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Make sure that the home or office gets the right printer for your needs with the PCMall Printer Buying Guide. Take your pick from the top manufacturers in the market today, from Canon to HP, from Epson to Brother. Name it, we have it.

Considering that there is a printer to suit different kinds of needs, one has to determine which one best solves the scenario.

First, is it for home or office use? If the former, one might just need a printer that can handle items like homework or photos or stationery for invitations and the like, with features like a memory card reader or Wi-Fi capability a handy addition.

If the latter, one might just need one that can handle a variety of documents, from brochures and flyers to posters and spreadsheets. A handy feature like mobile printing would be a neat aspect for an office printer.

Next, who mainly gets to use it? If it is a photographer, one would look for a photo printer that can provide high quality photo prints. If it is a student or employee, it might just have to be a printer that can handle pages and pages of text or images.

There are many kinds of printers available, and the Printer Buying Guide not only checks out the basic printers, but also the multi-purpose ones. There are those kinds of printers that also serve as copiers or scanners or even as fax machines.

Of course, there are the inkjets that fit those that have light printing needs. In contrast, laser printers are built to be able to print in large volumes, doing so at an efficient rate. And then there are the photo printers that produce photo prints that would rival one made from a professional printing service. One can even print 3D items.

So check out the PCMall Printer Buying Guide and the find the printer that is right for you.

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