadgets.

And because it is very updated, this device, the iPad Mini, helps me accomplish a lot of stuff. The device adds up to my productivity and I could really work on some things using this device all at the same time. What an incredible benefits this slim and almost weightless device brings.

I really love my iPad Mini. It ain’t got hassle anywhere you wish to bring the device, no issue with the battery life because the battery life for a single charging is quite enough to do your whole day thing and yes, this one is the mini and smartest tablet for me, as of the moment.
Apple iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi 64GB - Gold
Reviewed by Moira Lance (2015-08-18)
Definitely a good buy right here, iPad Mini
I just recently got this iPad Mini of mine that I originally bought for my son, well mainly for him for him to be able to watch children songs while I am doing the chores at home. But when he’s asleep, I am trying to use and it’s really fun and convenient. Plus, I could bring this iPad Mini while I am with my kid.

This iPad Mini that I got from MacMall through an online purchase allows me to always check my e-mails when I am not at my usual workplace which is very great. My son and I benefits a lot because when I don’t use it, he uses it for him not to cry and when he’s not using it, I am kind of using it for my other stuff at work. Thankfully this kind of pricy device is worth the price for its features and uses.

I could also shoot nice photos of my son and I when we’re out and post it immediately on my blog. That’s how the iPad Mini works for me, my child and some other errands that I have. A device that’s definitely worth the price because of its features and convenience it has brought to my son and I.
Apple iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi 64GB - Space Gray
Reviewed by Ashley Finn (2015-08-18)
I got myself my own iPad mini 3 as an early graduation gift. Since I’m not a fan of too much size for my daily activities, I choose this one for convenience and comfort.

I usually start my day doing yoga and I use the ipad mini for my yoga app and ambient music player then I start registering what I ate into another app that calculates calorie intake. That’s usually what my mornings are about.

From then onwards, is just using the iPad for classes and other personal stuff. I like making movies with it about campus life then editing it on my laptop. Using facetime to contact my folks at home through the iPad mini 3 works too.

Best part? My roommate can’t get his hands on this since there’s only one registered finger print. She used to meddle with some of my stuff.
Apple iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi+Cellular 16GB - Gray
Reviewed by Jack Brewer (2015-08-18)
Children-friendly product
I recently gifted my young daughter this device for a birthday present and she loves every inch of it. Now she doesn’t have to fight her older brothers to have a turn on the bigger ipad. Since she’s a good girl, and the most responsible in my four kids, she gets to have one of her own and everyone is not allowed to use it unless she lets them.

She usually asks me to install some apps she likes – usually games and photography apps. I don’t forget to set parental settings to prevent her from accidentally opening a pop-up website that’s inappropriate. I also get to monitor her when she gets to school through an app I’ve installed.
Apple iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi+Cellular 64GB - Gray
Reviewed by Chris Sanders (2015-08-18)
it makes my job easier
As a manager in a manufacturing company, it’s important to monitor daily, weekly, and monthly quota. This is where I use my iPad mini 3 that I’ve installed with apps to help me.

It’s light, easy to use and fast. And since I can input the data I need, I can immediately e-mail it to my bosses as required. Also, it only takes me a second to notify personnel if some of the equipment needs a fix-up or checking. It’s also a sneaky way to monitor my daughter’s location when she’s not within my sight (I’m very protective of my little girl so I got her an iPhone with a tracking app).
Good deal from MacMall here! 5/5 rating.
Apple iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi 64GB - Gold
Reviewed by Jeffrey Daughn (2015-08-18)
Smartest slim device ever
Being an Apple fan never fails me when it comes to the quality of gadgets and services the company itself offers. And this iPad Mini 3 that I bought recently is one of best and smartest slim device that I have ever encountered.

I am a tech enthusiast. I jump into one gadget to another and do tech blogs or unboxing videos of each. iPad Mini 3 from Apple is one of the best smart tablet that I have encountered so far. From its compatibility, usability and functionality, everything is simply yet incredibly rolled into one.

iPad Mini 3 is very slim yet has a lot do to for you. The device works fast it’s as if I am using a desktop. Definitely a great buy for someone who is always on the go but always need a buddy for his or her grind, may it be a personal or a professional one.

I got my Apple iPad Mini 3 from MacMall, an online retail store that is kind of new to me. Kind of because I think I remember hearing it from a colleague. Upon browsing I saw the website in the list of the search results. So, I went on and checked the website.

Convinced because of their customers’ feedback, I tried and bought my device there. And yes, service is good and the quality of the purchased device is fresh from the box.

iPad Mini 3 is indeed one of the best slim device ever in the market today.
Apple iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi 16GB - Space Gray
Reviewed by Edwin Harris (2015-08-18)
comfort, progress and convenience, go get an iPad Mini 3
iPad Mini 3 is an upgraded version of the iPad Mini yes I knew that for a fact and I’ve experienced using the first iPad Mini ever since it was launched. And since now that I already gave away that first iPad Mini that I owned to my niece, I needed another one that I could utilize while I am not in the corners of my little home or my office.

