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Server Memory

Kingston is your best source for system-specific server memory. We offer not only the most reliable product but also every value-added service you need, including free technical support and a free lifetime warranty, to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.

With a component-locked build of materials determined to work in each system, we guarantee compatibility, and our modules work with all of today's server diagnostic pre-failure warning software. In addition, our free KingstonCare service plan provides on-site spares, cross-ship RMAs, service cost reimbursement and an easy-to-use website that takes the work out of submitting service requests.


Testing: The Key To Quality

Legendary Reliability

For more than two decades, Kingston® has designed and manufactured memory customized for specific systems or classes of systems. Kingston is dedicated to providing memory solutions that work the first time, every time, and for a lifetime. Kingston guarantees compatibility of its system-specific memory, which is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Kingston's core competency lies in its engineering expertise, which allows engineers to design, manufacture, and deliver top-quality products to customers. More Fortune 500® companies have standardized on Kingston memory than any other memory brand. In addition, 10 out of today's top 14 semiconductor and system manufacturers depend on Kingston.

Chip Brand and Performance

When Kingston designs a new memory module for a newly released system, Kingston engineers test several brands of chips on the new module design. This testing allows us to determine which brands of chips provide the best performance. Kingston uses a controlled bill of materials for its system-specific module designs to deliver the best performance for your system.

Chip Compatibility

While Kingston tests the chip performance for a specific system, it also tests the chips for compatibility. As memory speeds get faster, chip compatibility becomes increasingly important and varies from system to system, so Kingston tests several different chip brands in each system it supports and has approved vendor lists for its modules.

In addition, module physical dimensions affect a module design's compatibility. In many systems, the number of chips makes a module physically installable and electrically compatible. Designing modules for chip compatibility as well as chip quantity allows us to guarantee absolute compatibility with the system or class of systems in which the module will be installed.

In-system Testing

Kingston's engineering process includes the testing of each new module design in the system in which it will ultimately be used. The memory is tested on the system motherboard and with the applications and operating systems most commonly used in the system. This is just one step in the seven-step pre-production testing process. The in-system testing allows us to make sure that the memory is compatible with all aspects of the system we are designing for including hardware, operating systems, and applications.

System-Specific Constraints

Although the user guide for a computer system may state that the system requires PC100 168-pin Synchronous DIMMs, it may not include other system-specific constraints. For example, some systems have less room in their system box for memory. This can require the use of low-profile chips. In a generic, one-size-fits-all design, you would get the normal chip packaging. In a situation where there is limited space, two modules may not even fit side-by-side in such a system, or even worse, cause excessive heat in the system and result in system failure. A one-size-fits-all option just won't work. Kingston does not rely on generic specifications for memory; memory is designed to the specific needs of the systems in which it will be installed.

Serial Presence Detect

For a computer system to recognize a memory module, the module needs to have a chip on it that communicates the specifications of the module to the system. If this chip is improperly configured for the system in which you are installing the module, the system won’t recognize the memory or may get incorrect information about the module's speed.

The Difference

The memory brand you choose can make a significant difference in the performance you get from your system. Choose memory that is designed and manufactured to your systems’ requirements. Choose Kingston proprietary module designs for absolute reliability. 

Server Memory Testing

In addition to the full suite of tests Kingston Technology already performs on its memory, the company has developed Dynamic Burn-in Testing for server memory. It's a unique process designed to further screen out potentially defective modules before they are shipped.

Analysis of failures has shown that the overwhelming majority will occur during the first three months of operation. This is known as Early Life Failure (ELF). Kingston engineers designed KT2400 Burn-in Testers to simulate the early life period and dramatically reduce server memory failures, thereby reducing potential server downtime.

Kingston KT2400 testers

  • Use Advanced Pattern Testing Controller platforms.
  • Use high temperature and high voltage to simulate three months of heavy usage.
  • Can test 500 modules simultaneously.
  • Feature a proprietary, patent-pending design.

By implementing Dynamic Burn-in Testing, Kingston has reduced failures by 90 percent*. The results have exceeded the engineers' expectations and improved the reliability of our server memory, a product line that was already at the top of its class.

Learn more about Kingston testing. PDF

* Based on trial, 3/09/04

Server Solutions

Kingston Support for All Your Server Needs

Ask a configuration expert

Planning the right memory configuration requires an understanding of your IT project's goals. There are three basic choices — you can configure for performance, capacity or power. Let Kingston's experts guide you. More

Business Resources

Optimize a Virtualization Project with More Memory

If you’re planning to virtualize your server environment or looking to maximize the performance of an existing virtual environment, remember that a virtual infrastructure is only as good as the memory on which it’s built. Ensure that each server that is virtualized has the right amount of memory installed to support each provisioned virtual machine and its applications to help avoid any performance impact.

No matter what your business concerns, Kingston has the memory and services to support you. Learn more

Memory Search and Warranty


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