The Enfocus Volume Licensing Program (EVLP) provides customers the opportunity to lower their cost of licensing Enfocus software products, when ordering a minimum of five licenses of PitStop Professional and Instant PDF, and 3 licenses of PitStop Server. The following is an overview of the EVLP.
Which products can I license through the EVLP?
Enfocus Instant PDF, Enfocus Pitstop Professional & Enfocus PitStop Server.

Where can I obtain a EVLP?
Any Enfocus Certified Reseller can fulfill your volume licensing requirements. Look for the reseller nearest to you.

What does the EVLP include?
The EVLP includes an End-User License Agreement (EULA) and a customized Addendum. The Addendum specifies the legal entity (company) receiving the license, which product is being licensed, and on how many computers software can be installed.

The EVLP customer gets one physical product for installation purposes. Enfocus products ordered through the EVLP are licensed to a specific company or corporation that is one legal entity with one tax ID number.

How do EVLP fees work?
Your site is categorized according to the number of licenses ordered. You can combine Macintosh and Windows within a single order.

PitStop Professional and Instant PDF

# licenses

B5 - 9
C10 - 24
D25 - 99
E100 - 249
E250 - 749
G750 + up
PitStop Server

# licenses

B3 - 5
C6 - 9
D10 - 24
How does the EVLP pricing structure work?
You may obtain additional licenses at the same license fee level for your initial order for two years. You may add to the EVLP for a two year period (even if you order a single copy, you get it at your current EVLP price level).

Any single order larger than the initial order will set a new license fee tier for two years. Your largest single order defines your pricing level. For example, if your initial order was 6 copies of PitStop Professional, then you are in Level B for all next orders. Unless you do a single order of 10 copies, your price level goes to Level C from that point forward.

Enfocus authorizes the customer to duplicate media and documentation for up to the permitted number of licensed users. Manuals and CDs can be ordered.

We have an attractive upgrade pricing system similar to the EVLP. You get the same price level for your upgrades as the price level you are in. For example, if you are in Level C for new copies, you are in Level C for upgrades as well. For more information, please contact us.

Enfocus Maintenance Program
The Enfocus Maintance Program entitles customers of our Enfocus Volume Licencing Program (EVLP)to free upgrades for a period of one year from their purchase date. Enfocus will automatically send our VLP Maintenance Customers all upgrades for their covered products during the one-year period. EVLP Maintance Customers are also eligible for free Technical Support.