WRQ offers a choice of VPA 2-year purchase plans to meet your customers' needs.
Price level is set by the volume of initial purchase:
Level A: 50-299
Level B: 300-1,499
Level C: 1,500-4,999
Level D: 5,000+
Open: VPA-price level set at initial purchase, no contract Corporate: VPA-price level based on forecast (new minimum: 1000 points), contract required Enterprise: VPA-customized program for qualifying accounts, contract required.
What you'll receive:
  • A volume purchase kit (VPKCD) containing a set of media (there is a nominal fee for each VPKCD).

  • A unique VPA number to make it easy to track your account and obtain status at any time.

  • A certificate showing your recent transaction, which serves as your primary proof of purchase.