Lexar offers a comprehensive line of reliable, high-performance mobile memory solutions to enhance your life on the go.

Whether you choose a mobile memory card to increase the capacity and capabilities of your mobile phone, a mobile reader for transferring files between your phone and PC with ease, or a mobile performance upgrade to boost the speed and performance of your netbook, there’s a Lexar® solution to fit your mobile lifestyle.

Lexar® High-Speed microSDHC™ Card (Performance Kit)

As Lexar’s premium mobile lifestyle solution, the Lexar High-Speed Mobile microSDHC memory card is a high-speed, memory card that allows you to capture the highest quality videos or photos supported by today’s high-performance camera phones, and enables fast transfer of files between phone and computer. The card comes with a USB reader, as well as sideload software that lets you preview, move, and share files, or upload them easily to popular online photo–or video–sharing websites.

Lexar® Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) Mobile Card

The Lexar M2 mobile memory card is designed to maximize those capabilities and increase the capacity of your Sony Ericsson mobile phone or PDA by allowing you to store significantly more music, photos, video, games, and applications.

Lexar® microSDHC™ Mobile Card

With the high-capacity Lexar microSDHC Mobile Card, you'll enjoy the ability to download and store a large number of photo, video, music, gaming, and other media files.

Lexar® Echo SE Backup Drive

The high-performance Lexar Echo SE backup drive is an easily-accessible, ultra-portable drive that easily plugs into the USB port of your netbook or notebook to automatically back up and protect your files on the go.

Lexar® Echo ZE Backup Drive

The Lexar Echo ZE backup drive is an always-ready backup solution with a plug-and-stay design. Its ultra-small size allows you to easily plug it into the USB port of your netbook or notebook—and keep it there—for automatic backup of your essential files.