Lampo Slim Bag for MacBook Pro 13" and Ultrabook 13

Original slim bag with triple compartment and removable shoulder strap, designed to store in a little space three different devices: MacBook Air/Pro/Retina 13" and 13" Ultrabook, 10" and 7" tablet. It's a double case sewed together so as to create three padded compartments: two of them have same measures and fit up to 13" MacBook and Ultrabook and 10" tablet, the middle one fit 7" tablet. On the outer side there is a folding organized pocket with Tucano logo. The slim bag Lampo is characterized by a resistant shiny fabric that enhances the bright and fashion colours that are inside and outside the bag.


– Slim bag with triple embedded compartment compatible with MacBook Air/Pro/Retina 13", Ultrabook 13" and 7",10" tablet
– Resistant and shiny fabric with bright colours.
– Colour contrast stitchings.
– Organized outer folding pocket.
– Removable and adjustable shoulder strap with fabric hooks.

Innovo shell sleeve for MacBook Air and Ultrabook 11" , 13" and 15"

Shell sleeve for MacBook Air and Ultrabook 11" , 13" and 15" which provides high protection from scratches and bumps thanks to robust construction with high density thermoformed EVA. The semirigid shells are coated in non-slip PU with a nice rubberized effect.

Innovo is designed for using the notebook while in the sleeve (everywhere… traveling by subway, train, airplane): four elastic corner bands hook up the notebook to the two side of the sleeve.


– Semirigid sleeve with high density thermoformed EVA construction for MacBook Air and Ultrabook 11", 13" , and 15"
– Shell design to use the notebook while in the sleeve.
– Non-slip PU exterior finish with soft microfiber inner lining.
– Four elastic corner bands for hook up the notebook to the sleeve.

Filo Hard Folio Case for iPad mini with Retina Display

Hard folio case for iPad mini with Retina display. It shields and protects the iPad mini thanks to the front and back rigid framework. The Filo case has a simple design which leaves the iPad mini front side completely clear, as well as the edges of the device: the iPad mini with Retina display fastens to the case through a few rigid plastic points of attachment. With just one gesture the case turns in a comfortable, multiple-position stand to read, write and watch videos.


– Hard folio case for iPad mini with Retina display.
– Infinite angle viewing and typing positions.
– Essential design leaving the iPad screen surface completely clear.
– Small rigid plastic points of attachment on the edges.