iPad Air 2

The iPad has always been a favorite when it comes to tablet computers. And the new iPad Air 2 has just made it even better with an all new design that is sure to cater to all of your most pressing needs.

iPad Air 2
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The iPad Air 2 features a beautiful Retina display. Older versions had three layers, while the new iPad Air 2 fuses all of those into one layer. This gives the tablet a sleeker look with more vivid colors than ever before. The screen is also one of the least reflective displays in the world, perfect for those who need to work longer hours on their screen.

TAnother feature of the iPad Air that users love is its powerful processors. The iPad Air 2 comes with the A8X chip. This processor delivers an even better performance compared to older versions, allowing you to feel more at ease while you work.

Normally, devices with a powerful processor partnered with a great display would give you a shorter battery life. The iPad Air 2 is the exception, as it promises to give you up to 10hours of battery life on a single full charge. Now you will be able to do more and go further in your journey before having to charge your device again.

Designed for portability, the iPad Air 2 now weighs a lot less compared to older generations. Taking the iPad Air 2 will now feel more natural and be even less than a burden.

When you use your iPad Air 2 for your daily life, chances are you will need to store personal data on it. Luckily, the iPad Air 2 comes with the best security features you can hope for. It comes with an advanced Touch ID technology. Now your device will only open when it recognizes your fingerprint.

No more hassle of lags and weight, plus reduced security risks. The iPad Air 2 is the best tablet to have for your everyday work life. Get yours here today at MacMall and avail a great deal you won't find anywhere else!

Customer Reviews for iPad Air 2
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 128GB - Space Gray
Reviewed by K Peterka (2016-12-16)
Just as expected
Product was just as expected...super fast shipping.
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi - Tablet - 128 GB - 9.7" IPS (2048 x 1536) - silver
Reviewed by Cheryl (2016-12-16)
Ipad Air 2
I am very pleased with the Air2. Its lightweight, easy to use and functional for my needs. I love the 128GB storage because I can download videos, and record for hours and not use up a lot of space.

I was able to sync most everything seamlessly with my iPhone. The one "problem" I noticed was not being able to sync my iMessages from my phone and iPad. I'm still trying to figure that out, but that's been the only issue I faced so far.

Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi+Cellular 128GB - Silver
Reviewed by Gale Gray (2016-10-07)
My new smart phone/computer
For personal reasons I am not able to switch to a smart phone. My old laptop (iBook circa 2005) is not very portable and is slow on the web. So I bought this iPad to use like a smart phone and for a portable computer. It does both EXTREMELY well. It has a much larger screen than a smart phone and is more portable than a laptop. I bought a bluetooth full size keyboard (Logitech K811) because I am a touch typist and keybpoards built into a case are too small for my use. The on screen keyboard is great for typing a few sentences or filling in forms, but the keyboard is really nice when typing something loner like this review. I love being able to use my iPad where ever I am - no need to go sit at my desk where my loptop is to check email or something on the web. I can also prop the iPad up like a monitor and use the keyboard to have a desk like arrangement at any convenient table/chair. I feel like I really have a tool that will serve me well. Something I have always enjoyed with Apple products since 1985.
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 64GB - Silver
Reviewed by Ryan (2016-05-05)
Ipad Air 2
I already own one and bought this one for my wife. Love my iPad and macmall has always been a great place to purchase my Apple products.
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 64GB - Space Gray
Reviewed by Jeff F (2016-03-22)
Great IPad at a great price
I got this iPad for my wife’s birthday a few weeks ago. The first one I had ordered, a sliver one, ended up to be out of stock and back ordered, so I had that order cancelled and ordered the Space Gray instead. No big deal... just the color. I ended up getting the order quite quickly so I had plenty to time to set it up before giving it to my wife. Getting Apple products at a discount is quite a new concept for me. I’ve dealt with them a few times over the years and they are truly a trusted source and authorized reseller of Apple products. The iPad is great, shipping was really fast, customer service responds quickly to your inquiries. No complaints here!
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 64GB - Space Gray
Reviewed by Mary gallery (2016-02-26)
I love this product.
Great product easy to use. Well made and great features. I can take it anywhere and access what I need.
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi+Cellular 64GB - Gold
Reviewed by Paul (2016-02-09)
This iPad Air is amazing. It's much faster than the iPad 2 and considerably lighter. I love the display for being crisper and it seems the colors are brighter. My wife uses this for her business. She is an IT consultant in the medical field specializing in the revenue cycle of hospitals. One of the issues with slower machines is that when she logs onto the various servers, they time out. She has had no issues with this iPad Air. Thanks
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 64GB - Silver
Reviewed by John White (2015-12-22)
iPad for my Wife
Got this for my wife to replace an older iPad 2 that was having wi-fi issues and was very slow. She loves it and is using it all the time now. I have to admit it is very cool. Recommend it to all.
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 64GB - Space Gray
Reviewed by Elisa (2015-12-22)
Apple a day
The Apple iPad Air 2 is lightweight & easy to use. I like the size as it is not too mini or too big. I can easily take it wherever I want to go. Searching is quick & fast and I always have my current news (CNN & BBC) readily available.
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi+Cellular 64GB - Silver
Reviewed by Michael (2015-12-14)
Light and fast
I have an IPad2 that I've had for years and am very use to. The new IPad Air 2 is much faster,lighter and thinner than my older IPad. I have dropped my old one hundreds of times and it's still going strong. The IPad Air2 feels fragile to me I don't think it could hold up like the older one. I prefer the way the sides on my older one feel in my hands. The taper on the older one is more comfortable to hold. The colors on the Retina display on the new one seem to bleed a little bit and seem to bright sometimes. Maybe the more I use the new one the more I will like it. Right now I use my older one about 80% of the time. The new IPad Air 2 is much cheaper than my first one was.
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 64GB - Space Gray
Reviewed by Eloise (2015-11-12)
I like it!
I like my old iPad, and I like my new one! I did spend for the extra storage, 16 Mb on the first one was too small. We'll see how 64 goes on this one.
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 128GB - Space Gray
Reviewed by Ramona (2015-09-30)
Great service
Product received as described. Quick shipping with the only issue being the delivery location. The shipper placed it on the lid of our trash can beside the road instead of on the porch as stated in the notes.
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 64GB - Space Gray
Reviewed by Britney Jenkins (2015-08-16)
My overall rating is 9/10.
I love using this when I go traveling across the country occasionally. Since I have my own pocket Wi-Fi, I could freely access the Internet whenever I need to. Connecting my iPad Air 2 makes it easy for me to explore some parts of a city that’s unfamiliar to me (sounds dangerous I know) but it’s all good when you have people with you.

It’s light, fast and incredibly handy especially when I’m looking for a new restaurant to try. I usually find the best, if not at least the most intriguing diners especially at the North Eastern side of the country.
Part of why I travel is also for capturing some spontaneous finds. Usually, I post them through my blog and I get flattering comments on the photos. Recording videos make it more interesting for some of my readers since they can see movement right in front of them.

Once or twice I dropped my device, fortunately, it only got a scratch. I think they might have improved the casing with a more durable material.
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 16GB - Silver
Reviewed by Brett Hopkins (2015-08-16)
Ipad Air is such a great device
I don’t expect Apple to create lighter tablets but if they can that would be great.

I use my iPad Air mainly to check out the latest trends, and as a social media analyst, my work demands that I ALWAYS keep up to date with the fresh content, new ideas and viral posts for our brand to work on or adapt to.
Using the iPad Air 2 makes that possible for me since I could easily access my bookmarked pages when I can.

