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A wireless keyboard and mouse are must-have accessories for any computer. These input devices are essential for making the most of desktops’ capabilities and can also be useful for supplementing the built-in keyboards and trackpads on notebooks. Love using your tablet? A wireless keyboard can boost your productivity by making typing significantly easier.

The best

keyboard mouse combo

feature an ergonomic design with responsive, light-touch keys to ensure comfort even after hours of use. A

wireless optical mouse

and a

wireless keyboard

also eliminate the hassle of cables, so you can use your mouse and keyboard wherever you want. For added convenience, many wireless keyboards also feature additional keys for controlling volume and media playback.

Wireless input devices such as keyboards and mice typically use receivers that can be plugged into USB ports. Through USB connectivity, you can connect these devices to most computers today. Many of these

wireless keyboards and mice

have extended range, so you can use the devices even at a distance of up to 10 meters away from your computer. Certain keyboard and mouse sets also use Bluetooth connectivity; these keyboards and mice are best used for notebooks and tablets, which tend to have built-in Bluetooth capabilities.

MacMall offers a wide selection of wireless keyboard and mouse sets from industry-trusted brands such as Logitech, HP, and Gear Head.  

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