Software Licensing Solution



Express Overview

Target Customer

• Corporate Companies with minimal purchase requirements for licenses.
+ Less than 500 desktops
+ Less than 10 servers
• Use with country of purchase (Region/Country deployments)
• Companies wanting a “right-to-deploy” license rather than buying boxes of products.

Key Features
• Minimum requirement (1 Server License or 5 Desktop Licenses)
• Includes all Symantec software products
• Channel Friendly
• Certificate-based providing terms and conditions
• No contract required
• Increased benefits/incentives per transaction/order
• Symantec Agreement Number (SAN) is created at time of order.
+ Returning customers utilize their existing SAN to manage their intellectual property

Express Quote Example
Quoting Steps
1. Determine Solution Needs
2. Determine unit qty total
3. Determine band level for the transaction
All Express products add up to a quantity of 155 for Band D
• Backup Exec is only offered on Band S
4. Place order (Customer will be issued a SAN with the first order)

*Orders >= 1,00 units may qualify for better benefit than the Symantec Reward program.



Rewards Overview

Target Customer
• Mid-size and larger companies
• Requires solution/product purchases that achieve 6,000 point on their initial purchase
+ Approximate minimal initial purchase of 500 + desktop licenses

• Multi-site/Global customers that desire a relationship with defined terms and conditions
• Decentralized purchasing structure but centralized reporting requirements
• Requiring no legal review

Key Features
• All Symantec software products included
• Online enrollment for Terms and Conditions (Web Acceptance)
• Point accumulation program
+ Points assigned to each SKU
+ Band based on total points accumulated for up to 2 years
+ Pricing based upon customer’s achieved Band
• Maintenance co-termination upon renewal
• Enables a parent/child relationship


Rewards – Point Accumulation

• Minimum of 6,000 points to order in the program
• A point is a fixed unit of measure
• Generally equal to $5 USD (full MSRP)
• Points can be accumulated globally and accrue with each purchase
• Points are re-leveled annually (after 2nd year)
• Customer can move to a higher discount tier (band) as they accumulate points
• License, Maintenance and Renewals all qualify points


To join the Rewards buying program, the customer must:

1. Go to
2. Create an account
3. Accept the Terms and Conditions of the Rewards buying program
4. Capture the Rewards Contract Number or SAN provided
5. Forward the Rewards SAN to the Account Executive for reference on all Rewards orders