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Microsoft Enterprise Agreement


What Is the Enterprise Agreement
Enterprise Agreement makes it easy to acquire Microsoft software licenses for customers who are interested in standardizing on some or the entire Microsoft enterprise platform of products.

How Enterprise Agreement works
With Enterprise Agreement, pricing levels for the enterprise products are determined by the total number of qualified desktops. The initial order is made at the time of signing an enterprise enrollment. The initial order defines the enterprise product selection, additional product selection, and the designated language group.

The Enterprise Agreement simplifies license administration by only requiring a single transaction to acquire licenses across the entire enterprise and thus helps ensure compliancy. Customers will have immediate access rights at all times during the terms of their enrollment to the most current versions of the enterprise platform products elected in the agreement.

Enterprise Platform
Enterprise Agreement offers a flexible way to standardize your company on the following enterprise platform of Microsoft products:
• Microsoft Office Professional
• Microsoft Windows Professional Desktop Upgrade
• Microsoft Core Client Access License (CAL)

There are four price levels for each of the enterprise products

Renewing EA customers may sign a renewal LA for only the SA portion of their licenses


Enterprise Agreement value
Microsoft Enterprise Agreement provides volume licenses for medium and large-sized businesses that make an enterprise wide decision to deploy Microsoft products. Features that add value include:
* Lower total cost of ownership
By standardizing on the enterprise platform, your total cost of ownership is reduced and workplace productivity is improved.

* Access to the most recent versions
The right to the current version of the products is built into the price of the products available. Your organization may be able to reduce its overall costs by 10 to 15 percent by implementing technology standardization.

* Simplified license tracking
There is no need to track product usage by software versions on covered desktops during the agreement term for selected Enterprise products. This reduces the overhead normally associated with ongoing license tracking and administration.
* Reduced risks of license noncompliance and associated costs.
All reported desktops are licensed during the term of your enrollment for the enterprise products elected in your agreement.

* Simplified budgetary planning
You can establish set software license prices for three years, simplifying budgeting and providing predictable software costs for the term of your agreement.

* Premier Support
Maximize uptime and minimize support costs with Microsoft Premier Support for the Enterprise. Microsoft’s Premier Support, in conjunction with your Enterprise Agreement, gives you the proactive planning, technical expertise and skills transfer that large enterprises need to boost availability and to reduce management and support costs. It maximizes the value of your Enterprise Agreement by delivering support that’s synchronized to your licensing decisions, customized to your precise needs, and managed conveniently as part of your overall contract.

* Facilitation of a long term relationship with Microsoft
The three year term of the Enterprise Agreement enables customers to plan and implement technology needs without managing new agreements every year. It takes considerable business and legal resources to complete agreement reviews. Under the Enterprise Agreement, you have the option of extending the term for an extra one or three years, further reducing agreement review costs.


Payment terms
With the Enterprise Agreement, you simply tell us the total number of desktops within your organization, and your annual payment will be based on the number you indicate plus the number of desktops added to your organization, as reported once each year. That’s it: just one order per year for enterprise product coverage!


Enterprise Subscription Agreement
The Enterprise Subscription Agreement gives you the ability to lease your software licenses, while staying current on the enterprise and additional products over the term of the agreement without having to acquire additional upgrade coverage. Under the Enterprise Subscription Agreement, you do not own the product licenses, but rather are leasing to the rights to use the software for as long as you continue to maintain your Enterprise Subscription Agreement. If at the time your Enterprise Subscription Agreement expires, you elect not to renew with either the one or three year option, then you relinquish your rights to continue running the software. Upon expiration, you may elect to buy out of your agreement by purchasing 100% of the licenses obtained through your Enterprise Subscription Agreement at a rate of 1.5 times the current desktop price.


How to take advantage of Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
To order the Enterprise Agreement, simply contact your Account Executive at MacMall.