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LaCie 2TB Little Big Disk Thunderbolt - Refurbished
(Thunderbolt Technology in the palm of your hand. Featuring a preconfigured RAID0 striped set with hard disks through the 10Gb/s Thunderbolt interface, it delivers astonishing transfer rates.)
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Pretty Fast Drive


The little 2bg Thunderbolt drive works well for back-ups with Time machine and Carbon Copy Cloner. I repartitioned the drive away from raid to be able to use all 2tb of its capacity.
Backups are very fast with this drive (not as fast as I'd like-but faster than Firewire was).
The drive works great. As others have mentioned the drives fans sometimes get a little noisy, but not so much that I'd say it is a major issue - they can just be heard at times - otherwise it remains silent.
Overall I'm very happy with the purchase now at over a week of use things look very good.
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LaCie Little Big Disk - Thunderbolt

By Tony

Excellent performing drive with great store service.
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Fast external space

By Drew Golden

The face of disk technology has evolved over the years and now mobile / laptop users are faced with an array of good choices. For example, it's now affordable to consider replacing the internal HDD with SSD (something I highly encourage you to consider.) However SSDs come with a capacity shortfall that may leave you needing additional space. Such was the boat I was in when I replaced my internal 750gb HDD with a 512gb SSD - I needed additional space - and I wanted the space to be fast. Until now, we were faced with USB disks which are dismally slow to the point of being adequate for just backups, and some opted for the slightly faster FW800 disks, which were good, but under no terms would you call them fast. Enter today, with the affordable factory refurbished LaCie 2TB Little Big Disk Thunderbolt. It ships configured as Raid 0 - which means you have two disks to read and write across (more disks means faster access to data) and a thunderbolt interface which offers untapped speeds. In use, you can run multiple virtual machines from the external disk with slightly better performance than I achieved running them from the internal HDD. While it's not as fast as SSD, that's not the objective - this is about lots of fast space. And this is what you get. A few notes of caution; always unmount the disk before unplugging - the RAID0 configuration makes them a little sensitive to careless unmounting. Other than that - it's two tb, it's thunderbolt, it's fast, and it's small enough to travel with.
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A good, but not great product

By Jimmy

I was excited about the idea of going to a Thunderbolt compatible drive for my backups. It is significantly faster than my USB 2.0 drive. I was very surprised with the noise level. I expected it to be silent like my STD drive Macbook Pro. It sounds like a jet is taking off in my office. Other than that, it is a good back up drive. I am looking forward to seeing Thunderbolt technology prices drop - that is why I am supporting it now.
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WHuuuuT? I can't hear you!!!

By Michael Balasko

Sooo.... I bought the 2TB LBD. It's fast - Using blackmagic in RAID0 I test at over 190MB/s read/write. Not bad for 5400 RPM drives.

The downside? Its LOUD. My office is a zen,apple heaven. That means no clutter, no big fans on "PC's", nothing that would annoy me over the long term.

This LBD sounds like my macbook pro when the fan is on high. Always. It's fracking annoying. So. If you like your computer accessories loud then this is the drive for you. If you are old, grumpy and want to edit your photography in a zen like place, then you are going to be irritated by this drive.

Boo on LaCie......

Performance 5 stars
Annoying fan 1 star
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2TB Lacie Little Big Disk

By Joe

Pro's: Insanely fast transfer speeds. Several Gigabytes per minute speeds! Can more than max out the speed of even SSD disks. Daisy chaining (RAID) more than one of these units together on the Thunderbolt bus actually INCREASES the transfer speed. It transfers "small" files below 25MB so fast you have to double check to be certain it actually happened !

Pro: the case is quite high quality and the optional foot pedestal is rock solid and gives the unit a surprisingly low center of gravity.

Pro: I bought the refurb unit at a dramatic discount, looks brand new, running perfect for several weeks now. I really like it.

Cons: not really a con, just a buyer beware: It does have some fan noise, about 60db according to my little iphone app meter, and I don't think it's variable speed. Not harsh but if you are insistent on absolute silence to match your Mac Mini, etc, you will want to plan to locate this somewhere besides the desktop. I have it on a little file cabinet beside my desk and I have to strain to hear it. Does sort of defeat the otherwise asthetically pleasing nature of it a bit I suppose.

Con: the blue light is cool, but the speeds are so fast it's rather pointless. If you have it on the desktop in dark lighting it can be a bit annoying. Could easily solve with a little piece of opaque tape or just point it away from you. Luckily the little thunderbolt cable and the back of the unit is still ergonomically pleasing, so you could even point it backwards and it's not unsightly. Lacie should include a little utility to control it's brightness.

Overall a big fan of the form factor of these Lacie disk boxes. Probably the neatest look I've seen, very sturdy and very functional.
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By Ben

Works amazing
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LaCie 2TB Little Big Disk Thunderbolt - Refurbished

By George

Fast, solid. The unit I received is noisy!
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Very very impressed! with Lacie 2TB Thunderbolt HD

By Paul Anderson

You should include the Thunderbolt cable with the drive. Something I’m accustomed to when purchasing a new HD. The speed is like moving from horseback to a car..... that fast. Now I know what 10gbs data flow is like, I’ll never be able to be impressed by Firewire again! The size is as small as a my old Sony Datman. I want another one! i give it ***** stars.

The packing was equally impressive. Eggshell foam just like you’d find on the walls of a recording studio, firm solid cushioning.
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By Jeff

At the refurb price this is a bargain. I took the slow rotating disks out of mine and put in a pair of SSDs.

Unit is easy to disassemble and work on.

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2TB Little Big Disk Thunderbolt - Refurbished
by LaCie

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