Dell SonicWALL Clean Wireless

The Dell SonicWALL Clean Wireless is engineered for the easiest connectivity and ensures the optimal security of your wireless computers and networking components. Engineered to combine a host of features and deliver an integrated solution, this product is based on 802.11n high-performance technology and can simplify the deployment, installation, and set up of your wireless network. At the heart of the system, SonicPoint N-Series wireless access points are used in tandem with Dell firewalls to scrutinize wireless traffic with the same attention that is paid to existing traffic on wired devices. Additionally, the system is designed to provide superior control to network administrators and create an efficient network that is fast and responsive.
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$59.00List Price
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Outstanding Performance
The SonicPoint N, Ni, Ne, and N Dual-Radio devices are engineered to give end users access to high-speed wireless that provides an outstanding range and enhanced reliability. The models support IEEE 802.11a/g/b/ and n standards, and the system ensures access to secure data transmissions over wireless Local Area Networks (LAN)s

Dell SonicWALL Outstanding Performance

Dell Sonicwall Enforced Access

Enforced Access
The Wireless Guest Services that are used with Dell's SonicWALL relies on passwords for visitors and customers to gain access to the Internet. Virtual Access Points (VAP)s are used to create secure segments that can judge traffic on the distinction between un-trusted and trusted wireless users. Employees also have secure access to any network resources, and can log on to the system using their SSL VPN or their IPSec VPN.

Easy Management
Designed to work together, the SonicPoint N-Series access point and the Dell SonicWALL firewall allow network administrators an easy way to create a single point that ensures monitoring and easy management. This allows business owners an ideal way to reduce their total cost of ownership while ensuring access to the features and performance that are required in a modern network. Because a single set of security policies are in place, administrators can streamline their operations. Additionally, the system is designed to work with the SonicPoint N Dual-Radio to ensure that a single channel is utilized for compliance testing, and the other channel supports users to provide the ultimate in flexibility.

Dell Sonicwall Easy Management

Dell Sonicwall Plug and Play Performance

Plug-and-Play Performance
Engineered to provide the scalability that any size of a network needs, the SonicPoint N-Series wireless access point are made for plug-and-play performance. The product can simply connect with a Dell SonicWALL appliance to reduce the administrative tasks that are associated with deploying secure wireless networking connections. The product is also designed to make it easy to extend the current capacity of a network while enhancing speed and security.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Because the Dell SonicWALL SonicPoint N-Series wireless access points are made to receive any power directly from the network cabling utilizing a PoE injector, it reduces the need for expensive cabling and reduces total infrastructure costs. For versatility, the product is fully compatible with AC adapters, so it works in multiple settings with ease.

Dell Sonicwall Power over Ethernet-Injector