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LaCie Porsche Design Hard Drive

Sleek and powerful, LaCie’s Porsche Design hard drives are the perfect desktop hard drives for any Mac computer. The latest USB technology ensures high data transfer speeds from any LaCie Porsche Design hard drive, while an award-winning design guarantees that these drives are not only attractive but also highly durable.

LaCie Porsche Design drives offer large amounts of storage space, perfect for heavy data users. The LaCie Porsche Design p 9223 and p 9230 hard drives, for instance, are available with 2TB, 3TB, or 4TB of storage space, making these the ideal storage devices for regular backups of your Mac. USB 3.0 technology helps speed up backups of even the heaviest files, thanks to data transfer speeds of up to 5Gb/s. All Porsche Design drives are compatible with Apple Time Machine, too, so all you need to do is connect the drive to your Mac and you’re ready to go.

Each Porsche Design hard drive sports an aluminum finish that perfectly complements the sleek looks of Mac computers. The disk itself is surrounded by 5mm of aluminum casing to ensure data security.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Chris Garman2013-10-10

Fast performance, looks amazing

This Porsche Design is my third external hard drive from LaCie and the brand has yet to disappoint me. The Porsche Design comes with its own power brick but it doesn’t seem to make a negative difference in usage. The hard drive comes with a variety of adapters anyway so I don’t expect to have any problems with that.

What’s important to me is that this hard drive is an extremely functional storage device. Setup was easy as my computer was able to recognize the drive right away. I had to format the drive first but it’s all smooth sailing from there. File transfers are very fast via USB 3.0, which comes in handy when I’m transferring HD videos and photos from camera to hard drive. This hard drive also runs very quietly. I barely hear it running although my home office is pretty quiet.

I have to admit, one of the reasons that really convinced me to get the Porsche Design is its appearance. The design, for me, is unique and the industrial look of the hard drive really works well with my Samsung notebook. Even the blinking light on the front panel of the drive seems to perfectly match the drive’s design.
Reviewed by Ashley Lanza2013-10-10

5 stars for form and function

I got the 2TB LaCie Porsche Design because I was quickly running out of space on my 2012 MacBook Air. I figured that if I was going to buy an external hard drive, I might as well get one that aces both form and function. The Porsche Design had caught my eye for its industrial, all-steel look and I was encouraged by all the positive reviews I’ve read of it, so I decided to get the 2TB model.

I was very happy to find out that the Porsche Design hard drive is just as sleek-looking in person, maybe even more so than in the photos. It’s a little bigger than I expected but it fits just fine on my smallish desk. I especially like that the hard drive comes with a handful of power socket converters, these should come in pretty handy when I’m traveling and I have to take the drive with me.

I’m also glad to add another positive review for the Porsche Design hard drive’s performance. Setting up the drive for automatic backup via Time Machine was hassle-free. This hard drive can transfer files very quickly and quietly, no matter how large the files are. I’m very thankful for that blinking light on the front, otherwise I’d never be able to tell that the hard drive’s working just by listening to it.
Reviewed by Patricia Fossett2013-10-10

Perfect for Mac+Windows environments

I’ve been having some trouble with external hard drives that can work well with both Mac and Windows environments, since I need both for my daily work. The two hard drives I bought recently worked well for a couple of months before becoming completely unusable, so this time I chose to go with the Porsche Design, trusting the many reviews I read online.

Nearly a month after I first plugged the Porsche Design hard drive into my computer, it’s still working perfectly. When I first connected the hard drive, I was able to partition the drive and format it to NTFS and FAT32 through the LaCie software included. That’s something I’ve certainly never done via setup software and I’ve never ever used setup software this user-friendly. Now I can move seamlessly between Mac and Windows and my workflow is at least thrice as fast and productive.

As expected, the Porsche Design hard drive easily handles file transfers thanks to USB 3.0. Moving my classical music library from internal storage took less than 3 hours, which is a fraction of the time it took when I last tried it with another external hard drive.
Reviewed by Stephen Kuhn2013-10-10

No-fail wireless backups via Time Machine

Recently I had to replace my old external HD because of mechanical damage and the LaCie Porsche Design hard drive was my top choice because of LaCie’s reputation. After I placed my order, I didn’t expect to get it right away, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it safe and sound on my doorstep the next day.

A couple of hours after unboxing I was able to set up the hard drive with my MacBook. The hard drive was recognized right away by my Mac and by my Airport Extreme router, so I went on to configure it for automatic wireless backups of my Mac. Since the backups started nearly a month ago, I check every couple of days to see if everything’s backed up on the hard drive and I haven’t encountered any problems since the first backup.

The hard drive’s external power supply is proving to be convenient too, so I don’t have to keep it tethered to my MacBook Pro all the time. This way, the backups also continue no matter which room in the house I work in.
Reviewed by Patrick Byrne2013-10-10

2TB LaCie Porsche Design hard drive

In my opinion this is one of the better built desktop hard drives today. The hard drive itself functions like a high-performance storage device and its file transfer speeds are pretty impressive. But what I really like about this hard drive is its design.

The hard drive is quite eye-catching in person, with its sleek, industrial-style design. It’s a great unique look compared to other HDs, which typically have shiny plastic surfaces. The LaCie Porsche Design hard drive has an aluminum enclosure, which really helps it feel solid and durable in hand. I suspect that the enclosure goes a long way in preventing vibration and shock from damaging the drive itself. The enclosure also helps in heat dissipation, as, in my experience, the drive never heats up no matter how long it’s been working.

At 4 inches by just over 6 inches, the LaCie Porsche Design is just the right size for a desktop hard drive, too: not quite as small as a portable hard drive but not too large that it takes up a lot of desk space. With its storage space, this is the perfect hard drive for people who want a high-capacity HD that has a unique look.
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