Licensing Program

McAfee offers two key forms of licensing - Subscription and Perpetual. Subscription licenses are available in either Multi-node License Packs or in the ProtectPlus Licensing Program. McAfee products are normally licensed by the node and are single platform; some server products, like eBusiness Server, are licensed per processor. Subscription license programs include managed solutions like Secure Messaging Service and Total Protection Suite for Small Business. Perpetual licensing is available for all of McAfee’s self-managed AV suites and for all Enterprise Point Products.
  • Subscription licenses are usually sold in one, two and three year terms
  • Perpetual licenses for most products include the first year of support; competitive displacements include options for a second or third year of support bundled in
Multi-node License Pack
Multi-node License Packs are available for McAfee Total Protection Small Business. The Multi-node License Pack is a pre-configured Media Kit for 5, 10 or 25 users for a 1-year subscription. The pack can be purchased individually or in a combination for more flexibility. It has a fixed price per number of users. It consists of CD, manuals, license agreement, media exchange card, registration card, and support form. Customers are required to complete and return the registration card in order to trigger the support process.

Media Kits
Media Kits are available for all McAfee ProtectPlus licensed products; however, they are not mandatory as McAfee offer free electronic software delivery for all their software products. On ToPS SMB, there are no media kits available, although there is the multi-node license pack option for customers who desire physical media. For services which require no use of software, such as Secure Messaging Service, there is of course no media available.

All of McAfee’s licensed products, whether support for Perpetual licensing, or subscription licensing, offer 24x7 phone, chat and e-mail support, and is call Gold Support. Enhanced Gold and Platinum support is available as a site license, and entitled the end-user to such things as a dedicated, on-call Technical Account Manager (TAM), regular, and regular on-site reviews. Enhanced support must match the support dates of whatever McAfee licensing the customer has, and so may require a co-termination (co-term).

ProtectPlus Licensing
McAfee products are also sold under the terms of a license. The licensing system is called ProtectPlus Licensing. The ProtectPlus Licensing Program enables customers to specify the number of users they wish to license for any given McAfee component or product suite. The ProtectPlus licensing price list is divided into price bands, which provide increasing discounts levels.

The term "nodes" is used to describe the number of workstations, remote, or local. The node count determines which price band to be used. Per-node pricing like this is scalable and easy to calculate. The example below is for all of McAfee’s Enterprise AV suites. Please note that current customers may add a minimum of 5 instead of 11 nodes. Subscription licensing.

Standard price bands for the licensing scheme:
11 - 25
26 - 50
51 - 100
101 - 250
251 - 500
501 - 1,000
1,001 - 2,000
2,001 - 3,000
3,001 - 5,000
5,001 - 10,000

Example One

If you have a multiple site network with 560 workstations, 15 servers, and 3 mail gateway servers, the total node count for your organization would be 560 nodes. This would place you in the 501 - 1,000 price band if they are all covered by a single suite. When calculating the total number of nodes, your organization should include/count all workstations. This would include any devices connecting to a terminal server, including thin clients. So, for example, the node count for an Active Virus Defense customer would include the total number of workstations only and file servers, and mail and Internet gateways are excluded from the node count.

Example Two

Customer has 101 nodes of Total Protection Enterprise up for renewal. They would like to renew for two years. They also have five Macintosh computers and wish to purchase five perpetual licenses plus an extra year of support for VirusScan for Macintosh. Since they have current support in the 101-250 band-level for their Windows Computers, they can purchase five new licenses as a minimum instead of 11, AND, they will have a per unit cost for those five new licenses and then extra year of support that is in the 101-250 band level. They cannot add all their products together, but the can use the band level of the single largest block of current licenses they own. So, the quote would look like this:

TENYKMAADA x101 (renewal of their ToPS Enterprise with 2 year support sku)

AVMCDEAADA x5 (5 new VirusScan for Macintosh Licenses, includes 1st year of support)

AVMYMFAADA x5 (extra year of support)