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LaCie 5big Network Drive

LaCie’s 5big drives offer the largest amount of storage space among all other LaCie desktop hard drives. Equipped with 5 disks, a LaCie 5big hard drive can offer up to 20 TB of storage space, making these perfect for data-heavy workflows and for network storage.

5big drives are fully equipped with features to complement their advanced storage capacities. With 7200-rpm disks, the LaCie 5big Thunderbolt hard drive takes advantage of the Thunderbolt interface to deliver data transfer speeds of up to 785MB/s. This Thunderbolt drive also provides a variety of RAID configurations: RAID 0 for top speed, RAID 1 for security, and a JBOD configuration for assigning tasks to specific disks. These versatile features help users maximize these hard drives’ capacities for handling data-heavy tasks and speeding up the workflow.

The LaCie 5big network 2 offers the same reliability as network-attached storage (NAS). This 5big NAS device is designed for convenient integration and management, enabling secure backups and file sharing for multiple workstations, no matter what client operating system is used. Pre-installed software also enables authorized users to access shared files on this network drive anytime, anywhere through NAS remote access and mobile apps.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Dale Hodgson2013-10-10

Solid performance from a sturdy drive

We have a lot of computers around the house so I thought it would be useful to try and backup all of these hard drives into one storage device. I wanted something with enough storage space to spare and would last regular use for at least a couple of years, so I went with a 2TB LaCie 5big Office NAS server.

This server definitely met my expectations in terms of performance. I did some speed tests through Blackmagic Disk and found out that this NAS outperforms the SSD on my 2012 MBP. I currently have all disks at a RAID 1 setup for maximum data protection. The Thunderbolt interface makes file transfers incredibly fast, even my daughter has commented on how quickly she can access her saved videos and photos.

I don’t think this is the best network drive for beginners to NAS, but if you have some knowledge about proper NAS setup, this device should work perfectly for you. I was able to set up this NAS so it backs up my kids’ and wife’s laptops and my own desktop every night. Since this server’s designed to be expandable, I’m also looking forward to adding more disks to it.
Reviewed by Deanna Newby2013-10-10

No problems with automatic network backups

For our small office, we recently got the 10 TB LaCie 5big Thunderbolt hard drive for backups of each computer on our network and for shared storage. The initial setup takes some effort to figure out, but we haven’t encountered any issues since we got it up and running.

We initially had the drives entirely set up with the out-of-the-box RAID 0 configuration but we decided to change the configuration to RAID 1 for an additional layer of data security. Changing the RAID configuration was easy, since it’s a software-based RAID system. We successfully set up the hard drive to create backups of every computer in the network every night and we haven’t gotten any reports of lost data.

As a shared storage device, this LaCie drive has been very reliable, too. On RAID 1, Read/write speeds aren’t as fast as the possible speeds on RAID 0, but the drive is always capable of transferring at least 300 to 350 MB/s, which is a great help when files are accessed and saved by multiple sources.
Reviewed by L.C. Reed2013-10-10

5 stars for multiple RAID options

The LaCie 5big Thunderbolt 10TB external hard drive is an excellent device for backups and for creative professionals like me who regularly deal with large amounts of raw data and have nowhere else to put it.

I initially had some difficulties with choosing between RAID 0 and RAID 1, since speed and security are both essential for me. Then I found out that I can set up my LaCie hard drive to run on both configurations, with three disks on RAID 0 for blazing speeds and the remaining two disks on RAID 1 configured for automatic Time Machine backups (I also have a secondary backup system set up with another storage device). Now my iMac breezes through HD streaming via FCPX, something it’s never been able to do before. Post-processing is now twice as easy too, now that my computer barely ever slows down.

A word of caution, though: make sure you’re completely set your mind on a particular RAID configuration before setting up your 5big hard drive. Changing the configuration after that becomes a little tricky, since data on the drive will be destroyed when you change the RAID configuration.
Reviewed by Emma Benson2013-10-10

Reliable network drive

The LaCie 5big Office 2TB NAS server is proving to be quite reliable even for home use. My husband and I got this server about a month ago so we could share storage and have a backup drive too. We got the single-drive model so we could add more storage if we needed to. We’ve already bought a couple of spare drives and hopefully it won’t be too much of a hassle to add the spares.

Setup was a bit more complicated than we’re used to but I think it will be manageable for people who know what they’re doing. Once we were able to set the drive up, it started backing up the files on my and my husband’s computers right away. This NAS server is very quiet. Right now we have it set up near our bedroom and I barely ever hear it working, even as it’s backing up multiple GB’s worth of raw video footage and FLAC files each night. It always seems to run at a consistently low temperature too, which I think will be a boon to people who’ll have this drive set up near their workstations.
Reviewed by Monica Knapp2013-10-10

Love the energy-saving sleep functions

I got the LaCie 5big 10TB Thunderbolt external hard drive because I needed the storage space for archiving previous projects. The external hard drive had a power brick with it, which I’ve never encountered before, and I was concerned about it running on power all night long when it’s not in use. Fortunately I found out that the hard drive goes into ‘sleep mode’ whenever my iMac does the same. I think that’s a pretty nifty energy-savings feature.

I like how well-designed this hard drive is. Its minimalistic, all-white look is definitely easy on the eye, so I don’t mind having this big box right out in the open beside my computer. I love that, on the rear panel of the drive, the disks and the ports are neatly labeled, so I don’t have to figure out which is which when I’m hot-swapping disks.

Of course this drive delivers a super-fast performance. I topped out at 615/630 MB/s read/write speeds, which are the fastest speeds I’ve ever experienced and have really made working on FCPX and Aperture so much easier and smoother. Will definitely suggest this storage device to the IT guys at the office.  
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