PROMISE Pegasus2 RAID Systems with Thunderbolt 2

Promise’s Pegasus2 RAID system is one of the fastest, most advanced hardware RAID storage solutions today. Thanks to Thunderbolt 2, this Promise RAID system works at extremely high speeds, making data management and digital content creation significantly easier for creative professionals.

As the world’s first and only Thunderbolt 2-enabled hardware RAID system, the Promise Pegasus2 offers unparalleled data transfer speed. The Pegasus2 RAID system can achieve speeds of up to 20Gb/s; at these speeds, even the largest files can be transferred in a matter of seconds. This Promise Thunderbolt RAID system can help creative professionals tackle the most performance-intensive tasks, even projects involving 3D or 4K content. This RAID system even enables professionals in simultaneously viewing or editing 4K streams while backing up these steams to the Promise Pegasus2.

The Pegasus2 RAID system features two Thunderbolt ports, as well, allowing professionals to enjoy the convenience of daisy-chaining. Daisy-chaining multiple Pegasus2 systems greatly boosts the speed and capacity of these devices, providing additional storage space for critical projects.

Through Thunderbolt 2 connectivity, this Promise RAID system is also the perfect companion to the newest Mac Pro. This hardware RAID solution can help creative professionals maximize the Mac Pro’s advanced capabilities.

Promise Pegasus2 R8 32TB (8 x 4TB SATA) RAID System with Thunderbolt 2 P2R8HD32US
Pegasus2 R8 32TB (8 x 4TB SATA) RAID System with Thunderbolt 2
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Promise Pegasus2 R6 18TB (6 x 3TB SATA) RAID System with Thunderbolt 2 P2R6HD18US
Pegasus2 R6 18TB (6 x 3TB SATA) RAID System with Thunderbolt 2
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PROMISE Pegasus2 Series

The Promise Pegasus2 RAID system is the ultimate hardware RAID storage solution for power users and creative professionals. The Pegasus2 RAID system is the first and only RAID storage device to offer Thunderbolt 2, the fastest hardware data interface today.

Fast connectivity
Through Thunderbolt 2, this Promise RAID system delivers a maximum speed of 20Gb/s - twice the speed of regular Thunderbolt channels. At these speeds, you can back up terabytes’ worth of data in a matter of minutes and open your largest, heaviest projects in seconds. This high bandwidth rate also enables the Pegasus 2’s 4K capabilities.

Reliable 4K performance
Thunderbolt 2’s high data transfer rate also enables the Pegasus2 RAID system in boosting 4K or Ultra-HD workflows. Using Promise Thunderbolt RAID storage, you can back up 3D projects and 4K live streams even as you view and edit them. This greatly eases the workflow for creative professionals.

Perfect for the Mac Pro
The Promise Pegasus2 RAID system perfectly complements the newest Mac Pro’s advanced features. With the Pegasus2 R4 connected to your Mac Pro, you can enjoy ample storage space and fast, automated backups for all your projects. If you want even more storage capacity, you can even daisy-chain multiple Pegasus RAID systems to your Mac Pro.

Portable design
For added convenience, the Promise Pegasus2 is designed as a portable RAID system. This hardware storage device comes in a sturdy enclosure and requires a minimal amount of cables, so you can easily take it with you on offsite projects. This portability makes the Pegasus2 RAID system perfect for filmmakers and photographers.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jon M. 2014-02-08
Promise pegasus 2 Ratings

Promise Pegasus2 R4 8TB – excellent RAID storage

I’m a photographer who views and edits close to a thousand photos each week and I really needed a storage upgrade because I was tired of scrambling around for my external HDs. So I got this RAID drive so I could have all my projects in one place. I’ve been using the Pegasus2 for almost a month now and I have to say that its performance is looking quite promising.

This Pegasus RAID system hasn’t let me down so far. Right away I connected this Promise Pegasus2 RAID device to my Mac Pro to see if it works as advertised. Aside from the three to four hours it took to ‘set up’, I haven’t encountered any problems. The speed is quite unbelievable, I knew this device was fast but it just blew me away. I can open my photo libraries in mere seconds. The ability to edit photos while I’m backing up is something new to me and I suspect I’ll be expecting the same capabilities from all my RAID devices from now on.

I currently have it set to the default RAID 5 configuration, but I read online that I could set it to RAID 1, 2, 6, or 10. Might try those configurations once I get the time to fiddle around with the Pegasus2.
Reviewed by K. Schmid 2014-02-08
Promise pegasus 2 Ratings

Great RAID device for beginners

The Promise Pegasus2 R4 8TB is the first RAID device I’ve ever used. I work with a small digital content firm and we’re just starting to dip our toes into the 4K-format pool, so we figured we need the right equipment to get properly started. One of our multimedia designers suggested the Pegasus2 RAID system to supplement the storage of our Mac Pro, the computer we use for our biggest projects.

I was the first among us to actually use the Pegasus2 with the Mac Pro and I was pleasantly surprised to confirm that this RAID device is indeed fast. Certainly faster than any storage device I’ve ever used. I spent nearly ten hours simultaneously streaming and editing three 4K videos and it didn’t hiccup the entire time. It barely even heated up.

It also sped through our weekly backup process, copying multiple terabytes’ worth of multimedia projects in a matter of minutes. My boss was so impressed that we’re considering getting another Promise RAID device once we get more 4K projects.
Reviewed by Tracy Selby 2014-02-08
Promise pegasus 2 Ratings

Fast and sturdy, everything I expected

I’ve been looking for an external storage device for my Mac Pro ever since I got it and I stumbled upon the Promise Pegasus2 R4 as I was shopping around. There have been many positive reviews of this RAID system, so I decided to give it a try.

One thing I particularly like about the Pegasus2 is its design. It has a sturdy build and is very compact, so it’s not easily knocked down. I currently have mine on the floor but I think the Pegasus2’s sturdiness will come in handy when I bring it with me to outdoor shoots and other offsite projects. I also love that this RAID system works quietly. I can hear its fans whirring but the noise is never that noticeable. This is really helpful when I need to concentrate and really focus on a project.

Another feature of this Promise RAID system that I like is that is offers customizable RAID options. By default it was configured to RAID 5, but I’ve since switched to RAID 10 to maximize read speeds. I don’t really mind the slower write speeds as long as I’m sure that I have a backup of my data.