Solid State Drives (SSDs) are a breakthrough in modern computing. EDGE SSDs are faster, lighter, more durable, and more reliable than traditional hard drives. Designed with the same dimensions as a standard 2.5" notebook or netbook hard drive, EDGE SSDs act as a direct drop-in replacement. The EDGE SSD will work in any computer (PC or Mac) or device (notebook, netbook, desktop, media center, etc.) with a SATA interface and form factor of 2.5" or greater.

EDGE SSDs are fast, boasting read and write speeds of up to 240MB/s and 170MB/s, respectively. In comparison to hard drives, SSDs can cut system boot times in half. Noticeable performance increases in everyday tasks such as file transfers and accessing software applications can be instantly recognized.

A traditional hard drive can be compared to a car—with so many moving mechanical components constantly in use, parts inevitably wear out over time. With no moving parts inside, EDGE SSDs are more reliable and less susceptible to mechanical failures than hard drives. This also results in longer notebook/netbook battery life, lower heat emission, and completely silent operation. EDGE SSDs also support SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) which helps warn users of pending drive failure.

The EDGE SSD includes a complete upgrade kit, designed to make upgrading to a SSD easy. Using a simple on-screen wizard, users can "clone" their existing system to the EDGE SSD. After the clone is complete, the old hard drive can be swapped out for the SSD and the user can resume working normally—no operating system or software reinstallation is needed. The original hard drive can then be used with the supplied USB enclosure to serve as a portable backup hard drive. Once you go SSD, you never go back.






Click here for a detailed guide on how to use your new SSD to replace the current internal storage solution of your computer.


Experience mega-fast read/write speeds and faster system boot times
No Moving Parts
More durable and reliable than traditional hard drives that use a spinning disk.
Disaster Prevention 
Use your old hard drive as a backup drive - External enclosure included.
Longer Battery Life 
Laptop users can work longer between battery charges.
Cloning Software Included 
Simply swap out the old hard drive with the SSD after completing the simple wizard. (Note: SATA Interface Required)
Warranty and Support
Three-year warranty and toll-free technical assistance.
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EDGE Solid State Drives