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Meet the new Google Nexus 7 from ASUS. It’s thinner, lighter, and faster. It feels even more natural to your hand with its clean, simple design and the soft-touch matte back of the tablet. Powered by the latest Android operating system, the Nexus 7 features multiuser accounts, as well as access to Google Play’s extensive collection of games, movies, and other digital content.

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ASUS Google Nexus 7 - Tablet - Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) - 8 GB - 7" IPS (1280 x 800) - black NEXUS7 ASUS-1B08
Google Nexus 7 - Tablet - Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) - 8 GB - 7" IPS (1280 x 800) - black
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Customer Reviews

Reviewed By Talal 2013-02-02

Very good small tablet

I typically use my iPad with which I am very happy. But I wanted a smaller device to use when I can not carry my full size iPad. Mini iPad was little too expensive, so I decided to try the Nexus 7. I am happy with my choice. Though I had to get used to Android devices this small tablet functions very well, and apps work very well, with very beautiful responsive touch screen...

Though many apps are available for Android, not all apps I use on my iPad are available. One other issue, though you can use many apps to text, or chat with others using iPhone, or android devices, there is no iMessage compatible app. So, no chat with friends with iPhone who uses only iMessage..

But there are more than enough apps to use overall. The battery life is fairly good.
Over all, I am very happy with this device, especially given the very big saving compared with the mini iPad

Reviewed By Jim 2013-01-17

Great tablet for the price.

The screen size and resolution at great. Movies look good on this screen.
Battery will last all day with heavy use.
Best deal you can find for the price.

Power button is right by the volume rocker. It's easy to accidentally dim the screen when you're trying to adjust the volume.
In the Google Play store, some apps are not available on the Nexus 7.
This next one is not a Nexus 7 issue, but an Android issue. The usage of the "back" button is inconsistent across apps. Sometimes, the back button takes you to the previous screen within an app, and sometimes it takes you back to the home screen.

I've had Apple devices exclusively until the Nexus 7. I purchased this because with 32GB AND 4G wireless, this was cheaper than an iPad mini. I figured I would have to make some compromises, but it would be worth the savings. After using it for a week, I'm now looking at the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 for my next phone upgrade. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try out the Android operating system, but doesn't want to do it on your phone.
Reviewed By Mark T 2013-01-03

Excellent Tablet

The Nexus 7 is fantastic. It's a great size, portable enough to go with me on the Airplane and not take up space. Great features. Like the 4g, this has enabled me to use another carrier other then my phone carrier to help me get coverage in more areas of the country. I have used an IPad and another Android Tablet and am very satisfied with the Nexus 7.
Reviewed By Cedrick 2012-12-31

Helped to make it an excellent Christmas!

My fiance had been wanting a tablet for use with school, work and play. The only issue she had was that some of the tablets were too big. Goldie Locks found her just right tablet with the Nexus 7. From the moment she turned it on, her phone apps and games synched up from her Google account. Transition from her smart phone to this tablet was perfect since there wasn't a lot of new things to learn. She has already purchased books and has an ongoing checklist for our wedding on it. This fits easily into her purse and she couldn't be happier. If you are even considering getting this, stop thinking about it, the small investment is absolutely worth it!
Reviewed by Nev 2012-12-25

Best tablet value out there.

It's the best tablet that's 7 inch period. The hardware and screen quality/resolution is unparalleled in this market of tablet. Definitely blows the iPad mini away. Feels great in the hand, the back of tablet has a nice rubberized texture. Plays every game I've thrown at it, and now there's even USB audio capabilities. Android is closing the gap when it comes to capability and stability, and when you pair that with the hardware already being better, well I think it's obvious where this is going.
Reviewed by DT 2012-12-14

Best Tablet ever!

Hands down the best tablet I've owned! This nice little piece of technology is very smooth and pleasing to the eye. This has replaced my line of other tablets. I love the application store, contains every program I needed to make the switch.

Plays tablet games like butter and the interface is refreshing. The tablet has also replaced my desktop as of late. I can download, surf, and stream media with ease! This streams data a lot faster than any other tablet/desktop I own.

