Software Licensing Solution

How does your business benefit?

Licensing is a simple, convenient and cost-effective software purchasing solution for small, medium or large organizations. Licensing software gives you the legal right to install a single software application at multiple workstations without purchasing additional copies for each machine. It is a smart, cost-effective purchasing solution-saving up to 30% by paying only for license rights and avoiding the expense of additional disks, documentation and packaging.

* Benefit from an immediate reduction in up-front purchasing costs
* Reduce support costs due to standardization of software across your enterprise
* Enjoy additional incentives, such as Competitive Upgrade Licenses and volume discounts
* Simplify record keeping with a single agreement document that is electronically downloaded from the Internet
* Avoid the hassle of an audit by ensuring compliance with software manufacturers’ legal requirements

How does your business qualify?

As long as you are installing multiple copies of software, you should consider the licensing option. Programs differ, but in most cases, minimum quantity requirements are between 5 and 10 copies. Microsoft, for example, requires a minimum of 5, but these can be shared between different programs.

How do I buy?

Call your Account Executive or our Licensing Hotline at 1-888-863-3282. Using tables developed by our licensing specialists, he/she will help you choose the license option that best fits your needs and budget.