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Get Android + Windows in a new ViewPad 10 tablet PC from ViewSonic. Powered by an Intel Pine Trail processor and DDR3 2GB SDRAM, the ViewPad 10 enhances mobile computing by giving Android a touch of Windows. Also available is the Android 2.2-only ViewPad 7, equipped with dual cameras and support for USB, microSD, and Bluetooth.

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ViewSonic ViewPad

An Amazing All-In-One Tablet PC

Carry Windows 7 in a sleek and powerful tablet with the ViewSonic ViewPad 10. With its Intel Pine Trail processor and DDR3 2GB SDRAM, the ViewPad 10 ably handles both Android 1.6 and Windows 7 simultaneously. Now you can carry you Windows-based tasks with you wherever you go. Plus, with access to up to 200k Android apps, widgets, and themes, the ViewPad is all yours to personalize. Also available is the 7-inch ViewPad powered by Android 2.2.

Android + Windows in 1

The ViewSonic ViewPad 10 features a dual OS to give you the best of both entertainment and productivity tools. It packs both Android and Windows operating systems in one compact device. It allows you to view Flash-based content and use Office programs with Windows, and get the best mobile entertainment experience with Android.

Compact and Powerful

The ViewPad 10 packs power and style with its Intel Atom N455 processor, capacitive multi-touch display, and full networking capabilities via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also offers connectivity options with its 2 USB ports, mini VGA port, and micro SD slot. All these in a slim and ergonomic design. Weighing in at less than 2lbs and measuring 0.57” thick, ViewPad 10 offers a form factor that is convenient to carry around.
Operating System
Android, Windows 7 (ViewPad 10: Windows 7 + Android)
ViewPad 7: 600 MHz ARM11, QUALCOMM MSM7227 ViewPad 10: 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N455
Flash Support
7", 10" TFT Display
Screen Resolution
800x480, 1024x600
ViewPad 7: 3MP rear camera, VGA/0.3MP front camera ViewPad 10: 1.3MP front camera
Micro SD, Mini USB (ViewPad 7), Hi-Speed USB (ViewPad 10)
GPS (not available on ViewPad 10)
Up to 32GB
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Estimated Battery Life
ViewPad 7: 6 Hours ViewPad 10: 4 Hours
ViewPad 7: 7.0"x4.3"x0.5" ViewPad 10: 10.8"x6.7"x0.7"
ViewPad 7: 0.38 kg ViewPad 10: 0.86 kg

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewed by Janette Boyd (2011-05-01)

ViewPad: Best Value for Money

I chose ViewPad NOT only because it is cheap. I was ready to try out XOOM or Galaxy Tab or other Android tablet PC, but I found out the ViewPad provides the best value in terms of the way I plan to use my tablet PC.

I'm not a power user and my ViewPad has been with me for only about a week. But I must say I'm impressed. The capacitive screen is responsive. It rivals the responsiveness of my iPod Touch screen. I can write notes, access my calendars, do simple word processing, and check on my emails wherever, whenever I want to.

The size is all right. It looks like a bigger smartphone with bigger keyboards. I wouldn't want to try a 10-inch tablet because it would be a problem to type with two hands because of the gap between sides.

It is also a pretty decent movie player. The screen is good even if you're outside in the sun or on a bus ride. There is no glare and you can watch it all right. Never tried the speakers, though, because when I watch my movies I use my Beats.
Reviewed by Raymond Osorio (2011-05-01)

ViewPad 7 Right Choice

Was on the market for cheap tablets with decent specs. I must say that my ViewPad 7 from MacMall doesn't disappoint. Its not pricey, and I believe I got more than my money's worth because the tablet suits me fine. It does things that I need to be done.

1st is the e-book reader functionality. Either Aldiko or La Puta get the job done nicely.

2nd is the email functionality. The default email app on the Android works fine.

3rd is the multimedia player functionality. The ViewPad 7 is spacious to accommodate my movies and music. Of course, not all of them. I need to copy them by batch to suit the storage space. But, having to watch them on my iPhone previously, it's a convenience that I don't need to convert my movie files anymore just to watch them on a portable device like the ViewPad tablet PC.

4th is the size. 7 inches is enough for me, so that I can carry it conveniently anywhere. It's light, too, so the aforementioned functionalities can be used without resulting into any muscle aches on the hands and arms.

Overall it's a good tablet and very competitively priced.
Reviewed by Mae Dawkins (2011-05-01)

Android is Great. Windows, Not Quite.

This is poised to be a bestseller. It has Android for my favorite apps and Windows for my must-have programs. The only problem is, the Android version installed is a low-version OS. Good thing upgrade is available online for those who know. On the first day I got it I looked for the upgrade and it was way better than I expected.

The Android works very well on the Intel processor. Very fast. Very smooth. And very nice. Switching between apps is not a problem, and even if you leave them running on the background, there is no downtime in the performance.

Windows, on the other hand, looks out of place on the tablet platform. Maybe I was just used to working with it on a laptop or a desktop. It just doesn't look all right on a tablet PC. It takes some getting used to. But the Windows environment is a welcome feature. I can use FileZilla on a tablet! That is awesome!

The hardware specs live up to expectations. The graphics is better than a netbook. The processor is fast. And the multitouch capability works very intelligently.

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