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LaCie eSATA Thunderbolt Hub
(Give your storage a Thunderbolt upgrade. Connect eSATA drives to your new Mac. Get full speeds tom eSATA drives. Daisy chain Thunderbolt devices. (ThunderBolt cable sold separately))
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It Works!


I was concerned whether it would play nice with my existing eSATA hardware. LaCie only features their brand's of eSATA products to be compatible with the Hub - and I have read that it may not work with other brand's hardware.

I was pleasantly surprised that it does work with my setup well. I have an eSATA G-RAID 3 and a Vantec eSATA Disk Dock connected to the Hub, plus - via the extra Thunderbolt connection on the Hub plus a Thunderbolt to FireWire800 adapter - I have several FireWire800 devices connected as well.

I'm relieved and happy with my purchase.
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I bought this to go with a new Retina MBP. I'd had several drives daisy-chained through FireWire 800, but all of them had eSATA connections that I couldn't use with my 2006 MBP. After hooking everything up, it works like a dream. Transfer speeds at least 3x what FW 800 was giving me. No configuration needed. It even serves up my Apple Cinema Display connected via the "pass-through" TB port and a Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter.

The only odd thing is in System Profiler, it reports a 6Gb/s transfer rate, but LaCie's spec is only up to 3Gb/s. Maybe it was "quietly upgraded', I don't know, and can't tell, as my drives are only 3Gb/s...

If they were to improve it, I might think that 4 eSATA ports would be nice. And the fastest spec, too.

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great product

By clint

Connect and use, very simple. I have 2 esata drives and a Thunderbolt drive connected. Using a Mac with mavericks installed. The only con would be when the mac comes out of sleep mode it shows the disks not ejected properly. not a problem just close the dialog box and go back to work. I would recommend this hub.
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