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If your business is moving from a desktop environment to its first server or your current environment is in dire need of an upgrade our best sellers will encompass everything you need.

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Servers can improve overall network performance, no matter how big or small your office's computer network is. Servers may take on many forms, but all of them are specifically designed to deliver topnotch performance, especially in business environments where reliability is critical.

Built with highly-durable components, all of our servers here at PCM can help provide uninterrupted service to the network. This is why most server components have lower failure rates compared to desktop or notebook components. Even more, these components are also equipped with faster CPUs, to efficiently function at the center of office networks. In many offices, computer servers are responsible for providing 24/7 network access while enabling services such as file and resource sharing.

Businesses can enjoy various benefits from having dedicated servers. These components can be integrated into computer networks to broadcast information, enable faster data transfer between networks, and facilitate more convenient communication. Most servers today are capable of reliably performing all these functions, thanks to high-performance processors, high-capacity RAM, and multiple hard drives.

Servers also come in a variety of forms to meet businesses' varying space requirements. Rackmount servers can be stacked on top of each other and stored in upright cabinets, so these may be ideal for offices that rely on numerous servers but have limited space. Smaller offices may benefit from blade servers, which are stripped down to contain only essential server components and are typically stored in a blade enclosure.

Home servers, on the other hand, may be ideal for home offices. These servers offer the most compact features and are typically used for file storage and printer-sharing purposes. Whether you need multiple rack mount servers or just one home server, you can trust PCM. Our wide selection of servers includes products from trusted brands such as HP, Lenovo, Cisco, and IBM.

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