Panda Sofware Licensing Panda license program
General features
Panda Software commercializes their corporate solutions by the sale of licenses by subscription for 1, 2 or 3 years.
During the subscription period, the client may use the software together with the 24h-365d Corporate Service, which is offered with all licenses purchased at no additional cost.
At the end of the license contract, the client is able to renew also by subscription for 1, 2 or 3 years.
Unit license prices vary depending on the solution, license range and subscription period selected. The discount structure is based on 20 license ranges, for each one there is a different unit price, so the bigger the range, the lower the unit.
The number of licenses to choose the range shows us which unit price to apply, calculating all the servers – if applicable – and PC´s protected by the certain Panda solution. If the number of protected users is higher than the number of PCs, that number of users will be used to calculate the total number of licenses.
Application of more advantageous prices for additional orders. Any licenses which are purchased subsequently are added to the number of licenses already purchased by the client, thus giving clients access to more advantageous price bands when extending licenses or placing additional orders.
The increase of Panda product and solution range allows channel partners to offer upgrade solutions so that their current clients are able to acquire more complete security solutions with respect to the ones they already have.
Special pricing policies: Sales discount for Public Administration and for Education.
Benefits of the License Program for channel partners
Simplify the sales process
Panda Software's License Program is simple and easy to understand, thus facilitating the sales process. Once the Solution or Product has been chosen, all that remains is to count the number of workstations and servers to be protected, identify the relevant range and apply the relevant unit price.
Enhances customer loyalty and guarantees a higher future income
The volume structure pricing (by ranges and licenses) and the application of lower prices for additional orders allow the clients to get better value as their number of licenses increase.
Continuous business generation growth due to technological innovation
Panda Software, a leader in information security technology, is driven by the technological innovation. The development of new solutions that they are incorporating to the License Program is due to generate further business opportunities by offering renewal and upgrade options to current solution clients.
Added value for the clients
All licenses include, at no additional cost, the 24h-365d Corporate Service, for the same subscription period as the license itself. Clients may choose the subscription period, depending on their finance preferences. Choosing a longer number of years reduces the annual cost and allows the client to predict investment in security software for a longer period.
For companies of all sizes
Panda Software has a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of both Large Accounts and SMEs. Starting with a minimum purchase clients have access to different ranges and significant discounts, even up to and over 40,000 licenses. Small businesses will benefit from volume discount from the acquisition of 2 or more licenses. Also, there is the possibility to benefit from interesting discounts with the purchase of additional licenses and this enhances customer loyalty.
Discounts for special clients
There are special conditions for the sale of corporate solutions to Government and Education.