I got my iPad Mini 3 from MacMall through an online purchase because I needed to have the device as soon as possible and I am reading reviews about how this online store were always true to its word of delivering the shipment on time. I took a chance and fortunately, it came to me on time, my iPad Mini 3.

Apple’s iPad Mini 3 is very sleek, very lightweight but definitely lets me do some of my tough tasks most especially when I am travelling which is a very good thing for me that’s why I cannot afford not to get another one and this, iPad Mini 3 is definitely an upgraded version that’s continuously bringing me comfort, fast progress on my tasks and convenience wherever and whenever I need it.
Apple iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi 64GB - Silver
Reviewed by George (2015-03-20)
Novice experience with an Apple Ipad Mini 3
It has not been a very pleasant experience. It appears to me that most setup and usage items are based upon an experienced Apple iPhone/iPad user. I went on line and found an iPad users manual and have tried to use it to help acquaint myself with the various features. Again I find that the manual seems to assume prior Apple 'device' experience and leaves out many of the basic steps on how to do the initial things like how to power down the device, add contacts, 'back key' or button, etc.

As a long time Android user I am sorry that I didn't get an Android tablet! I'm sure with time I will bet better with the iPad mini 3, but it is going to take a while.

P.S. I have worked with all kinds of computers over the past 50 years and hold an advance degree in Engineering.
Apple iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi 16GB - Silver
Reviewed by Nelson A (2015-02-17)
Solid Online Shopping
I was extremely satisfied with my purchase . I was originally interested in the site due to my desire to purchase apple products at other locations besides the apple store. Your site provided a great alternative, with competitive prices and a logical and simple presentation of products and purchase options. I found the product I was looking for, and got it delivered promptly and in great condition, with excellent packaging. My one criticism stems from the shipping costs. They are reasonable, but it would go a long way to creating more customer loyalty and traffic if the site offered free shipping to members who pay a yearly fee or some other similar arrangement. I dont think this will be my last apple product ever purchased and I would be more inclined to return and shop with MacMall again if the shipping fees were curtailed or subsidized in other ways. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with my purchase.
Apple iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi 16GB - Silver
Reviewed by Edward Barrett (2014-12-14)
Apple iPad mini 3

My compliments to the chef.
Apple iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi 64GB - Gold
Reviewed by Jeff Nading (2014-12-14)
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iPad Mini 3
All-new features in the same handy form

The iPad Mini 3 is as sleek and slim as ever, with some new features you’ll definitely love. The newest iPad Mini now comes with Touch ID technology and a fingerprint sensor that lets you unlock the iPad Mini 3 and make purchases from iTunes and the App Store in a matter of seconds. Apple’s latest 7-inch tablet is also pre-installed with the Apple SIM, which gives users unprecedented flexibility with short-term data plans.

Secure, one-touch access and safe shopping

This is all possible through Apple’s Touch ID technology. Now all you have to do to unlock your iPad Mini 3 is place your finger on the fingerprint identity sensor. You can also use the sensor to instantly sign in to your apps and enjoy one-touch shopping in iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store. Don’t worry; your fingerprint data stays on your iPad, so there’s little to no risk of unauthorized access.

Switch between short-term data plans

WiFi + Cellular models of the iPad Mini 3 come with the new Apple SIM. Through this SIM, you now have the ability to choose from a handful of short-term data plans from trusted carriers in the US and the UK, including AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. That’s right; you won’t have to be limited by long-term data plans anymore.

Fast performance and responsive graphics, as always

The iPad Mini 3 is equipped with the A7 chip, which is built on 64-bit desktop-class architecture. This chip, along with the M7 motion coprocessor, makes the 2014 iPad Mini 3 perfectly capable of handling even the most processing-intensive apps, including the latest games. The power-efficient A7 chip also makes the iPad Mini 3’s 10-hour battery life possible.

Perfectly sized for portability

Despite all its innovations, the iPad Mini 3 still comes in the same handy size. Its components have been redesigned to be lightweight, so you can take the iPad Mini 3 wherever you go or use it all day without feeling the extra weight.


iPad mini 3 display features:

• 7.9-inch Retina display
• A7 chip with M7 motion coprocessor
• Built-in Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) with MIMO support
• Up to 10 hours of battery life
• iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps included
• Thousands of apps on the App Store
• 5MP iSight camera with 1080p HD video recording
• iOS 8 and iCloud
• Cellular data service on Wi-Fi + Cellular models (via pre-installed Apple SIM)
• Available in space gray, silver, or gold finish