Lexar® Gaming SD™ Card

The Lexar Gaming Secure Digital (SD™) card is ideal for gaming enthusiasts using Nintendo Wii™ or DSi™ gaming systems.

Lexar® Professional 133x Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC™) Card
High-speed, professional-level performance and reliability.

Designed for professional photographers and video enthusiasts using an SDHC device, the high-capacity Lexar Professional 133x SDHC card provides professional-level minimum guaranteed speed of 20MB/s for rapid-fire shooting and full-motion video.

Lexar® Platinum II Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC™) Card
Reliable, high-capacity storage for photos and more.
Shoot fast-action photos and capture HD video with the Lexar Platinum II SDHC card. This high-speed, high-capacity card gives you the power to fully leverage the photo- and video-taking abilities of your SDHC-enabled digital point-and-shoot, DSLR, or camcorder.
Lexar® SDHC™ Full-HD Video Memory Card
The Lexar SDHC Full-HD Video memory card is a high-speed, high-capacity card ideal for capturing 1080 full-HD video with your SDHC-compatible camcorder or point-and-shoot camera. It provides high-speed transfer from card to computer for backup or easy sharing on popular sites like YouTube.
Available in a range of large capacities, the card gives you the ability to capture more of the videos that matter-and the freedom to do it all on a single card.
Lexar® Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC™) Card
Reliable, high-capacity storage for photos and more.

Greatly increase the storage capabilities of your digital camera, cell phone, PDA, or other handheld device. The Lexar SDHC card is designed for a wide range of popular uses, and great for capturing and securing more of your valuable memories.

Lexar® Gaming SDHC™ Card
The Lexar Gaming SDHC™ card is designed for gamers using a Nintendo® Wii™console or DSi™ handheld device.