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LaCie 2big Network Drive

2big hard drives from LaCie are the ideal storage devices for professionals looking for versatility and reliability. Perfect for office desktop use, LaCie 2big hard drives are equipped with up to 8TB of storage space, flexible RAID configurations, and full connectivity features.

The LaCie 2big Thunderbolt is designed for fast data transfers, perfect for data-heavy processes such as routine backups and digital content creation and editing. Through the Thunderbolt interface, these 2big hard drives are capable of data transfer speeds of up to 327MB/s. The LaCie 2big Quadra offers the same level of performance, thanks to SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology and RAID 0 configuration, which optimizes the hard drive’s storage capacity for speed. The 2big Thunderbolt also offers further RAID configuration by using the JBOD architecture, letting you assign specific storage tasks to each disk.

Thunderbolt and Quadra 2big hard drives each feature two hot-swappable disks for added data security and multi-interface ports for easier daisy-chaining. A built-in ‘Eco’ mode and dual cooling systems keep these hard drives working at optimum temperatures, reducing downtime and improving workflows.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Susan Lemen2013-10-10

Extremely reliable hard drive

I’ve accumulated quite a few Thunderbolt hard drives over the past year and it was getting difficult to remember which hard drive contained what, so I decided to just get one 8 TB hard drive so I can get everything in one place. I got the LaCie 2big network drive because I’ve never had problems with my many LaCie drives.

The 2big network drive is proving to be just as reliable. Consolidating all my files into the drive was extremely easy, since the drive has two Thunderbolt ports for daisy-chaining. I daisy-chained two other Thunderbolt drives to the 2big and my transfer speeds topped out at 400MB/s. I was able to finish consolidating my hard drives to the 2big in half a day, which is pretty awesome considering I have more than 4 TB of files on those drives.

Though it’s a desktop drive, I ended up placing the 2big on the floor for a couple of reason. First, the drive vibrates a little so I used the Styrofoam bracket from the box and set the drive on the floor to prevent the vibrations from moving the drive across my desk. This also keeps the bright blue light on the front of the drive out of sight.
Reviewed by Will Kelly2013-10-10

Easy hot-swapping with 2big Quadra drives

Using our corporate account, I recently purchased an 8TB 2big network hard drive for the Mac mini at the office, so the desktop can serve as a main workstation of sorts for our major projects.

What I really like about the 2big network drive is that it’s a two-bay drive that offers hot-swappable functionalities. This makes the drive perfect for our office, since the disks on the 2big Quadras connected to our notebooks turned out to be perfectly compatible with the 2big network drive. When we have to work on a major project, what we now do is take our drives out of our 2big Quadras and hot-swap it with one of the 2big network’s drives to make work easier.

This network drive is incredibly fast, too. We’ve got the drive set up as a mirrored RAID set but we’re still seeing high read/write speeds. Occasionally we daisy-chain a couple of 2big Quadras to the 2big network drive to speed up the Mac mini’s performance even more.
Reviewed by Jim Kincer2013-10-10

Well-built and provides incredible speeds

This is my first desktop hard drive so I decided to go all out and splurge on a 6 TB 2big external hard drive from LaCie. The high storage capacity along with the clean, sophisticated look made this look like the perfect desktop hard drive for me.

After unboxing, I was very satisfied to discover how sturdy the 2big hard drive seemed. It’s heavy and doesn’t topple over easily at all and I’m taking that to mean that this hard drive will last for years. I’ve placed it on the floor beside my Thinkcentre (out of sight) since all the reviews I’ve read say that the blue light on the front of the hard drive will be distracting, and the hard drive works perfectly from its spot on the floor.

In terms of performance, I really can’t ask for more. The 2big drive is even faster than I anticipated. Running at full speed, the disks are capable of providing at 310 MB/s at most, which is quite faster than what it says on the box. I have the drive set up with RAID 0 at those speeds, but I’m considering swapping some of this speed for data security through RAID 1.
Reviewed by B. Crain2013-10-10

LaCie 4TB NAS device

The LaCie 4TB NAS device has turned out to be a godsend for our small business. We go through a lot of paperwork each month and the documents really can’t be disposed of right away, so this NAS device has been working perfectly as the core of new our archiving system.

This is an incredibly fast file server, even with fifty to sixty users accessing it for most of the day. Just as it says on the package, this NAS can provide up to 100 MB/s transfer speeds even with simultaneous sharing of large files, so we can pull up any document on our archive without any wait time at all. All changed made in documents on the server are seamlessly synced across all devices, so our business’ workflow is always organized.

Aside from setting the drive up on the RAID 1 configuration, I’ve also been able to easily set up an automatic backup process with this LaCie NAS via Windows Backup, so we don’t have to worry about data loss in case of disk failure. Fortunately we haven’t had to deal with disk failure yet, but it’s a comfort to know that the 2big NAS has hot-swappable disks that can easily be replaced.
Reviewed by Erin Cohen2013-10-10

Perfect for video storage and processing

I love making videos and short films for my family and friends, so I take a lot of footage on trips and vacations, even just when I’m hanging out with friends. My all-in-one desktop, though it has pretty good specs, can’t really handle the storage and processing of my raw HD videos, so I decided to get this 4TB 2big hard drive from LaCie a couple of months ago.

This Thunderbolt drive is amazing! Now that I have a 2big hard drive connected to my desktop, it doesn’t freeze up anymore when I process videos using Adobe Premiere. Read/write speeds are consistently high, so I can access my raw footage right away and saving my processed videos takes about 70% less time. I used to be satisfied with USB 3.0 speeds, but I think I’ll be using just Thunderbolt hard drives from now on. It used to take me up to three days to process a single video my computer’s internal HD would start whirring in warning after three to four hours of use, but now I’m able to edit for up to six to eight hours nonstop, so I’m able to make so much more videos.
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