Our Software license Asset Manager-or SLAM for short-is a proprietary tool available at no charge to our customers with CAP sites. The two components of SLAM are a tool for contractual licenses and the license purchase tracker. Together, they give you a powerful online resource that streamlines and simplifies your software purchases. Both tools allow you to upload purchases from other resellers so that you can see your license inventory in one place and manage it all in real time. That's just one of the great reasons to choose MacMall when you want complete control of your software licensing.

Contractual Licenses
The SLAM tool for contractual licenses supports Microsoft Enterprise Agreements, Open Value licensing and Microsoft Select. It supports CA's Master License, Open licensing and Government license programs in addition to Adobe's Contractual License Programs, Open Options and Transactional License Programs. SLAM is agreement-driven and will track your purchases under a specific agreement, calculate your points and send out reminders one, two or three months before an agreement expires so that you won't have to worry about compliance issues.

License Purchase Tracker
The license purchase tool in SLAM keeps track of all your license purchases from the last three years, including which licenses are currently active. And just like with the contractual license tool, reminders will be sent out 30,60 or 90 days before a license expires so that you can renew on time.

SLAM Puts You in Command:
  • Current purchases are automatically uploaded
  • Upload purchases from other sources
  • Add new licensing programs
  • Manage multiple license agreements
  • Track expiration dates
  • Set user access and security levels
  • Create custom fields
  • Receive reminders for expiration dates
  • Generate standardized or customized asset reports
  • Save time and increase security
  • Reduce costs and streamline processes