The InFocus IN1100 mobile projector series is the perfect solution for business teams, teaching groups and presenters looking for a projector that’s easy to use, easy to move, and provides a great image every time you turn it on. Connect to your laptop via USB to instantly project with InFocus’ exclusive DisplayLink™ feature. This new technology transmits video along one tiny cable and also offers on-screen projector controls with zero setup time or screen configuration.

The InFocus IN1100 series projectors provide presenters with the true-to-life colors of InFocus tuned DLP® with BrilliantColor™ technology. Choose the IN1100 series if you’re looking for unparalleled image quality, a widescreen resolution option and DisplayLink™ innovation bundled into a small, 2.75 pound (1.25kg) projector.
DisplayLink™ over USB

DisplayLink™ technology transmits video content over mini-USB, offering the simplicity of zero display setup - just connect and present in seconds. Easy to carry and simple to use, DisplayLink™ eliminates the need to toggle screens and turns your computer into a fully functional remote control in the process.
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