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LaCie’s Rugged line features high-performance hard drives that offer utmost security for your data. By providing unparalleled durability and data protection, each LaCie rugged hard drive ensures that you always have important files at hand, wherever you are.

The LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt is built to be completely accident-resistant, providing drop protection up to 1.2 meters or 4 feet. LaCie Rugged Triple hard drives may be even sturdier, since these storage devices offer four layers of shock-absorbing, drop-resistant protection. The LaCie Rugged Mini offers unique rain- and pressure-resistant features, ensuring maximum reliability and data security. All rugged hard drives from LaCie are designed with a rubber sleeve that protects the drive’s edges from damage.

Like all LaCie hard drives, these Rugged drives are designed to hold up to 1TB of data and provide high data transfer speeds, too. LaCie Rugged 1TB hard drives can typically transfer 380MB per second via the Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 interfaces. For added convenience, many of these hard drives also offer backward-compatibility with USB 2.0 and FireWire 400.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Clare McInerney2013-10-10

Amazing rugged hard drive

I am a big fan of LaCie’s Rugged hard drives. I’ve owned three of these so far and the first Rugged drive I bought still works perfectly. I recently got the 1TB model because I needed more space than usual for backing up files both on my Lenovo H Series and Mac Mini and for file transfer between the two computers.

Though file transfer speeds for PC and Mac respectively vary, the Rugged drive helps me move large files from one computer to another with as little hassle as possible. PC connections provide the highest speeds because of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 but Mac connections via FireWire 800 are still pretty fast. Aside from these drives, I’ve never used any other hard drive that works for PC just as well as with Mac.

The orange sleeve around the hard drive’s edges is an eyesore for some but it’s one of my favorite things about any LaCie Rugged drive. It’s incredibly helpful at protecting the drive against those little scratches and nicks that could make the drive look really bad over time. I can only imagine what physical damage my hard drives would have if not for those orange sleeves protecting them on the many times I accidentally drop them.
Reviewed by Gail Straub2013-10-10

Most durable drive I’ve used yet

I’ve had some problems with FireWire hard drives before. Some portable hard drives reportedly designed for FireWire 800 connections were sadly inadequate at keeping up with my large file transfers; nearing a hundred GB, I’d suddenly smell burning circuitry coming from the portable hard drive, indicating that the hard drive’s circuits had fried themselves.

This was fortunately not the case for the 1TB LaCie Rugged drive I ordered. I’ve been using the drive for large file transfers for about a month and a half and have not encountered such problems. I don’t think this hard drive even runs hot even after being connected to my MacBook for hours on end. The hard drive’s excellent build assures me that I can use it all day, every day without fearing that it can’t handle the heavy workload.

This really is one of the best portable hard drives for people who regularly move multi-GB’s worth of files. I also appreciate the thick rubber sleeve surrounding the hard drive. That’s a major boon for people like me who aren’t as delicate or careful at handling their electronics. I’m already looking forward to my second 1TB LaCie Rugged drive.
Reviewed by Ed Vosburg2013-10-10

Dependable drives from LaCie

Our office deals with a lot of data on a daily basis so portable hard drives are standard devices for employees who want to clear their internal hard drives to free up onboard storage. Through the years we’ve run the gamut of hard drive manufacturers but we haven’t found a brand as reliable as LaCie.

Currently, we’re using LaCie Rugged hard drives for file backups and we couldn’t be happier with these portable hard drives. We’ve had these hard drives for about six months now and we have yet to run into a major problem. Performance-wise, the LaCie Rugged drive is very dependable. Setup at first use takes a matter of minutes, since the hard drives come with an assistant that can help you through the setup and automatic backup process. The hard drive is compatible with the latest USB 3.0 and FireWire 800 interfaces, which make file transfers as fast as possible.

They’re designed to be extremely sturdy; you’ll know it when you hold a Rugged drive in your hand. That orange sleeve really keeps those scratches away and keeps the hard drive looking new through everyday use. It’s something you could toss into your bag at the end of the day without worrying that the drive will get damaged somehow.
Reviewed by C. Craig2013-10-10

Best drive for shipping

Since our business has to ship videos and other multi-GB collateral from time to time, we’ve invested in a few of these 1TB LaCie Rugged drives for shipping purposes. We’ve read a lot of positive reviews about the durability of these hard drives and all the reviews have been completely true so far.

Our clients have never complained of receiving damaged hard drives. On occasion, we ask clients to ship the Rugged hard drives back to us and we’ve never had an incident where the hard drives are rendered unusable. The thick rubber sleeve wrapped around the edges of each hard drive does a great job at protecting from shock and vibration. We did have an incident once where the rubber sleeve had slipped off the drive but we were able to mount the drive and get full use out of it.

Like most LaCie drives, these drives’ transfer speeds are consistently high, so we never have to worry about them slowing down the workflow. The drives’ compatibility with both USB 3.0 and FireWire, and backward-compatibility with earlier interfaces, makes them more valuable to us because we can use them on any computer in the office.
Reviewed by Neil Currier2013-10-10

Fast and durable

I’ve owned a few Rugged drives over the years, slowly working my way up from 100 GB to the 1 TB model, my most recent purchase. I don’t think I’ve ever used storage devices that are as durable as LaCie’s rugged drives. After five to six years, the first Rugged drive I bought is still perfectly functional.

I mostly use my 1 TB drive for my media library’s automated backups, which I was able to easily set up via LaCie’s backup assistant. The 1 TB hard drive is proving to be incredibly fast, especially for PC connections. USB SuperSpeed 3.0 really makes a difference, although FireWire 800 is pretty speedy too. I’ve never experienced 400 MB video transfers to take less than ten seconds but I’m getting spoiled by these speeds now.

One of the things I’ve always loved about these hard drives is that they’re truly rugged. I always take a couple of my drives with me when I travel and getting jostled while my luggage is thrown around doesn’t seem to affect them in the least.
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