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Your Guide to the Microsoft Open License Value Purchase Plan


A cost-effective way to keep current and spread out your payments

Software Solutions and Budget Flexibility Help Keep Your Business Agile

In a rapidly changing environment, it’s more important than ever to remain agile and adapt to shifts In the marketplace. The power of having a business edge comesfrom connections—connections that help you respond to customer demands and capture new business opportunities.

Microsoft software helps you operate In a world where time and distance no longer separate employees from customers, partners, or operations. A key element in maintaining a competitive edge is the ability to keep software assets current in as cost-effective manner as possible.

Microsoft Open Value is a software license purchase plan available under the Open License family. It offers the advantages of SA to stay current, and the ability to spread payments annually, to help cash flow.

The Company-wide Option offers additional savings opportunities and a single price per desktop to organizations that want to standardize all their desktops (five desktop minimum) on one or more Microsoft Enterprise Products, and to spread payments annually.

The agreement term is three years, and can be renewed for another three years when the initial agreement expires.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Open Value?

Stay current. SA helps you maintain a business edge with the most up-to-date Microsoft products so you can focus on your business, not software.
Spread payments. Lets you spread payments across the term of your agreement, which reduces initial capital requirements and provide budget predictability.
Enjoy choices. Open Value meets the needs of a broad range of organizations. Choose from a wide range of products available with SA.
Reorder in any quantity.
Helps ease administration. Online license management tools help to ease the administrative task of tracking license acquisitions.
Standardization advantages. The Company-wide Option offers the opportunity to receive additional savings and reduce support costs if you want to acquire Microsoft software for all your desktops.

Software Assurance Keeps You Current with Latest Technology

Open Value includes SA, which helps you build and maintain a flexible Infrastructure so you can focus on your business, not your software. SA lets you take advantage of technology advancements available through the newest versions of software released during the term of your Open Value agreement.

You can also renew SA acquired through other Microsoft Volume Licensing programs.

SA offers benefits beyond the ability to migrate to the latest software releases. Having SA in place across an entire enterprise can facilitate business solutions by reducing the need for management approval to finance new software licenses.

SA coverage runs for three years or the remaining balance of the term of your Open Value agreement. You can pay in three installments if acquired in the first year or two installments if acquired in the second year of the Open Value agreement.

Open Value Gives You Budget Predictability
The Open Value purchase plan helps to create budget predictability by helping you determine costs up to three years in advance. Payments for L&SA are spread
equally over the remaining agreement term, which helps to establish an annual schedule of predictable payments.

Moreover, with the Company-wide Option you can also lock-in the price for ongoing license acquisitions.

Open Value Gives You the Business Edge
* You may start saving with as few as five L&SA,
* With SA you stay current with the latest technology.
* You continue to enjoy savings while spreading payments annually.
* It’s an effective way to consolidate software acquisition under a single agreement.
* Online license tracking makes license management easier and reduces administrative costs.

Open Value Company-wide Option
The Open Value Company-wide Option offers additional savings opportunities and a single price per desktop to organizations that want to standardize all their desktops on one or more Microsoft Enterprise products and to spread payments annually.
The Company-wide Option is designed for organizations that:
• Anticipate strong growth
• Are interested In technology standardization
• Desire efficient asset management
• Want centralized control

With the Company-wide Option you receive savings of up to 10 percent by licensing all qualifying desktops with any of several Enterprise products:
* Microsoft Windows Professional Desktop Operating System Upgrade
* Microsoft Office Professional
* Microsoft Core CAL (Client Access License)

Or you can save even more by standardizing on the Desktop Professional Platform, which is all three Enterprise products as a group. Having all your desktops on one platform can help reduce costs associated with software acquisition, deployment, and license management.

How the Open Value Program Works
Each L&SA counts as one order toward your minimum initial order of five L&SA. For example, ifyou have three desktops, you can qualify for Open Value by acquiring three L&SA sets for Microsoft Office XP Professional and two L&SA sets for Microsoft Project 2002. This would count as five L&SA, which meets the minimum. Or you could meet the minimum requirement with one L&SA for a Microsoft processor, such as Microsoft SQL Server. Subsequent orders can be as small one L&SA, so you always have just the software you need.

You can also participate in Open Value by renewing SA coverage acquired through any Microsoft Volume Licensing program and spread payments annually.

The initial payment is due at the time of order, and the balance is split in equal amounts to be paid at the start of year two and year three of your agreement term.

Product Media Included in Initial Order
Microsoft will send you product media, such as CDs and manuals, free for the products in your initial Open Value agreement order. The media may be used for multiple installations of the same software title, which saves on media costs compared to retail. You can order additional media for a charge. Media is not provided for subsequent orders unless paid for upfront at the time of the subsequent order.

Affiliates Benefit from Open Value
When choosing the Company-wide Option, an organization’s affiliates can also benefit from the Open Value program. In addition to the cost savings, this lets you take advantage of the efficiencies of centralized purchasing control and easier software management and tracking. With Open Value, only a consolidated bill will be sent, not separate bills. If you prefer separate bills, the affiliate will need to enter a separate Open Value agreement.

* An affiliate is defined as: Ownership of more than 50 percent
* Any legal entity that you own, which owns you, or which is under common ownership
* Qualifying affiliate means owned affiliates located within a single region.

Enhanced License Tracking with Microsoft Volume Licensing Services Site
On acceptance of your Open Value order, you will receive access to Microsoft Volume Licensing Services (MVLS), a password-protected Web site to help you track and manage your software licensing.

MVLS captures and displays Microsoft records of license status and order history. Information at the site includes:
* Open Value agreement
* License number
* Name and address of purchaser
* Date of Initial order
* Products and quantity ordered
* Expiration of agreement number
* Other licensing data

MVLS offers numerous benefits:
* Fast authorization to deploy software
* Easy online access to license agreement and product use rights
* Online updates of license contact information
* Reduction of administrative costs associated with manually tracking license certificates and software compliance

For more Information on Open Value and other Microsoft license programs, please contact your MacMall representative at 888-863-3282.