The Executive Software(r) Volume Licensing Program is the most cost-effective way to license Executive Software's Diskeeper(r) defragmenter and Undelete(r) instant file recovery software for small-to-mid-sized businesses, large corporations, government and academic organizations. It's a streamlined, contract-free, multi-level program starting at just 20 licenses and its available through most resellers.
  • Volume Licensing with Upgrade Protection & Technical Support levels begins at just 20 licenses.
  • No purchase agreement required to receive volume discounts.
  • No forecasting or reporting requirements.
  • No commitment to buy additional licenses.
  • One full set of media and documentation (CD-ROM and manual) ships with each volume license purchase and additional media and documentation can be purchased.
  • 90-day free upgrade and 90-day free technical support is included with each license from date of purchase.
Both Diskeeper and Undelete are available in workstation and server versions. Diskeeper 6.0 for Workstations runs on Windows NT 4.0 or 2000 Professional as well as Windows 95/98/Me enabling you to control defragmentation jobs in a mixed Windows network environment. Diskeeper 6.0 for Servers can connect to, schedule and control all other Diskeeper engines on your network. It runs on Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 Server or Data Center. It will also install on Windows NT 4.0/2000 Professional (Workstation). You need a Diskeeper license for each machine you want to defragment.
Undelete 2.0 Workstation version installs on and provides instant file recovery for Windows NT 4.0/2000 Professional. Undelete 2.0 Server version installs on and provides data protection for Windows NT. It also has the capability to connect to and control every other Undelete engine on your network and allow remote file recovery across the network. Undelete 2.0 Server version will install and run on Windows NT 4.0 Server or Workstation or Windows 2000 Professional or Server. You need a server license for every Server you want to protect as well as every system Admin or help desk staff who may have to support users with remote file recovery. The licensing price levels are shown below. Licensing purchases are not cumulative. To obtain lower prices, customers can place new orders for quantities that would satisfy the next price level. Each system running Diskeeper or Undelete is licensed per machine, not per user. Licenses are perpetual and do not expire.
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