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LaCie Little Big Disk

The LaCie Little Big Disk offers creative professionals and power users the best features for on-the-go, high-speed performance. Hard drives from the LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt Series are some of the fastest storage devices today, thanks to advanced SSD technology, configurable RAID options, and the Thunderbolt interface.

Available with 512GB, 1TB, or 2TB of storage space, Little Big Disk hard drives are equipped with the highly capable Thunderbolt interface and are pre-configured with a RAID0 set for maximum speed. With this setup, one LaCie big disk SSD can deliver data transfer speeds of up to 635 MB/s. For SSD models, these speeds are boosted even further by SATA III SSD technology. Daisy-chaining one LaCie little disk to another for maximum storage and speed is easy, too, through each drive’s dual Thunderbolt ports.

The convenience provided by the LaCie Little Big Disk doesn’t stop there. Weighing just 1.4 lbs., this hard drive fits comfortably in the palm of the hand, enabling ready portability for on-the-go productivity. If security is a priority for your data, you can change the RAID configuration to protect against disk failure.
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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Rachel Keller2013-10-10

Thumbs up for small size and speed

I bought this LaCie drive a month ago to supplement my iMac’s internal HD and I must say that it’s working wonderfully so far. I wasn’t expecting it to be so small, but it feels solid and durable and it fit nicely just behind my iMac. Its handy size is one of the things I really like about the Little Big Disk. If needed, I can easily disconnect the drive from my computer and bring it to me to the office. It comes with a power brick for external power, but that hasn’t proved to be a hassle so far.

This LaCie Little Big Disk also makes a small amount of noise when it’s switched on, but I don’t really mind, especially since this hard drive is so fast. I initially thought I got an SSD because I was suddenly transferring 300 MB videos in less than 5 seconds, and that’s something I’ve never experienced. I thought my iMac was fast on its own, but this HD multiplies that speed at least thrice.
Reviewed by Mitch Natley2013-10-10

Easy setup, convenient adapters

In my opinion, the price tag on this LaCie Little Big Disk is absolutely worth it. I’ve had this 2 TB external drive for a couple of weeks and read/write speeds have been consistently good. The drive’s even managed to speed up my MBP’s performance, as I now don’t have to wait any longer for five seconds for my MBP to boot up. I keep it in the preset RAID 0 setting so I can get the fastest speeds.

I wasn’t expecting the Little Big Disk to need external power, but it hasn’t been a problem. It’s ready to go as soon as it’s plugged in and connected to my laptop. Initial setup was problem-free and at first use I was able to set up automatic backups through Time Machine in less than 10 minutes. I also like that the drive comes with a variety of adapters, so I don’t have to buy europlugs and other adapters when I take this drive with me to my trips abroad.
Reviewed by Leslie Benjamin2013-10-10

My first Thunderbolt drive

This Little Big Disk is my first Thunderbolt drive, my last external hard drive was a 500 GB GoFlex that kicked the bucket a month ago, taking all my files with it. So I was determined to get a drive that’s known to be reliable and I came across the Little Big Disk. I’m very happy with the 1TB model. 1 TB of storage space is enough for my backups for now and the Thunderbolt interface makes quick work of file transfers. This makes my job infinitely easier, as I often transfer photos and videos to external storage so I can show them to potential and current clients.

I’ve noticed an improvement in my Mac mini’s performance. With the Little Big Disk, my computer boots up in less than a minute. The hiccups I used to encounter with Premiere when I’m editing half-hour videos have disappeared completely. With a little elbow grease, I also managed to install some software on this hard drive and all the applications run like a dream.
Reviewed by Nancy Keim2013-10-10

Excellent for daisy-chaining

I got the 2TB Little Big Disk because I wanted to daisy-chain my Thunderbolt Quadra to a high-speed portable hard drive. This is probably one of the best portable hard drives for doing just that. I already had Thunderbolt cables so I tried daisy-chaining my two Thunderbolt drives a couple of hours after I received my Little Big Disk at home.

I was able to daisy-chain the drives in under an hour. I just had to set up the RAID 0 configuration and format the LBD’s 2 disks and now I have over 4TB of storage space to enjoy for my 2012 MBP. Daisy-chaining two Thunderbolt drives made my MPB even faster, with a practically non-existent wait time for my laptop to boot up. I can also stream more than one raw video file now, something I was previously unable to do with my MBP.

I took the daisy-chaining a step further and connected a widescreen monitor to the LBD’s second Thunderbolt port and the display was recognized right away. This has been very invaluable for detailed video and photo editing.
Reviewed by Danny Owens2013-10-10

Sturdy and very functional drive

First off, the Little Big Disk is one of the better-looking portable hard drives I’ve ever seen. The fin design on the sides looks pretty cool in person and the big blue button up top is definitely not as off-putting as I thought it would be. Fortunately the blinking light is blocked by the bottom of my iMac, as I’ve placed the LBD right behind my computer.

The LBD also feels very solid in hand. It’s a little bigger than most portable hard drives I’ve owned but I suspect it’s much more durable too, thanks to a solid aluminum construction. That alone is well worth the price on this drive, honestly. I’ve wasted way too much money on portable hard drives with flimsy plastic enclosures that tend to fall apart after less than a year of use.

More importantly, the LBD is fast. Probably the fastest portable HD I’ve owned to date. I recently decided to transfer over 90GB’s worth of ripped music and the entire process took about an hour. And even then, the LBD still boosts my iMac’s overall read/write speeds. Looking forward to daisy-chaining this drive to other Thunderbolt drives in the future.
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