Software Licensing Solution

Microsoft Select License


What is the Select Licensing
Microsoft Select offers organizations a multi-leveled, volume price solution on Microsoft product licenses while enabling for easy tracking of software license acquisitions through online order confirmations and annual acquisition summaries.

How Select License works
Select License Is based on a forecast of the total volume of Microsoft software licenses you expect to acquire over a three year period. Forecasts are made by product pools; applications, systems, and servers. These product pools make it possible for you to aggregate purchases across an entire category of products to achieve better volume pricing. Because certain licenses represent a greater Investment than others, the Select License forecast is based on the point value of each license forecasted, not the number of product licenses. Under the Select License program, a License (L) part number will be the only part number needed to acquire the most current version of all Microsoft products. Software Assurance (SA) is upgrade coverage that runs for the remaining balance of the term of your Select License agreement and enables you to upgrade to the most current version of the licensed Microsoft products you currently enroll.

Below you will find a list of the three product pools with examples of the types of products included in each pool and their associated point value.

Select License Value
The Select License provides volume licenses for medium and large-sized businesses. With a minimum of only a 1 .500 point three year forecast, you can receive:

• A volume price for each pool of products forecasted.
• A complimentary Product Fulfillment kit subscription containing the products covered by the product pools selected on the license forecast.
• You are authorized immediately to reproduce and use these products subject to the obligation to order corresponding licenses.

Select License Benefit
The Select License offers customers a flexible tiered, volume based program that gives an organization a simple way to order and acquire licenses in addition to:

Convenient license acquisition
There Is a simple monthly transaction model where customers will receive regular order confirmations for new licenses.
Easy to understand and comply
Customers simply acquire and pay for the software license and Software Assurance as needed.
Acquire licenses worldwide
Customers may have multiple purchasing locations for various departments or subsidiaries located throughout the world
Obtain software for training purposes
Customers may use up to 20 copies of most Microsoft software for training purposes.
Investment value
Through Software Assurance, customers can easily stay current.

How Software Assurance works
You may acquire a License and Software Assurance (L&SA) at any time during the term of your Select License agreement. The Software Assurance portion is coverage that runs until the end of the Select License agreement and may be renewed annually.

Price levels
There are four price levels for all Select License products acquired within each product pool. The price level is determined by a three year forecast.

Level adjustment
On an annual basis, Microsoft will review your actual purchase history for the preceding 12 months against the forecasted price level for each product pool. For the first year end review, Microsoft will check to see If 1/3 of the total forecast was met to determine whether the price level needs to be reset. For the second year end review Microsoft will check that 2/3 of the forecast was met. Depending on the actual purchase history, your price level may be releveled upwards, downwards, or remain the same.

• Your purchase history is checked after the first and second year of the agreement term and, if necessary releveled according to the appropriate Select License price level.
• If you have purchased, at the 12 month and 24 month check, 1/3 & 2/3, of a higher pricing level you will be releveled upwards.
If you have purchased less than the milestone quantity of the three year forecast, you will be releveled downwards.

Payment options
When you choose the Select License program you will have multiple ways of acquiring and paying for your licenses. The first option is to pay for your licenses at the time of acquisition. The other option enables you to split the payment of Software Assurance (SA) or the License & Software Assurance (L&SA) into equal payments for the balance of your Select License term. When you choose this option, you will break down the price of the SA or L&SA Into payments based on when during the term of the Select License agreement you made the acquisition. For example, If you make the acquisition during the first year of the agreement, you will have one payment at the time of purchase and two additional payments at the start of the second and third year of the term of your agreement. Each payment will be equal and is not affected by price changes during the term.

How to take advantage of Microsoft Select License
To order the Select License, simply contact your Account Executive at MacMall.