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QuarkXPress 10 is coming soon and if you buy QuarkXPress 9 today, you'll get QuarkXPress 10 for FREE!

QuarkXPress is design software that lets anyone create and publish rich, compelling materials for print, the Web, e-readers, tablets and mobile devices with one easy-to-use tool — no coding or programming required. In addition, QuarkXPress 9.5 includes support for App Studio, the leading cloud-based HTML5 solution that turns print into interactive tablet experiences.

Product Currently Owned Upgradable to QuarkXPress 9 Upgradeable to QuarkXPress 10
QuarkXPress 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Only until June 30, 2013. After this date these versions will no longer be upgradeable Purchase QuarkXPress 9 by June 30, 2013 and receive QuarkXPress 10 for free. After this date users will need to purchase a new license of QuarkXPress 10.
QuarkXPress 8 Until August 30, 2013. After this date this version will no longer be upgradeable. Purchase a QuarkXPress 9 upgrade by August 30, 2013 and receive QuarkXPress 10 for free. After this date users will need to purchase a new license of QuarkXPress 10.
QuarkXPress 9 N/A Yes

QuarkXPress 9 System Requirements for Mac OS
Software Hardware Optional
Mac OS 10.5.8 (Leopard), Mac OS 10.6.4 (Snow Leopard) or later Mac Intel processor An Internet connection for activation
Tested on Citrix 2GB RAM (1GB minimum) DVD-ROM drive for installation from DVD (not required for installation from download)
  2GB hard disk space  

Call your MacMall Account Representative at 1-800-MACMALL for more details!


This offer expires August 30, 2013 and only applies to valid products purchased between June 5, 2013 and August 30, 2013. This offer is restricted to new registered licenses of QuarkXPress 9 full products and upgrades, including site/volume licenses and educational and not-for-profit licenses of QuarkXPress. The free upgrade license of QuarkXPress 10 will be provided as an electronic download only. At their expense, customers can also order a non-serialized QuarkXPress 10 Media Pack. This offer is not valid for any other products and cannot be used in combination with any other offer or discount. This offer cannot be applied to products purchased before June 5, 2013. Other offers may apply to additional products. Contact Quark for more information. In order to receive the free QuarkXPress 10 upgrade license, the customer must register their QuarkXPress 9 license as well as complete the online redemption form at www.quark.com/Buy9Get10/ including the provision of their QuarkXPress 9 serial number. Provided that the license is registered successfully, the redemption form is completed correctly with all of the necessary information and it is a valid purchase for this offer, Quark will email the customer within 21-days of the availability of QuarkXPress 10, information necessary to download their free license. Any redemption forms submitted after the release of QuarkXPress 10 will be processed within 21-days also. The 21-days period is a guide only. Redemptions will be processed in the order in which they are received. Any failure to complete the redemption form correctly, provide valid information or not register the serial number(s) may impact this timeframe. Customers must successfully complete their redemption form and register their product within 60-days of the end of this offer. Quark reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion at anytime without prior notification. Please note that if you are using a version of QuarkXPress prior to QuarkXPress 9, the system requirements for QuarkXPress 9 and 10 may differ from your current version of QuarkXPress. View the current QuarkXPress system requirements.

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Pull more design features out of the box

  • Easy to use.  An intuitive interface, simple task-based tools, palette sets, keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop, and a host of other easy-to-use tools help you develop your ideas into gorgeous layouts.
  • Powerful design tools.  Use powerful design tools, such as transparency and drop shadows, illustration (Bézier/pen) tools, layers, color blends, ShapeMaker, Cloner, and others to turn even your most elaborate visions into reality.
  • Precision typography.  Use Hanging Characters, professional text formatting, text on a path, customizable hyphenation and justification specifications, Conditional Styles, and a range of features to create powerful typographical art.
  • Collaboration.  When you work with others, QuarkXPress helps you really work together.
  • Layout automation.  Speed up the page-layout and design process using Conditional Styles to automatically style content based on powerful styling rules; ImageGrid to import and automatically build grids of images; and more.