Whether you need a ready spare or a replacement for your aging original, Oncore has you covered from Acer to Toshiba. Each Oncore battery is designed, tested and certified to support your specific notebook and features the same quality and reliability as the original battery that came with your system. This, combined with warranty and support, have made Oncore one of the most trusted third-party battery brands.

The power you need

Increase your mobile productivity by taking along a fresh, fully charged Oncore battery. A ready spare can be easily swapped in to keep the power flowing, making unplugged all-day computing a reality. For extra convenience and mobility, enjoy a backup battery at home or work. Or keep one in your carrying case to double your battery life when traveling.

Battery with the “born on” date

Rechargeable batteries are perishable products that begin losing capacity from the moment they leave the factory. That’s why all Oncore batteries are labeled with a “born on” date during manufacturing to ensure you get a battery at the beginning of its lifecycle, not the end.

When to buy a new battery

Over time all rechargeable notebook batteries lose their ability to hold a charge. Most Lithium Ion batteries have a lifespan of a few hundred charge cycles. For the average user this will be about 12-18 months. If your run time has decreased significantly, it is probably time to buy a new battery.
Lithium Ion or Nickel-Metal Hydride
Not all notebooks are designed to use both Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Lithium Ion batteries. Oncore only makes Lithium Ion batteries for computers that are compatible with this technology. And because of differences in chemistries, NiMH and Lithium Ion batteries may operate at different voltages and currents (when purchasing, check that your exact notebook model is listed on the retail box or in the online description).

What to expect from an Oncore battery

  • Latest high capacity, lightweight Lithium Ion or enhanced Nickel-Metal Hydride technology
  • Guarantee to meet or exceed notebook manufacturer’s specifications
  • Highest quality cells from only leading cell manufacturers
  • Smart fuel-gauge circuitry
  • Two layers of protective safety circuitry
  • Exclusive “born on” date to ensure battery freshness
  • 12 month warranty with unsurpassed customer service
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