The tablet is very durable considering I left it at the mercy of my two children and cats. I first bought it for the children but after fooling with it I traded my larger tablet for the smaller one.
Reviewed by HPS 2012-12-13

Getting used to it

Altho there are inherent dangers in linking and syncing everything, it also makes life easy. Once I signed into my Google account, everything was there. Was awesome! Some features I haven't quite figured out, like the cards, but overall, the Nexus is good.
Purchased it because I wanted something smaller than the 10.1 Asus that would comfortably fit in hand, purse, etc. But I'm disappointed in the display size. The unit is 7", actually 7.5" but the display is only 5.5"
Reviewed by Stephen 2012-12-13

Awesome tablet, awesome price

This tablet is a steal. I've had much more experience with iPads than any android tablets so I was unsure what to expect. But just picking it up and starting to use, it was clear this is great hardware, a beautiful screen and really has a nice feeling to use. I have yet to play any games or apps that would really push the hardware, but the overall feeling of the UI is really snappy. I'm happy to see tablets start to come down in price. Sure, I wish it had things like a rear facing camera, etc. But at this price point, this is an incredible deal.
Reviewed by Geo 2012-12-12

Nexus7 tablet

I already own an iPad -but wanted a smaller tablet that I could take with me while traveling -and the Nexus7 fits the bill in size and price -it easily fits in the pocket of cargo pants -while it may not have all of the apps found on the iPad -there are enough available that will satisfy the vast majority. I think the Nexus7 is a worthy contender against the iPad -and very happy with it so far and would recommend it above all the other tablets on the market and the purchase and delivery was excellent.
Reviewed By bcat 2012-12-11

Best 7" pad!

We did a lot of research before choosing the Nexus 7. Very happy with it. Very responsive and easy to use. Using as a reader mostly but love the added (easily) games and wifi for instant answers when questions arise. Absolutely love it!
Reviewed By PawleysJim 2012-12-11


I love it as well. I bought it because I've been using Android for years and most of my previously purchased apps work on the Nexus 7, and if they don't today they probably will tomorrow.
Reviewed By Mrs. Anzalone 2012-12-11

Great Tablet Reasonably Priced

Here are the things we most love about the Nexus 7: It's lightweight and easy to hold. It has very clear screen resolution. It is easy to use and intuitive. It operates quickly and smoothly. Downloads are speedy through Wi-Fi. The charge lasts a really long time. What we don't like? Just one thing. The cord to charge it is shorter than we'd like. Great product and a worthy competitor in the tablet market.
Reviewed By famlyslave 2012-11-29

Love it!

This tablet has been fantastic! I have loaded movies and books on it. I've downloaded some games. Read lots of free magazines. Using the flash drive for additional storage has been simple, even though I've not really needed it as I've not used the 32 gb internal memory yet, but nice to know I can. I believe I now have four movies, a bunch of apps, and about ten books and still have a bunch of memory to spare. I did not think I would go with an Android device, based on family members' complaints about their Android phones, (I waited four years to upgrade my cellphone until Verizon finally offered new Windows 8 phones), but I have to say the Jelly Bean OS has been easy to use and not user unfriendly as I expected it to be. Tablet is very quick. The picture on the screen (movies and games) is beautiful. I did a lot of research before buying this tablet and I'm very glad I decided on it. I like the WiFi option because I do not want to pay a phone company any more money. Added a Square Trade warranty, because they are amazing.
Reviewed by Jessica 2012-11-27

Nice tablet at a great price

I spent a lot of time deciding which tablet to buy. I really liked the specs of the Nexus 7. It has almost everything I want, but I had read numerous stories of the problems with screen lift as well as screens that cracked just about if you looked at them funny. The LCD and glass on this model are fused together, so a cracked screen is a very expensive repair even if you do it yourself. I'd also read that Asus warranty support on the screen issues was difficult. But with the release of the 32GB model and seemingly somewhat better quality control on the new releases I decided to give it a try. This is a super tablet. Nice screen resolution, very fast, and while some apps won't work on it, there is a large selection of those that work and work well.

Another tablet I considered, significantly more expensive, was the Samsung Note 10.1 because of the digitizer screen and the ability to write with a fine point stylus. The downside to that was that the digitizer limited the resolution. I settled for using a capacitive stylus on the Nexus 7. I've tried several models of stylus but not found any that are easy to use for handwriting. Drawing is fine though. Because the handwriting is important to me and I'm finding that I would really like more screen real estate as well as the significant expense of a super protective case and the styli, I wonder if I should've gotten the Note 10.1 instead--especially now that it's on sale. There's a lot to like about the Nexus 7 though, and for $250 for the 32GB model it really is a great value.