Sharing is good. Liking is instant. Reblogging is easy. Bookmarking is effortless. Sooner or later maybe I’ll get the one with Cellular data service so I won’t need a wireless network. Either way, I enjoy crawling web pages for the next big thing and checking out new material I could use.
Thumbs up!
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 16GB - Space Gray
Reviewed by Carol Sanders (2015-08-16)
So lightweight
It makes me forget how light this thing is. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m carrying it even. Is apple that concerned with weight?
I guess I like the working on the new features from iOS more thjan the devices itselfl. I go online almost everyday so I use the iPad for that. We play game smy sister talks about from the kids at her school so it also becomes our bonding time when she gets home.
I’m impressed how durable this is for something so light. There are quiete a few times where we drop the iPad when we fight over who’s turn it is to use it but thanks to the protector it stays golden. Haha
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 16GB - Gold
Reviewed by Larry Bronson (2015-08-16)
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 64GB - Gold
Reviewed by Juan (2015-07-29)
Great Experience
The ordering process was quick and the MacMall team took the time to make sure and verify the address where the iPad was going to be sent. The iPad is light, good screen size and good battery life so far.
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 64GB - Gold
Reviewed by Clare (2015-07-27)
Highly recommended!!
It only took overnight to ship my order. Great packaging and delivery service.
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 64GB - Space Gray
Reviewed by Chris Baker (2015-07-03)
iPad air
Working great and Mac Mall delivered as promised
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 64GB - Silver
Reviewed by Jay (2015-07-01)
iPad Air 2 64gb WIFI only
Fantastic device. No complaints.
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 128GB - Space Gray
Reviewed by R Kalish (2015-06-25)
iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 128GB - Space Gray.
I am glad I went with the 128GB as it has plenty of room for apps I need for work (and fun too!). Sync is easy to iTunes and iPhone and it's great to have devices talking to one another without difficulty.
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 64GB - Space Gray
Reviewed by Tom Stockton (2015-06-17)
iPad Air 2
Works just like an iPad should. Is there anymore to be said?
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 64GB - Gold
Reviewed by Pam (2015-06-10)
Love it!
Love my new iPad Air 2! Easy to use.
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 128GB - Space Gray
Reviewed by Debbie (2015-06-05)
GIS Product/Data Analyst
The look and feel of this pad is very appealing. I especially like the speed compared to other pads I've had this is so fast and the download speed is twice as fast as my old pad.
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 64GB - Gold
Reviewed by Janet (2015-05-17)
Great Device
I have been a Mac user since the 1980's. Bought this for travel and it is perfect
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iPad Air 2
A lighter, thinner iPad Air filled to the brim with new features

Though it’s 18% thinner than its predecessor, the iPad Air 2 definitely has more capabilities to offer. A redesigned Retina display, an A8X chip and M8 coprocessor with more processing power, new cameras, and cutting-edge Touch ID technology are just a few of the features you can expect from the iPad Air 2.

New and improved 9.7-inch Retina display
The Retina display on the 2014 iPad Air 2 is made up of three layers combined into one, making for a brighter display that offers greater contrast. The iPad Air 2’s 9.7-inch Retina display is also equipped with antireflective coating, so you can enjoy viewing the same image quality whether you’re using the iPad Air 2 indoors or outdoors.

Powerful CPU and graphics performance
The iPad Air 2 features a new A8X chip and M8 motion coprocessor, so you can expect greater processing and graphics performance from the latest iPad. The A8X chip delivers 40% faster CPU performance than that of its predecessor and graphics that are more than twice as fast. With the A8X chip, the iPad Air 2 is perfectly capable of handling the most graphics-intensive tasks, including video editing, CAD modeling, and gameplay.

The A8X chip is power-efficient, too, making the iPad Air 2’s 10-hour battery life possible.

Flexible data plan options
WiFi + Cellular models of the iPad Air 2 come with the new Apple SIM, which lets you choose from short-term data plans from select carriers in the US and the UK, including AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. This way, you can switch between various data plans whenever you need to and avoid the limitations of long-term data plans.

Dual HD cameras
The iPad Air 2 is equipped with two cameras that let you capture HD photos and videos in stunning clarity. The rear iSight camera comes with an improved sensor and image signal processor, offering more accurate face detection and improved noise reduction. It’s also designed with advanced optics technology, so it’s perfectly capable of capturing vibrant, sharp photos and 1080p HD videos.

The front-facing FaceTime HD camera, on the other hand, features a new sensor that ensures that even low-light environments won’t get in the way of your video calls.

Security and convenience through Touch ID
With Touch ID technology, unlocking your iPad Air 2 is more secure and more convenient than ever. All it takes is putting your finger on the iPad Air 2’s fingerprint identity sensor. Your iPad Air 2 will recognize your finger no matter how you’re holding your iPad, thanks to its 360-degree readability.

Overview of features

• 9.7-inch Retina display
• A8X chip with 64-bit architecture and M8 motion coprocessor
• Built-in Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) with MIMO support
• Up to 10 hours of battery life
• iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps included
• FaceTime HD camera
• 8MP iSight camera with 1080p HD video recording
• iOS 8 and iCloud
• Cellular data service on Wi-Fi + Cellular models (via pre-installed Apple SIM)
• Available in space gray, silver, and gold finish