NetManage Open Licensing Program

The NetManage Open Licensing Program is a simple volume-purchasing program tailored to software resellers who support small to midsize businesses (SMB).

The program facilitates competitive pricing for individual purchases of NetManage software. Volume discounts on NetManage software products are based on your initial order quantity. The established discount level can be used for additional purchases during a two-year period.

With the NetManage Open Licensing Program, you receive a License Card with a License Authorization Number from NetManage. That entitles you to legally use the master media to make additional software copies.


Benefits of the program include:

  • Cost Savings
    Instant volume discounts with a minimum initial order of 25 licenses. Continued savings on re-orders for the remainder of the purchase agreement term
  • Simplicity
    This clear, effective order process is easy to understand.
  • Product Selection
    The most popular products within the RUMBA product line are available.


Corporations will have their choice of the following top-selling products:

  • RUMBA Office 2000
  • RUMBA Office 2000 Web edition
  • RUMBA 2000 mainframe edition
  • RUMBA 2000 AS/400 edition
  • RUMBA 2000 Web-to-Host
  • RUMBA Office for Citrix and Terminal Server
  • RUMBA 2000 for Citrix and Terminal Server mainframe edition

Price Levels

Five discount levels have been established for each product:

Level Quantity
Level 1
25-75 copies
Level 2
76-150 copies
Level 3
151-250 copies
Level 4
251-500 copies
Level 5
500+ copies