I suggest researching protective cases to find one that will meet your needs since the Nexus 7 isn't as solidly built as many other tablets. I chose the Seidio Active with cover which was way more than I wanted to spend, but it offered the protection and the look I wanted. No drops so far, but my N7 rides happily in very full backpack and does fine in it's case.
Reviewed By Alexandra 2012-11-24

Still learning

I have used apple iphone since 2008. This is my first android device and still learning... My husband has an iPad and I admit that I would prefer have bought a mini iPad. I bought a nexus because the cnet reviews and price. The most important thing for me is read my ePub rss without so many steps, but still I am learning how do that. Hopefully I can do that soon. I have downloaded at least ten different apps but probably I am missing something because I still can’t read my ePub or PDF books easily, even when those apps have excellent reviews. I think it is just question of time. I probably am going to a best buy store for assistance. I will keep my nexus, I like many of his features: desktop organization, size, performance, battery life, shortcuts for updates. I don’t like the copy/paste feature, it’s a little hard to select what do you really want to copy. Again, I am still in "relationship" with the android operative system and look forward to "fall in love" on it.
This is my fist time buying from this store and it was a pleasant experience.
Reviewed by Chad 2012-10-25

Great product !

Love this tablet! Perfect size - easy to operate and super fast. It is missing some basic items like software to operate the on-board camera - or at least I haven't found it yet. Apps run great - beats my Droid Pro by a long shot. Plenty of space. Mac users will need to get a conversion app for your Macs to transfer any files from your computer - Transfers go fairly quick.

Excellent for games, Facebook, Netflix, and Navigation - I bought the premium version of CoPilot Live USA and it works great in the car WIthout WiFi.

Feel like I saved hundreds from getting an iPad - and I am a Mac guy.
Reviewed by Sharath 2012-10-25

Excellent tablet in the right form factor

Google and ASUS have hit a home run with this tablet. The tablet is the right form factor for daily use - easy to hold in one hand. Also, my children love it as the can hold it in their hands and not feel they might drop it.

The screen is bright, clear and just perfect to watch movies in any light conditions. I just wish they announced the 32GB version a few days earlier, I would have grabbed it instead of the 16 GB - I guess USB OTG is the way to go.
Reviewed by Mike 2012-10-18

Good for what I wanted

I wish you could use USB to access the internet thru a PC or a wired connection since there is no 3G/4G access, wifi only. Lightweight, easy to hold, tons of apps available. Came with $25.00 credit at Google Play, that was a nice bonus. Apple should do the same thing with any new product over $200.00. Good purchase, very happy.
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ASUS New Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Portable and powerful. It’s ready to go where you go.

The all-new Google Nexus 7 tablet sports a clean and simple design that features a thin bezel and matte back finish. It feels even more natural to your hand that it is now even more impossible to put down. And, at just 290 grams, the tablet easily fits in any bag or even in your back pocket. It’s powerful, portable and full of grab-and-go goodness. The new Nexus 7 packs 323 pixels per inch of the screen to give you the sharpest text you’d see on a 7-inch tablet. It’s bright even in the brightest of places. Plus, with long-lasting battery, a quad-core processor, and built-in wireless charging, the Nexus 7 has got enough juice to last you through the day.

The sharpest touchscreen display. A clear and full surround sound.

Whether you’re into gaming, movie watching, or reading, the Google Nexus 7 is made for you. The 7-inch HD (1920 X 1200) display of the tablet offers the sharpest screen, while its built-in speakers feature a full and rich surround sound that no other tablets can match. And with direct access to Google Play, the Nexus 7 brings quality entertainment to the palm of your hand. Play games in HD such as Prince of Persia, Riptide GP 2, and more. Immerse yourself in an extensive collection of magazines, movies, podcasts, Internet radio stations, eBooks, TV shows, and other digital content.

JellyBean: A lightweight Android OS that is fast and share-ready.

The Google Nexus 7 tablet from ASUS comes pre-installed with the latest Android operating system. It’s intuitive, fun, customizable, and ready for sharing. JellyBean 4.3 features a multi-user support so you may share it with your family and friends. Each account can have a customizable homescreen, wallpaper, apps, storage, and more. Apps and content can be managed to suit each member of the family.
Operating System
Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean)
Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro
Flash Support
7" HD Multi-Touch Display
Screen Resolution
1920 X 1200
5MP Rear w/flash, 1.2MP Front
Up to 32GB
802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
Estimated Battery Life
Up to 9 hours of HD video playback and 10 hours of web browsing or e-reading. With built-in wireless charging
0.64lbs (290g)

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